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May 17-21, 1999 / Ordibehesht 27-31, 1378


* Kosovo:
- Paranoid
The Iranian:
- The revolution is over

* Scammers:
- Covering up for criminals


* Jews:
- Ignoring plight of minorities

- Shameful
- Stick to news
dAyi Hamid:
- H-i-l-a-r-i-o-u-s
- In Italy
- Biggest crook of all

- Backstabber
- Glorifying violence against women
- Like choosing a dog

- Iran's black-eyed beauties
- God have mercy
* The Iranian:
- Enjoy the rain

- One of many reflections
- Who says you're more Iranian?

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May 21, 1999

* Paranoid

With all due respect to Professor Majid Tehranian, what is his point? ["UNdoing NATO"]. Is he just recounting the Chinese point of view on the Kosovo crisis, or is he repeating those "Sinocentric" (paranoid would be a more appropriate adjective) quotes with approval? Does he seriously believe that " Kosovo it [intervention] has produced greater tragedies than it set out to correct"?

Is he saying that the civilian casualties of NATO bombings (no more than 2,500 which is the figure put out by the Milosevic regime) is a greater tragedy than the forcible removal of one million people from their homeland, mass killings of thousands of defenseless civilians, rape and humiliation of thousands of fleeing women, use of the ethnically-cleansed as human shield, etc., etc. ?

Since he believes in the UN, I would be much more interested to hear Prof. Tehranian's analysis of which Security Council resolutions regarding intervention in Kosovo the Chinese would vote for, and which ones they would veto.

K. Cyrus Homayounpour

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* The revolution is over

Dear Babak,

Your passionate letter deeply touched me, particularly because you are labeling people that you clearly don't know anything about. Labels like "zed-e enghelab" and "zed-e Iran." I want to draw your attention to the following points:

- Thank God, the ENGHELAB IS DEAD (it's over, finished, zippo) and I don't think I need to give you any proof of that. Now it is an open secret that the Islamic Revolution was an utter failure in every aspect: morally, socially, culturally, economically, etc ... FULL TEXT

Ali Sajjadi
Editor, Par magazine

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* Covering up for criminals

I would like to comment on Eyaas' letter "Backstabber". Covering up for criminals is no way to help your hamvatans ["Aaberoo reezi"]. Is it right because "everyone else does it"?

I don't believe that "half of the Iranian population here" seeks to exploit the welfare system. Prove me wrong and I will be the first to join the hate-monger dogs who want to rid the U.S. of immigrants.

Most Iranians I know are upstanding, highly productive and ambitious people. It makes me wonder who is the "Persian backstabber"!

Brad Hernlem

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May 20, 1999

* Ignoring plight of minorities

Any Iranian with the least understanding of history, can tell you that the Jews contributions to Iranian culture, science, education, art, and economics is beyond belief ["I must be a Jew"].

As a non-Jew, I have had the honor, and previlage of living in the Jewish Quarter in my home town. My family had a great deal of respect for the Jews hard work, honesty, and intgrity.

Throughout our sad hsitory, we have witnessed the plight, the murder, and the anguish of our minority folks, and we have played the role of silent majority. Why?

Reza Azarmi

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* Enjoy the rain

Nader Pakravan wrote: "The issue is where to find the golden pot at the end of the rainbow." Consider, if you will, the following: The essence of your message is not to find the the golden pot [pot of gold] at the end of the rainbow. It is, and rightly so, for one to care neither about the pot of gold nor the rainbow, but just simply enjoy the rain. I, for one, appreciate your perspective, which means I understand it and agree with it.

Guive Mirfendereski

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* Like choosing a dog

I was pleased to see that Iranian women responding to Mr. Raafat's recent article in your paper ["Real Iranian girls?"]. As an educated American woman I found his article uneducated, sexist, and sad.

I respect his desire to express himself, however, what catagory of Persian men was he directing his stereotypical speech to? The single Persian men in the smokey corners of discos that have no emotional depth and no hope of a respectful loving relationship?!

Mr. Raafat has no idea that while he is degrating women across the board he is degrating himself even more. I wish him all the best in choosing his wife like you choose a dog at the dog pound and my apologies to the future "virgin" bride.

Katherine Threlfall

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May 19, 1999

* Shameful

Are you guys Iranian, because if you are,you ought to be ashamed of yourselves ["I must be a Jew"]. You are guilty of the very accussation you are leveling at most Iranians. You are STEREOTYPING. Basically, you are dumb asses who have had a chance to express your views on this desolate, wasteland of virtual intellectuality.

