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Thursday September 9, 1999 / Shahrivar 18, 1378, No. 803

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    New is good
    Hunger for modernity discards of history

    By Laleh Khalili
    September 9, 1999
    The Iranian

    In Mashhad, a large diameter around the Imam Reza shrine has been cleared for a vast cement park in order to accommodate the millions of pilgrims who are the bread and butter of the city. In Shiraz, I saw the remains of gorgeous old homes demolished between the shrines of Shah-Cheragh and Astaneh to make room for a gargantuan mosque complex which I can't even begin to imagine whether and how would ever be filled by human bodies. On my visit, the sensuous arches and old brickwork of the scarce walls that remained were sad reminders of all that once was and no longer is ... GO TO FEATURE


The beat goes on

The moderate Neshat newspaper is back on Iran's newsstands, but under a new name after it was banned just a few days ago. It is now called Akhbar Eghtesad (Economic News), with an emphasis on economic news. But it still carries a good amount of political commentary, as well as the stinging satire of Ebrahim Nabavi. Here are two columns from the first issue explaining the paper's goals (in Persian):

-- Reza Jalaie-Pour ... Civil society & the economy
-- Ahmad Safaie-Far ... Words on our first day


Let's play

Hi! My name is Nazilla and I run a mixed doubles tennis team in the SF Bay Area. I am trying to attract more Iranian (female) players to our team. I wonder if you could help me come up with new ways to reach Iranians in the Bay Area.



More Letters

* Ten years from now

Lobat Asadi writes: Your piece was amazing ["I was once an Iranian"]. It was as though you articulated everything that I suspect I will be thinking ten years from now, or something like that. I too, am a product of two cultures. I am Iranian, but was raised in the U.S.-- we came here beofre the revolution, but stayed here through it as a consequence of it.

I grew up sort of on the other side of you, where I always wondered why, in America, they hated Iran so much. So, I took it upon myself in the midst of my American eduation to discover my roots and decide for myself.

I think you are right in that you don't need roots in America, but because of my "dream-like memory of the past" I wanted to undnerstand so badly that I sought out my roots. I think this saved me, and today helps me define who I am. Even if that is a juxtposition of many things.

Your article was very thought-provoking and made me reflect on similar things. But, you know, not all Iranian-Americans seem to think this deeply about bi-culturalism or take the tinme to define who they are. They seem to stick to one culture or the other, or rather they take the bad parts of American culture and exploit them, merely because they can.

I have a hard time finidng Iranians I can relate to in all levels. As a result, it was promising to read your piece.

* So true

Behnam Farahpour writes: I was going through The Iranian and I read the article "After all, I am Iranian". It was writen so nicely and so true. Even though I have only been here for five years I have grown a lot here. Still, I don't dare call myself Iranian-American cuz I am still an Iranian. I feel the same pride.

This was so obvious that my roommate this past year called me a complete Iranian nationalist. He was telling me how excited I got about every news or event about iran. I guess we all have that pride and invaders have not had the power to take it away.

I was also moved by the couple of articles you had of Hadi Farahani and very simple yet so pleasant Sadaf Abbassian. Really awesome.

* Poetry: Rumi & music in Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES, CA. - Master musician, Manoochehr Sadeghi, will sing Rumi's renowned Sufi poetry in Persian in a concert entitled, MYSTIC VOICES: MUSIC OF DEVOTION IN ISLAM AND HINDUISM on October 12, 1999. The other artists performing in this extraordinary event are master musician Ali Jihad Racy on the ney reed-flute, the divine vocalism of the renowned Lakshmi Shankar, and the passionate evocations of Amy Catlin-Jairazbhoy ... DETAILS HERE

Books of the Week

* Do gharib (1998)
Letters from two friends in Iran and abroad
By Farideh Golbou

* Yek ruz maandeh beh eid-e paak (1998)
By Zoya Pirzad

* Istgaah-e aabshaar (1999)
Back when we were just kids...
By Parviz Davaie

* Talkhaak (1998)
Love story, best selling novel
By Nasser Karami

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Video of the Week


Dariush Mehrjuie's post-revolution parody of Iranian society. A great comedy that also makes you think.

