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Thursday October 21, 1999 / Mehr 29, 1378, No. 831

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It's time
Women in Iran fight for their rights

Interview by J. Javid
October 21, 1999
The Iranian

Mehrangiz Kar, a human rights lawyer in Iran, attended a conference in Washington DC, organized by the Middle East Institute on October 2. She gave a speech on the legal obstacles facing women in Iran. She gave this interview following the conference (RealAudio in Persian) ... GO TO FEATURE


Kenneth the menace?

Arch conservative columnist Kenneth Timmerman, who has backed every effort to isolate Iran, is running for the U.S. Senate. Here's his press release:

Dear friends,

You may have heard the news through the grapevine, but I'd like to make it official: I am running for the United States Senate from the state of Maryland ...

I believe the student demonstrations this past summer in Tehran and 17 other Iranian cities showed once and for all that the clerical regime is united its fight to suppress political freedom, and that any talk of a "moderate" president opposed by a "hard-line" Leader is just a fiction concocted for the Western press ... FULL TEXT



Janette Braun writes:

I just moved from Germany to the States. I brought my ricecooker from Germany but I couldn`t find a way to get it to work! Do you know where I can order a ricecooker here in the States?

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* I'm scared

Azita B. writes: I am an Iranian girl who grew up in United States, from the age of 12. I love my Iranian heritage and culture. I met my husband four years ago and we have been happily married for three years.

In the next few months, I'll be meeting my mother in law for the first time. So far we have had great phone conversations, but other sources (not my husband of course) tell me she is EVIL! Call me insecure, but I am scared ...

Although some arooses have the upper-hand due to their degree of income or degree of education (like MDs and such). Not that I don't consider myself intelligent, it's the superficiality of it. Has anyone ever been able to prevent the inevitable problems with their mother in law? Is there a quick fix? Please help! ... FULL TEXT

* Love The Times

Brunold Peter writes: I really love your newsletter. I spend three years in Iran (1995 to 1998) and I had a wonderful time over there. Right now I live in the Republic of Korea but I truly miss the friendly people, the beautiful country and the never-stopping life in Tehran. Wish I could go back soon again!

In the meantime I really love scrolling through The Iranian Times and absorbing whatever I can from your daily offer. Many thanks!

* Art: Khamsi's photo exhibit - Washington DC

Colors and Images of Ecuador: A Photography Exhibition by Bahieh Amelia Khamsi, October 14 - 29, 1999 (Monday - Friday, 9:30 am - 5:30 p.m.) at the Embassy of Ecuador (2535 15th Street NW, Washington, D.C. 20009). For directions call (202) 234-7200. For information on the artist, please call International Arts Management Consulting at (202) 537-2009.


Books of the Week

* Parishaadokht-e she'r (1998)
A tribute to Forough Farrokhzad
By M. Azad

* Jaa-ye khaali-ye solouch (1998)
A novel
By Mahmoud Dowlatabadi

* Aashofteh-haalaan-e bidaar bakht (1998)
A novel
By Gholamhossein Saedi

* Mossadegh: Saal-haaye mobaarezeh va moqaavemat, Vol 1 & 2 (1997)
A detailed account of Mossadegh's political struggles
By Gholamreza Nejati

* Daastaan-haaye masnavi (1995)
Stories from Rumi's Masnawi
By Yazdanbakhsh Qahraman

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Video of the Week

Beh yaad-e Iran

These 2 VHS tapes are the most recent tapes about Iran. They are 2 hours in length and each tape contains rare video clips from inside Iranian cities. Over the years we have offered several videos about Iran, but these two tapes are by far the best we have ever had. We are certain you and your family and friends will enjoy these two tapes in its entirety.

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More news

New press jury elected

Tehran (Cinema) - Members of the press jury have been elected for a new term. With its new members, the jury may not be as harsh toward the moderate press. But some say there will be no significant change in direction ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Mandela, Clinton discuss Mideast peace, Iran

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A relaxed Nelson Mandela briefed President Clinton Thursday about his Middle East tour, urging Clinton to stay engaged in the peace process and saying he was convinced Iran wanted peace with the world ... FULL TEXT

Freed Portuguese hostages not tortured: embassy

TEHRAN, Oct 21 (AFP) - Three freed Portuguese journalists held hostage for 22 days by drug traffickers in southeastern Iran were not maltreated, Portugal's embassy in Tehran said Thursday. "The men were not mistreated or tortured," a staff member told AFP. "They are in good health, but they had to undergo a very difficult time," the embassy said ... FULL TEXT

Cohen meets Egyptian defense official

CAIRO (Reuters) - Defense Secretary William Cohen arrived in Cairo Thursday for two days of talks with staunch U.S. ally President Hosni Mubarak and senior officials about Iraq, Iran and the U.S. military presence in the region. Those have been the broad themes of Cohen's nine-nation tour of the Middle East that has already taken in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates ... FULL TEXT

New petition against Khatami trip to France

PARIS, Oct 21 (Reuters) - Iranian exiles said they handed a petition to French President Jacques Chirac's office on Thursday with signatures of 650 prominent French people opposed to a visit by Iranian President Mohammed Khatami ... FULL TEXT

INTERVIEW-Iran aims to double car output in 4 years

TEHRAN, Oct 21 (Reuters) - Iran plans to double its automobile production to 500,000 units a year by 2003 through increased private investments to meet growing local demand, a senior industry official said on Thursday ... FULL TEXT

Tracer provides update on Iran oil developments

Tracer Petroleum Corporation reports that considerable progress has been made recently in discussions with officials of the National Iran Oil Company and the National Iranian Gas Company, and as such the Company is preparing to send a technical due diligence and negotiating team to the Islamic Republic of Iran as soon as possible ... FULL TEXT

The girl with the sneakers

Tehran (Asr-e Azadegan) - Rasoul Sadr-Ameli's "Dokhtari baa kafsh-haaye kataani" (The girl with the sneakers) is being described as a milestone in Iranian cinema. Here's an interview with the director (PDF file) ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Women's soccer is back

Tehran (Iran daily) - After a 20-year halt, Iran's women soccer league kicks off Saturday with teams such as Hejab One and Hejab Two ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

More preparation

Tehran (Iran daily) - National soccer team headcoach "Mansour Khan" is hoping to arrange a couple of friendly international matches to prepare the boys for their momentous trip to the U.S. in January ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


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