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Tuesday September 7, 1999 / Shahrivar 16, 1378, No. 801


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Emotions on glass
Reverse-glass painting by Mahin Azima

September 7, 1999
The Iranian

Since 1973 Mahin Azima has been trying to revive and modernize "reverse-glass" (posht-e shisheh) painting in Iran.

Reverse-glass painting is an ancient art form that originated in China and was first seen in Iran during the 15th century. It is unique in the sense that the top layer finish is painted first, while the background and built-up colors come second. She has tried to use this form to give depth and a three-dimensional effect to the final work ... GO TO FEATURE


Pressures of the press

The New York Times
Sunday September 5, 199

As editor of China's leading English-language newspaper, Jonathan Fenby developed a reputation for independent reporting and frank debate. Last month he was fired. Hamid Reza Jalaipur founded Iran's first prodemocracy newspaper. He was jailed last year for printing an editorial critical of the Government. Herewith, the two discuss what it's like to put out a newspaper where the press is not free ... FULL TEXT


First day of school

September 7, 1999: Off to school on the first day of the academic year in Oakton, Virginia. From right: Mahdiyeh Javid (11th grade), her second cousin Saied Ghaffari (10th grade, with his Iran World Cup 98 t-shirt) and his friend Gonzales (10th grade)... SEE TWO PHOTOS

More Letters

NOTE: I have received several emails congratulating the 4th anniversary of The Iranian. I am offering two of them; one from Dr. Esmail Nooriala and another from dAyi Hamid because they include a bit of history. My sincere thanks to all for being so kind and generous. JJ

* Traveler of tomorrow

Esmail Nooriala writes: To be honest with you, I see a reflection of my younger days in what you do. I am now 57 years old. (I cannot believe it but it is true.) And you remind me of my days when I was 22. When was that? A good 35 years ago. How old are you? Were you born then?

I and a few friends of mine -- a bunch of students at Tehran University, people like Bahram Beizaie, Mohammad Ali Sepanlou, Ahmad Reza Ahmadi, Nader Ebrahimi, Nasser Shahinpar, Akbar Radi, Dariush Ashuri -- had decided to publish our own periodical. Like yours, it was a self-imposed crusade. We had decided that our periodical should be called "Torfeh" meaning "new". Selecting a name reflects the necessities of the time as you conceive them.

And what came out of that venture a few years later? The "New Wave Poetry" (Mowj e No) was born, the new cinema of Iran was established, the modern Iranian theatre was enhanced and the new ways of Farsi novel-writing was experienced ...

I write this to make you aware of a future that is not far from us. What will you and your readers will think about these present days? Who will remember you and appreciate what you did? I am sure your endeavors will be a part of the history of our life in exile.

You live in today but you are a traveler of tomorrow. That is why what you do in every hour of your present life will be weighed by the people of another day, when you are turning into an old man and your computers are no more considered to be the most advanced means of communication ... FULL TEXT

* Big fat hairy happy birthday

dAyi Hamid writes: I used to be a regular subscriber to Soc.Culture.Iranian (SCI), the most visited Iranian usenet newsgroup. Sometime in mid 1995 there was a strange message from an unknown silent reader called Jahanshah Javid who announced plans to start a new Iranian magazine and asked SCIers to contribute articles.

Ah, I thought, another single-page magazine with articles talking about how the Iranian government is blah blah and how America is tati tata. Not everybody thought the same way. There were some flamers who started belittling the guy's magazine and calling him a "mozdur" of the regime: "He used to work for them, he must be a spy or something." ...

Like everything else in life, The Iranian has changed over the past four years. It has transformed from a shy, careful magazine to a taboo-breaking, freedom-fighting frontier, and I'm proud to be one of its first contributors ... FULL TEXT

* Lecture: Lecture: Political language in Iran

"Center for Dialogue" in Berkeley, California: Two lectures by Mehrdad Mashayekhi, professor of sociololgy at George Mason University and the editor of "Iran: Political Culture in the Islamic Republic". First lecture (in Persian): "The Transformation of the Language of Politics in Post-Revolutionary Iran" Date: Sunday September 12. Time: 7:00 P.M. Place: 2040 Valley Life Science Building, UC Berkeley. Lecture in Persian. Second lecture (in English): "Movements for Democracy and Civil Society in Post-Revolutionary Iran". Date: Monday September 13, 1999. Time: 4:00 P.M. Place: 442 Stephens Hall, UC Berkeley.

