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Thursday May 13, 1999 / Ordibehesht 23, 1378, No. 725

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Well, excuuuse me!
Sushi doesn't do it for me

By Shahriar Zahedi
May 13, 1999
The Iranian

    Have you ever noticed, when the plate is set down in front of us? Our whole facial expression changes, the look in our eyes becomes one of love, or shall I say, lust? We would eye the mound of rice, double check the location of raw onions on the table, roll up our sleeves, and start greasing the fluffy, separate, and slightly under-cooked rice with butter or egg yokes. Then the sumac will be sprinkled on the kabab, and with foreplay out of the way, the actual lovemaking would commence. This is complete and total bliss. Even fava bean rice with lamb shank wouldn't compare, let alone Kung Pao Chicken with salt-less, sticky rice. Give me a break! ... GO TO FEATURE


Group sues CIA over data release

May 13, WASHINGTON (AP) -- A private group alleged Thursday the CIA has broken long-standing promises to release histories of the 1953 coup in Iran, intervention by the agency in the 1948 Italian elections and nine former communist leaders of Eastern Europe.

Suing the CIA in federal court, the nonprofit National Security Archive accused the agency of ``withholding the histories of the Iranian coup in large part because they include references to activities by British intelligence cooperation with the CIA.'' ... FULL TEXT


Pirezan? ... HAA!

TEHRAN, May 13 (AFP) - An 80-year-old woman who practised karate in her youth, saw off a would-be robber by defending herself with just a few karate techniques, the Tehran daily Iran reported Thursday.

The "karate-woman" was resting in her garden outside the capital, when her 29-year-old gardener, who thought he could steel her jewelry, approached her with a knife.

But the old lady, who was not asleep at all, surprised the young gardener with a few but very effective karate blows.

Neighbours, who were alarmed by the old lady's cries, came to her defence, but found the attacker already on the run.

Thanks to Payman Arabshahi

More Letters

* Marvelous

Malihe Evans writes: Thank you so much for publishing the photos from "ganj-e peyda" ["Casual moments"]. They are absolutely marvelous and captivating.

* Guessing in the dark

Ali S. writes: Mr. Raafat, a very interesting article ["Real Iranian girls?"]. It is nice to see that you actually took the time to go to Iran and visit. A word about generalization: I don't know if you have heard the old Molla Nassredin joke:

An elephant was brought to a town where no one had seen such a creature before. The elephant was kept in a very dark place and people had to guess what it was by their sense of touch. Some felt his trunk and came out saying it was a long snake-like animal . Others felt his tail and said it was a tall skinny animal.... do you see where I'm going with this? ... FULL TEXT

* Chance to learn

Miryam Librán Moreno writes: [Regarding The Iranian] Thank you very much for offering us all this most precious chance to learn more about the fascinating Iranian culture.

* Documentary: Shamlou

Would you like to show a documentary about poet Ahmad Shamlou ("Ahmad Shamlou: Master Poet of Liberty") in your community? Here's who you should contact: Dr. Bahman Maghsoudlou (producer), The International Film and Video Center, 989 First Avenue New York NY 10022, Tel: 212-826-8848, email:

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    1001 Persian-English Proverbs
    By Simin Habibian

    A cultural gap is growing between Iranian adults and youth residing outside of Iran. Young Iranians are strongly influenced by Western culture, while the adults struggle with Western culture and try to maintain their homeland's traditions. A bridge is needed to overcome the gap.

    Simin Habibian compiled "1001 Persian-English Proverbs" with this in mind ... GO TO BOOK

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More news

Iran's Khatami holds talks with ally Syria

DAMASCUS, May 13 (Reuters) - Iranian President Mohammad Khatami met Syrian leader Hafez al-Assad on Thursday in Damascus, the first stop in a landmark tour aimed at bettering Tehran's ties with its Arab neighbours. Khatami, accompanied by Foreign Minister Kamal Kharrazi, is expected to bolster Tehran's strong ties with regional ally Syria which has promised to help the moderate Iranian leader in his quest for warmer regional relations ... FULL TEXT

Tehran city council narrows list of mayoral candidates to nine

TEHRAN, May 13 (AFP) - Tehran city council has narrowed the list of 74 applicants to be the capital's new mayor to nine serious candidates, a conservative English-language daily said Thursday. "Out of a total of 74 candidates nominated by different groups, organizations and guilds, nine have been chosen by the Tehran city council for the post of Tehran mayorship," Kayhan International quoted the council's spokeswoman, Saddiqeh Vasmaqi, as saying ... FULL TEXT

Iran protests to Turkey over border killings

TEHRAN, May 13 (Reuters) - Iran has protested to Turkey over the reported killing of seven Iranians in a border region, amid rising tension between the two neighbours, newspapers reported on Thursday. They quoted the Iranian Foreign Ministry as saying it summoned Turkey's ambassador on Wednesday to receive Iran's protest over the incident ... FULL TEXT

Senior clerics denounce any resumption of ties with U.S.

TEHRAN, May 13 (AFP) - Senior Iranian clerics denounced any resumption of ties between Tehran and Washington, its arch-foe since the 1979 Islamic revolution, in a statement issued on Thursday after their annual meeting here. The clerics stressed the "Islamic Republic's unbending stance towards the great American Satan" given that "the US still continues its hostile policies towards Iran." ... FULL TEXT

Iran holds day of solidarity with Kosovo Albanians

TEHRAN, May 13 (AFP) - Hundreds of tents sprang up all over Tehran Thursday to collect donations for the victims of the war in Kosovo, as Iran held a day of solidarity with the Kosovar Moslems ... FULL TEXT

Editor of communist newsletter quits

May 13, 1999 (Press Release) - Laila Danesh, editor of Iranian Communist Workers Party's "The International" newsletter, has quit in protest against the policies of party ... FULL IMAGE TEXT IN PERSIAN

The U.S. and the Caspian

May 12, (Petroleum Economist) - So important to US strategic interests has the Caspian become, that in July 1998, US President Bill Clinton created the Office of the Special Advisor to the President and the Secretary of State for Caspian Basin Energy Diplomacy. Ambassador Richard Morningstar was appointed to the office. As overseer of US policy in the region, he has strongly backed proposals to build a main exporting corridor for Caspian energy to the West. Ambassador Morningstar spoke to Derek Brower ... FULL TEXT

Iranian girl learns surgery's not for the best

BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) - An Iranian teen-ager's hopes for surgery that would restore vision in one eye were dashed when, after an exhausting trip to America, doctors determined the operation might do more harm than good. But doctors say they have not given up all hope, and are contacting experts across the country for other opinions ... FULL TEXT

Miran: "Europe's Hercules"

Tehran, (Iran daily) -- Judo champion Mahmoud Miran has taken his skills to Europe where he has shined in stournaments as a member of a Dutch club ... FULL IMAGE TEXT IN PERSIAN

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