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Wednesday May 5, 1999 / Ordibehesht 15, 1378, No. 719

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Good guys, bad guys

By Saba Ghadrboland
May 5, 1999
The Iranian

My daughter is six-years old today. I sat her on my lap and sang happy birthday to her. She scrunched up her little face and thought for a moment. Then she proceeded to ask, "Mommy, are They bad?" I sighed. What could I say? Of course, I said, "every country has its good guys and bad guys." But my heavy heart could not bring itself to believe that last year's incident was a coincidence, or the act of some higher power ... GO TO FEATURE


Will I?

By Ali Barghi
May 5, 1999
The Iranian

He puts his pen down and stares at me.

My whole life is marching in my head at the speed of light. Mehrabad, JFK, school, demonstrations, marriage, kids, parents, ... and now back to Mehrabad and at the mercy of this Pasdar.

What did I do wrong? Why am I here? I must have known better. Where will I end up? What about the kids? What about my stock options? What about ... GO TO FEATURE


Slain reporters' names memorialized

By David Briscoe
Wednesday, May 5, 1999

ARLINGTON, Va. (AP) -- The names of 29 journalists [including Mohammad Mokhtari & IRNA's Mahmoud Saremi] were added Wednesday to a memorial honoring members of the media killed while covering world events ... FULL TEXT


Dast az saremoon vardaar... ZAN!

From Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani's diaries in Hamshahri, May 2, 1999. This entry is from April 8, 1981, regarding an argument with his wife, Effat:

"Early in the morning, Effat, in continuation of last night's discussions, started an argument. I left home in anger ... FULL TEXT

Thanks to M.G.

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* You simply lie

Ali Agha writes: My request is for [Dr. Soroush] to elucidate his process of ESTEHALEH to the public ["Soroush interview: Travelers on one ship"] ... Dr. Soroush, you are NAMAK KHOR & NAMAKDAN SHEKAN. YOU ARE A PERMANENT MEMBER OF HEZB-E-BAAD. You are still pretending. You simply lie ... FULL TEXT

* More, please

Babak Banaei writes: The Iranian needs more pieces like this! ["Soroush interview: Travelers on one ship"]

* Weird Western girls

Ali Sofastaey writes: This is the best article I've read here! ["Real Iranian girls?"] This guy is great! I am a successful 42-year-old engineer in California who has not found Ms. Right. Look at this fascination with these "siaahs" for instance, what does that tell you? It might not be fair to say that all girls in the West are weirdos, but it seems all the ones I meet, are ... FULL TEXT

* Aftab-mahtab-nadeedeh wife?

Mehrak Kiankarimi writes: I read your proud proclamation of chauvinism with utter disbelief ["Real Iranian girls?"]. How truly hypocritical to admit to having been a playboy and expect an aftab-mahtab-nadeedeh wife! Do you not hold yourself to the same moral standards that you expect of your future partner in life? What on earth makes YOU a better husband than an Iranian man living in Iran or any of the more enlightened Iranian men living in the West? ... FULL TEXT

* Lecture: Music and Song in Persia, London

This is just a note to invite you to a lecture demonstration on 10 May at SOAS in London at 6:30 pm in the Brunei Ballery Cafe . This will be presented by Dr. Lloyd Miller (also known as Kurosh Ali Khan in Tehran for his long running television program on music) and Curzon Press ... DETAILS HERE

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    In 13th century Persia, spiritual teaching was given in the guise of poetry. From this vast treasury, Coleman Barks has selected a broad assortment of poems form the works of Sanai, Attar, Rumi, Saadi, and Hafiz. These are combined with the lectures originally given by Inayat Khan in San Fransisco during 1923, which discuss the signifigance of the poets for our lives. The book is quite possibly the best anthology of Persian Sufi Poets currently available ... GO TO BOOK

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More news

Moderates launch last-minute bid to pardon former Tehran mayor

TEHRAN, May 5 (AFP) -More than 70 moderate Iranian MPs and government officials called Wednesday for the pardon of former Tehran mayor Gholamhossein Karbaschi, due to begin serving a two-year jail term on Thursday ... FULL TEXT

Saudis, Iran to exchange military attaches

May 5, DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) -- In a sign of further improvement in relations, Iran and Saudi Arabia have decided to exchange military attaches, Iranian television reported Wednesday. Iranian Defense Minister Adm. Ali Shamkhani said the move was a ``major achievement,'' according to the broadcast, monitored by the British Broadcasting Corp ... FULL TEXT

UAE paper says Iran Gulf alliance call ``premature''

DUBAI, May 5 (Reuters) - A United Arab Emirates (UAE) newspaper said on Wednesday that Iran's campaign to mend ties with its Gulf Arab neighbours was ``premature.'' In an editorial, The Gulf Today said Iranian President Mohammad Khatami's call for a regional military alliance with Saudi Arabia ignored the political complexities it brought with it ... FULL TEXT

Iran may have 19 mln drug addicts by 2021 - expert

TEHRAN, May 5 (Reuters) - There could be 19 million drug addicts in Iran among a projected population of 119 million in about two decades if a rise in drug use continues, an Iranian narcotics expert said in remarks published on Wednesday ... FULL TEXT

Shell still waiting for South Pars award

London, may 5, irna - royal dutch/shell denied wednesday that it had withdrawn from bidding for the fourth and fifth phases of development at iran's offshore south pars gas field. a spokeswoman from their london office told irna that the anglo-dutch firm had "not pulled out" as reported by energy compass ... FULL TEXT

Iran mends gulf ties but limits remain

TEHRAN, May 4 (Reuters)- A recent stream of senior Gulf Arab visitors to Tehran has highlighted Iran's achievements in repairing ties with its neighbours across the strategic waterway after years of suspicion and tension. But most Iranian political analysts believe warming relations, largely the result of a charm offensive by Iran's President Mohammad Khatami, have limits ... FULL TEXT

Hejazi says he's going to quit

Tehran, (Iran daily) -- Nasser Hejazi says he will quit as the head coach of Esteqlal, following the team's disappointing loss in the Asia Cup final ... FULL IMAGE TEXT IN PERSIAN

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