There is no doubt that Jews control most of the media in this country. There is no doubt that they have been responsible in lobbying to isolate Iran, and to paint that beloved nation of ours as a "terrorist" nation. But most Iranians do not wish that Hitler had finished off the Jews.

And one more thing, I am damn proud of my Aryan heritage. Damn proud. We are the true Aryans, not Aryan in context of Nazism, but Aryan in the context of nobleness, loyal, and faithful. There is nothing "crappy" about that.

This pride does not come by looking down on Arabs, or Blacks. It is there, because, we Iranians are certain of our place in the annals of civilizations, WE KNOW OF OUR CONTRIBUTION TO HUMANITY. And that is far more than Jews have ever done, inspite of "khaens" like yourselves.

Get a life, and try to write something useful.


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* Stick to news

Several recent features in The Iranian have been about hate & hatred of other nationalities and races ["I must be a Jew"]. Why don't you stick to the business of reporting the news?


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May 18, 1999

* One of many reflections

Babak jan,

I read your note, and understand your perspective. I do differ with your conclusions, although I think you are correct in many of your observations. The Iranian is not a reflection of Iran - or Iranians that have exclusively kept their links (cultural, or other) to the country. The Iranian, whether by design or by default, has become a representative of the new Iranian-American. Most, if not all, of the authors you mention have been either born or raised here in the U.S. They associate closely with the Iranian culture, its dichotomies and through that association critique/comment the culture from their perspective.

To judge them as qarb-zadeh is not correct (if not overtly simplistic), they are qarbi - and if anything Iran-zadeh. And, this is not a bad thing - it is the reality of over a million people who are as American as the Irish who migrated a century ago to this country ... FULL TEXT

Nader Pakdaman

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* Biggest crook of all

I wish that 20/20 ["Aaberoo reezi"] had done a piece on the biggest fraud of all: The Bonyad Mostazafan and Janbazan and Iran's (if not the world's) #1 crook: Mohsen Rafighdoost.

Hamid Boroumand

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* Iran's black-eyed beauties

The author Cyrus Raafat is a bold and courageous gentleman ["Real Iranian girls?"]! He seems to have the balls to do what he knows is good and righteous.

I was born in Iran, but haven't been back for so many years! I will be hitting 30 in almost a year and have thought about settling down, after finishing my education. Like Cyrus, I am half-Iranian, half-American and feel a pull towards those sweet babes in Iran! He's got it together and I know that what he has done and says is completely on the ball!

I can totally agree with the brother and think that all these blamer-complainers out here just can't be too sweet! The fact is, if you want something pure...go to it's source: real black-eyed beauties are found nowhere else, except in good Iran!

I think all those girls who trash him are jealous of them girls with hymens intact! Those "liberal guys" are just envious of his actions. Maybe they don't have the balls to do it?

Move on brother, move on,

David Mir

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May 17, 1999

* Who says you're more Iranian?

In response to your letter (Babak Banaei), there is no doubt that this magazine has a very shaky quality; some very interesting & educative materials adjacent to some very futile and self-opinionated (contributor's own raw point of view) essays.

But who are YOU to tell others that you are more Iranian or more revolutionary than others. Why should your ideas and feelings be better and stronger than others? Yes you might not like reading/writing about liking Black men and not liking expatriate Iranian girls, but what your expressed opinion is similarly superficial and low on content.

You want articles about religion because Iran is predominately religious country? From the point of view of a Sunni Moslem (our Arab cousins in Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Turkey, UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, N. Africa and etc, etc) Iran's Shiite branch of Islam is not entirely acceptable. Out of Islam's global population, only 1%-2% are Shiite. So your Moslem neighbors always preferred and prefer their Christian friends than their Shiite cousins. So don't go Arabic on me.

I know your type: You kissed Eskandar's hand, the Arab sword, the Mongol boot, the Afghan lash (very recently for the second time), but you still have no tolerance for your Iranian brothers and sisters. Why?


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* H-i-l-a-r-i-o-u-s

Just wanted to say that your articles [dAyi Hamid's index] are h-i-l-a-r-i-o-u-s. Wonderful. You managed to take a whole half-hour out of my paper-war at the end of this blessed semester in college. vAghean, delam az khandeh dard gereft. Nun muss ich wieder zurueck an die Arbeit, das Voelkerrecht auseinanderpfluegen.


P.S. Kann man diese Schweizer-Iranische Radiostation hier in New York empfangen? Oder koennte ich eine Cassette bekommen? (noch so eine "torshideh"...;)

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* Glorifying violence against women

I would think that your imagination would find a better template than writing stories on violence against women ["Midget"]. As you well know, what you call literature is a reality which we should rally against rather than glorify in writing.

Heggy Mesbahi

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