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Thursday November 11, 1999 / Aban 20, 1378, No. 846

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Life in America

Picking a president
Figuring out the U.S. presidential candidates

By Babak Yektafar
November 11, 1999
The Iranian

I realized I would have a problem voting for G.W. (as in Bush, though he has the best first initials for a candidate). I find his constant smirk discomforting, as if he is telling me "just wait 'til I'm elected". I don't want to take that chance...

I had saved my best lines for Dan Quayle, but of course he somehow got wind of it and dropped out of the race. I must admit though that he would have made the most fascinating of presidents. True, the nation would be marching in the same spot with no forward momentum for four years but think of the fun we would all have marching to the beat of a drummer who is tone deaf and thinks that he is actually playing the violin.

Despite his rough and gruff and ultra conservative exterior, Pat Buchanan comes across as a cross dresser. I am not exactly sure why, but every time I see him, I envision him wearing matching fur rimmed hot pink panties and bra. Please note that I said "envision" and not "dream of." After all, I do draw a line even when it comes to my imagination ... GO TO FEATURE


Iranian Women Make Strides in Desert

'We can do horseback riding without a hijab. It shows Iranian women in an empowered position, and helps strengthen the position of women.'

By Sandro Contenta
The Toronto Star
November 5, 1999

KORDAN, Iran - They dashed off in a thundering cloud of dust, headscarves and robes flapping in the wind, 21 female jockeys urging their horses to greater effort as the shimmering heat of the Iranian desert swallowed them up.

One rider, dressed all in pink with a tinsel-covered headscarf, looked as if she had galloped out of a Persian fairy tale ... FULL TEXT


Aaaaay nafaskesh

TEHRAN, Nov 11 (AFP) - "Drunken hooligans" attacked musicians and actors at a theatrical performance in southwest Iran Wednesday, the daily Kayhan reported Thursday ... FULL TEXT

More Letters

* Say something POSITIVE

Lizzie Borden writes: I have often wondered what explains this urge by the older generation of Iranians to constantly bash Iran, emphasize the shortcomings while ignoring the accomplishments, and impose their hang-ups, frustrations and psychological baggage on the youth. Perhaps it is a good excuse to do nothing - if everything about Iran is bad, everyone is corrupt and all the decks are stacked against you, then there is no point in trying to accomplishing anything, right? Perhaps it is a way of justifying one's own frustrations. Or perhaps the answer is simply that "misery loves company."

How about having something POSITIVE to say about Iran and Iranians once in a while then? ... FULL TEXT

* Impressive

A. Parsa writes: The poems of Khomeini ["The soft side"] are impressive in nature and meaning. Are these really his poems?

* Rights: Human rights in Iran, Washington DC

The Alliance for Defense of Human Rights in Iran will hold a conference in Washington DC on the topic of human rights. Speakers: 1) Dr. Abdolkarim Lahidji (President of the League for the Defense of Human Rights in Iran), 2) Hassan Shariatmadari (member of the central council of National Republicans of Iran). Time: 2:00p.m. Saturday November 13. Place: Marvin Center at George Washington University Ball Room, 3rd Floor. Address: 21st and 'H' Street NW, Washington DC.


Books of the Week

* Ruzegaran (1999)
History of Iran up to the Pahlavi dynasty
By Abdol-Hossein Zarrinkoub

* Zanaan haramsaraa-ye Nasserdin Shah (1998)
Pictorial history
By Khosro Motazed and Abolghasem Tafazoli

* Baagh (1998)
Short stories
By Parviz Davaie

* Qand va namak (1998)
Tehrani proverbs
By Jafar Shahri

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Video of the Week

Divorce Iranian Style

A new documentary that goes where Western camera s have never before gone: into an Iranian divorce court. The film is directed by award- winning independent filmmaker Kim Longinotto and Ziba Mir-Hosseini, an Iranian anthropologist and writer, based in London, whose specialty is women's rights and family law in the Mid-East.

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More news

Jury recommends convicting Nouri

TEHRAN, Nov 11 (Reuters) - A hardline clerical jury in Iran has recommended conviction of leading reformist cleric Abdollah Nouri after his trial on charges of political and religious dissent, the Iranian news agency IRNA reported on Thursday. It quoted a court statement as saying the jury of the Special Court for Clergy voted to convict Nouri, a former vice-president, on 15 unspecified counts and found that there were no mitigating circumstances ... FULL TEXT

Conservative students demonstrate againt pro-reform students

TEHRAN, Nov 11 (AFP) - Iranian students from the southwestern city of Ahvaz will stage a demonstration Thursday in protest against a reformist student organization for supporting a spirit of dialogue with the US, a press report said Thursday ... FULL TEXT

Iran welcomes efforts to mend U.S. ties

TEHRAN, Iran (Reuters) - Iran said on Thursday it would welcome efforts by countries with close ties to the United States to urge Washington to modify its hostile stand toward Tehran. The remarks by Foreign Minister Kamal Kharrazi had a more positive tone than earlier ... FULL TEXT

Kharrazi hopes for "top level" ties with Egypt

TEHRAN, Nov 11 (AFP) - Iranian Foreign Minister Kamal Kharazi said Thursday he hoped to see relations between Iran and Egypt soon restored at the highest level ... FULL TEXT

Iran gets Airbuses cheaply, needs more

LONDON, Nov 11 (Reuters) - Iran Air appears to have got a surprisingly good deal for the four A330 airliners it says it has bought from Airbus Industrie and seems highly likely to buy more aircraft from the European consortium ... FULL TEXT

Khatami defends economic plan

TEHRAN, Nov 11 (AFP) - Iran's reformist President Mohammad Khatami defended his five-year economic plan Thursday, while admitting the right of the conservative-dominated parliament to have its say ... FULL TEXT

Iraq and Iran sign oil-for-food trade deals-INA

BAGHDAD, Nov 11 (Reuters) - Iraq and Iran signed on Thursday three contracts to boost bilateral trade under Iraq's oil-for- food deal with the United Nations, the Iraqi News Agency INA reported ... FULL TEXT

Short film fests

Tehran (Hamshahri) - Sixty short films are being screened at the Ahvaz films festival. Plus young film makers have gathered (in Tehran?) to show 55 of their short films ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

New books

Tehran (Hamshahri) - This week's new books include Mahmoud Rouholamini's work on the history of ancient Persian ceremonies and festivals, as well as Mohammad Reza Mohammadi-Far's dictionary of journalistic terms in Persian ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Iran to play U.S. Jan. 16

CHICAGO ­­ Iran's soccer team will play in the United States for the first time, facing the Americans in an exhibition game at the Rose Bowl on Jan. 16. "When we were originally matched up against Iran in the World Cup, it garnered a lot of attention, most of which was centered around political tension," Hank Steinbrecher, the executive director of the U.S. Soccer Federation, said Thursday ... FULL TEXT

Kicker on Daei

Tehran (Iran daily) - Kicker magazine's feature on Ali Daei has been translated into Persian. "I want to become the headcoach of my national team one day," Daei says as he eats chelokabab. ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Cycling medals

Tehran (Iran daily) - Iran bags two bronze medals at the world cycling championships in Uruguay ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN\


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