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Layers of meaning
Among other things, Iranian movies encourage a "good cry"

By Asghar Mossombagi
May 20, 1999
The Iranian

It seems to me that distanced exoticism mixed with a lack of overt political elements in the most successful of recent Iranian films may be the key to their success in the West. The first time I watched The White Balloon I had this nagging feeling that the film was really aimed at a foreign market ... GO TO FEATURE


UNdoing NATO
Bypassing the UN in the name of humanitarian intervention

By Majid Tehranian
May 20, 1999
The Iranian

PAX United Nations presents the best option that the world has so far developed for the maintenance of international peace and security. Bypassing the UN in the name of humanitarian intervention may prove to be a Trojan Horse for hegemonic ambitions. Besides, in Kosovo, it has produced greater tragedies that it set out to correct ... FULL TEXT


Extremists attack participants in memorial for Mossadegh

TEHRAN, May 20 (AFP)

Several people were slightly injured when extremists attacked a gathering to commemorate the birthday of deceased prime minister Mohammad Mossadegh, the father of secular nationalism in Iran, newspapers said Thursday ... FULL TEXT


Belgrade map

... Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk Stealth Fighter - $45 million dollars.

... Boeing B-52 Stratofortress - $74 million dollars.

... Brand new B-2 Stealth Bomber - $2.1 billion dollars.

... A decent map of downtown Belgrade ... -- Priceless.

There are some things that money can't buy... and good intelligence is one of them (unless you're a Chinese agent at Los Alamos).

For everything else, there's MasterCard, the official card of the 19-member NATO alliance and those who believe that sometimes you just need to blow something up in order to restore peace, and start WWIII with a few billion Chinese.

Forwarded by Ramin Tabib

More Letters

* Ignoring plight of minorities

Reza Azarmi writes: Any Iranian with the least understanding of history, can tell you that the Jews contributions to Iranian culture, science, education, art, and economics is beyond belief ["I must be a Jew"].

As a non-Jew, I have had the honor, and previlage of living in the Jewish Quarter in my home town. My family had a great deal of respect for the Jews hard work, honesty, and intgrity.

Throughout our sad hsitory, we have witnessed the plight, the murder, and the anguish of our minority folks, and we have played the role of silent majority. Why?

* Enjoy the rain

Guive Mirfendereski writes: Nader Pakravan wrote: "The issue is where to find the golden pot at the end of the rainbow." Consider, if you will, the following: The essence of your message is not to find the the golden pot [pot of gold] at the end of the rainbow. It is, and rightly so, for one to care neither about the pot of gold nor the rainbow, but just simply enjoy the rain. I, for one, appreciate your perspective, which means I understand it and agree with it.

* Like choosing a dog

Katherine Threlfall writes: Mr. Raafat has no idea that while he is degrating women across the board he is degrating himself even more ["Real Iranian girls?"]. I wish him all the best in choosing his wife like you choose a dog at the dog pound and my apologies to the future "virgin" bride... FULL TEXT

* Funeral service: Latifeh Alvieh Yarshater (1926-1999)

Funeral services for Latifeh Alvieh Yarshater will be on Saturday, May 22, 1999 at 10:00 a.m. at the Frank E. Campbell Funeral Chapel (1076 Madison 81st St.), New York City ... SEE OBITUARY

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1001 Persian-English Proverbs
By Simin Habibian

    A cultural gap is growing between Iranian adults and youth residing outside of Iran. Young Iranians are strongly influenced by Western culture, while the adults struggle with Western culture and try to maintain their homeland's traditions. A bridge is needed to overcome the gap.

    Simin Habibian compiled "1001 Persian-English Proverbs" with this in mind ... GO TO BOOK

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More news

Two years on, Iran's Khatami faces defining moment

TEHRAN, May 20 (Reuters) - President Mohammad Khatami has overseen profound changes at home and abroad since his landslide election two years ago, but a raging debate over the role of the clergy in the Islamic Republic could yet define his presidency. Organisers of the anniversary, to be celebrated on May 23, expect 100,000 members of Iran's new local councils, centrepieces of Khatami's democratic liberalisation, to rally in Tehran's Azadi sports stadium ... FULL TEXT

French concern at arrests of Jews in Iran

PARIS, May 19 (AFP) - A French Jewish leader Wednesday called on foreign minister Hubert Vedrine urgently to intervene over the reported arrest of 22 Jews in Iran some weeks ago, about whom nothing has been heard since ... FULL TEXT

Iran leader opposes EU team holds ``constructive'' talks on Iran ties

TEHRAN, May 20 (Reuters) - A European Union team held ``frank and constructive'' talks with Iranian officials in Tehran on Thursday on ways to end two decades of tense relations and boost economic cooperation, a member of the mission said ... FULL TEXT

Iran paper hits ``soft time'' for jailed Tehran mayor

TEHRAN, May 20 (Reuters) - Former Tehran Mayor Gholamhosssein Karbaschi, serving a two-year sentence on graft charges, has turned Evin prison into his own private office, complete with mobile telephones and catered meals, Iranian press reports say ... FULL TEXT

Khatami praised by Qatar

DOHA, May 20 (Reuters) - Iranian President Mohammad Khatami ended an Arab tour on Thursday winning praise from Qatar for his efforts to improve ties with Iran's long-suspicious Gulf neighbours ... FULL TEXT

Iran opens mines, metals sector to foreigners

TEHRAN, May 20 (Reuters) - The Iranian government has decided to allow foreign investment in the country's mines and metals industry, a senior official said on Thursday. Mines and Metals Minister Eshaq Jahangiri was quoted by Iran's official IRNA news agency as saying the cabinet had approved the decision in a recent meeting ... FULL TEXT

Iran invited to Frankfurt book fair after 10-year exclusion

BONN, May 20 (AFP) -Iran is invited to attend the Frankfurt book fair in October, 10 years after it was banned from the publishing event for issuing a death decree against British writer Salman Rushdie, the fair's management said Thursday ... FULL TEXT

Iranian city creates water police to combat wastefulness

TEHRAN, May 20 (AFP) -With Iran parched by a drought, authorities in the northeastern city of Gorgan have decided to create a "water police" to monitor consumption and prevent waste of the precious liquid ... FULL TEXT

Obituary: Latifeh Alvieh Yarshater (1926-1999)

May 20, 1999 - Joint announcement by the Center for Iranian Studies, the Persian Heritage Foundation, and the Encyclopaedia Iranica Foundation: It is with profound sadness that we announce the passing of Mrs. Latifeh Alvieh Yarshater on May 17, 1999, after a characteristically brave and stoic struggle against cancer... A graduate of the American School for Girls in Tehran, Ms. Latifeh Alvieh held a B.A. and M.A. in Middle Eastern Studies from Columbia University ... FULL TEXT

Esteqlal in a race for second place

Tehran (Iran daily) -- Azadegan League matches will end next week and while Persepolis has secured the championship title, Esteqlal is still in a battle for second place ... FULL IMAGE TEXT IN PERSIAN


"Star Wars": It's finally here

Washington, May 19 (BBC PERSIAN SERVICE) - Sixteen years after his last film, George Lucas has delivered the latest "Star Wars" episode ... LISTEN HERE IN REALAUDIO

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Silent majority

Throughout our sad hsitory, we have witnessed the plight, the murder, and the anguish of our minority folks, and we have played the role of silent majority. Why?

Reza Azarmi
"Ignoring plight of minorities"
Letter to The Iranian
May 20, 1999

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