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New justice chief faces reform battle

TEHRAN, Sept 9 (Reuters) - Iran's new justice chief has purged the judiciary of leading hardliners but legal analysts say he faces an uphill struggle to fulfil his pledge to pull judges out of politics and refashion the courts as an independent branch of government. Ayatollah Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi, a little known but scholarly cleric, inherited a judiciary seen by many Iranians as more interested in furthering the conservatives' political agenda than in dispensing justice ... FULL TEXT

Reformist Iranian editors produce new daily

TEHRAN, Sept 9 (Reuters) - A team of maverick reformist editors on Thursday brought out a new pro-reform newspaper, their fifth in less than two years, after hardliners closed their latest popular daily ... FULL TEXT

Neshat director summoned

TEHRAN, Sept 9 (AFP) - Iran's conservative-controlled press court has summoned the director of a pro-reform daily, banned this week on charges of publishing "anti-Islamic" articles, press reports said Thursday ... FULL TEXT

Iran Jewish body questions spying charges

TEHRAN, Sept 9 (Reuters) - A Jewish community group in Iran has questioned espionage charges levelled against 13 Iranian Jews arrested for allegedly spying for Israel, a newspaper reported on Thursday. The daily Entekhab quoted Tehran's Jewish community council as saying in a statement: ``Spying requires certain capacities and equipment, a condition not fulfilled by the accused, according to the knowledge that we have about most of them.'' ... FULL TEXT

U.S. studies religious persecution

Sept 9, 1999, WASHINGTON (AP) - A U.S State Department report released Thursday found evidence of widespread religious persecution in Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan, all under varying degrees of authoritarian rule, and also uncovered religious discrimination in some democratic countries, including Israel and Indin ... FULL TEXT

CIA wary on N. Korea, Iran missiles

September 9, 1999, WASHINGTON (AP) -- Over the next 15 years, North Korea and Iran are likely to develop missiles potentially capable of killing millions of Americans, the CIA said Thursday ... FULL TEXT

Canada will not sell nuclear fusion program to Iran

OTTAWA, Sept 9 (Reuters) - Canada said on Thursday it had blocked a plan to sell its experimental nuclear fusion programme to Iran because it feared Tehran might be able to use the technology to obtain atomic weapons ... FULL TEXT

Saudi, Iran stay on course for scrap over OPEC job

DUBAI, Sept 9 (Reuters) - Oil giants Saudi Arabia and Iran remain on course for a showdown later this month when OPEC ministers meet in Vienna to decide who will assume the group's top job as secretary-general ... FULL TEXT

Iran moves cautiously on Asia oil demand

DUBAI, Sept 9 (Reuters) - Iran expects a strong turnaround in Asian demand for oil in 2000 but will focus on its traditional customers when production cuts are lifted, a senior Iranian oil marketing official said on Thursday ... FULL TEXT

New books

Tehran (Iran) -- New books: Collected short stories of Mahmoud Dowlatabadi; Gholam-Reza Nejati's history of contemporary Iran from the 1953 coup until the revolution; the fifth volume of an encyclopedia for children; and ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Cartoonists awarded

Tehran (Iran) -- Cartoonists from the Ukraine, Poland and Iran took first, second and third place in the first international soccer cartoons exhibit in Iran ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Musavi: No place like home

Tehran (Akhbar Eghtesad) -- National soccer team forward Ali Musavi talks about life in the German soccer league. He plays for a second division team but has been getting more time on the field ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Iran matures

Tehran (Hamshahri) -- Wednesday's game against Japan showed that Iranian soccer has in fact greatly matured and that other major continental teams will have to take it very seriously ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


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This revulsion for the past is perhaps exacerbated by the coercive forcing of history and tradition upon the population to the exclusion of all else.

-- Laleh Khalili
"New is good"
The Iranian
September 9, 1999

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