Books of the Week

* Do gharib (1998)
Letters from two friends in Iran and abroad
By Farideh Golbou

* Yek ruz maandeh beh eid-e paak (1998)
By Zoya Pirzad

* Istgaah-e aabshaar (1999)
Back when we were just kids...
By Parviz Davaie

* Talkhaak (1998)
Love story, best selling novel
By Nasser Karami

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Video of the Week


Dariush Mehrjuie's post-revolution parody of Iranian society. A great comedy that also makes you think.

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More news

Majidi wins jury award in Montreal Film Festival

MONTREAL (Variety) - For the first time in the 23-year history of the Montreal World Film Festival, a director has won the event's top prize for a second time. ``The Color of Paradise,'' from Iranian writer-director Majid Majidi... formerly titled ``The Color of God'' -- is a story about an 8-year-old blind boy who returns with his father, a poor coal worker, to his home village in the northern highlands of Iran ... FULL TEXT

Zan editor vows to re-open women's paper

September 4, 1999 (The Canberra Times) - The editor of a banned Iranian women's daily has told The Canberra Times she hopes to re-open her paper. Faezeh Hashemi, licensee and editor-in chief of Zan (woman" in Farsi), the first women's daily newspaper in her country, was in Canberra yesterday to visit the Australian Institute of Sport and the Australian Sports Commission. She also took a look at how an Australian daily newspaper operates ... FULL TEXT

MKO supporters protest in Hague

Sept 7, THE HAGUE, Netherlands (AP) - Thousands of Iranian refugees and dissidents marched in The Hague today to denounce Tehran's clerical regime and rally support for the pro-democracy movement in Iran ... FULL TEXT

Oman says navy exercises with Iran will boost ties

'MUSCAT, Sept 7 (Reuters) - Oman said on Tuesday joint sea manoeuvres planned with Iran would boost relations between the two countries ... FULL TEXT

Iran looks to boost tourism, quell fears

TEHRAN, Sept 7 (AFP) - Iran's state tourism board wants laws put in place to protect foreign tourists amid fears last month's kidnapping of four Westerners is harming the industry, officials said Tuesday. "No one should have the right to play with the lives of foreign tourists and harm the interests of the country," said Hassan Emami, director of the board's international division ... FULL TEXT

Elf-Aquitaine candidate to operate gas field

PARIS, Sept 6 (AFP) - The French oil group Elf-Aquitaine has made proposals to operate one of the biggest natural gas fields in the world at South Pars in Iran, the Les Echos newspaper reported on Monday ... FULL TEXT

Iran paper says OPEC should consider Tehran's candidate

TEHRAN, Sept 6 (AFP) - An Iranian newspaper on Monday urged OPEC to give strong consideration to Iran's candidate for secretary general of the oil group, saying the Islamic republic's role in getting crude prices to rebound was "pivotal." "OPEC members realise that at the present sensitive juncture the name of the game is solidarity, which has been strongly upheld and enforced by Iran," said the English-language Iran Daily, widely read by diplomats here ... FULL TEXT

Awards for best films in Iran

Tehran (Hamshahri) -- "Dokhtari baa kafsh-haaye kataani" ("A girl with sneakers") and "Masaeb-e Shirin" ("Sweet Pain" or "Shirin's Problems"?) have been jointly chosen as the best films of the year by Tehran's House of Cinema. See winners in other categories ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Samad Behrangi: short biography

Tehran (Hamshahri) -- Ahmad Bayani has written an interesting little biography of the late novelist Samad Behrangi ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Key to vicotry

Tehran (Iran daily) -- Here's one soccer commentator's views on how Iran could beat Japan in Wednesday's match in Yokohama. Plus the names of the Iranian players ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Volleyball: Iran falls short

Tehran (Iran daily) -- The Iranian national volleyball team failed to reach the semi-finals of the Asian championships. But they have become a much better team ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


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