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Thursday September 30, 1999 / Mehr 8, 1378, No. 818

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Persian work ethics
Beh pir, beh peyghambar, we are lazy

September 30, 1999
The Iranian

Most Iranians have the zerangi complex. I don't have the slightest idea where it comes from but you often hear "maa khodemun yeh paa qaaltaaqim", "maa ghurbaaqaro rang mikonim jaa-ye foleks mifrushim", "uni keh bekhaad sar-e maaro kolaah bezaareh hanuz be donyaa nayumadeh", etc. I'm sure you know what I mean. Not everybody expresses it the same way but most of us have this thing about being zerang. And it affects the way we work.

We'd like to work less than others and earn more at the same time. We think it's not necessary to work, rather we just need a good idea and we'll be rich over night ... GO TO FEATURE


As Iran's Reformer Speaks, Anti-Reformers Sit and Scowl

The New York Times
September 30, 1999

TEHERAN -- Thousands of jubilant university students gathered Wednesday to hail the country's reformist President inside the sprawling, golden-domed shrine to Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the puritanical Muslim cleric who led Iran's Islamic revolution 20 years ago.

The students pressed against barriers inside the shrine to chant the name of the President, Mohammad Khatami, punching the air with hand-lettered signs bearing slogans of support and crying "Death to the opponents of Khatami!" ... FULL TEXT


    Mr. Persian, aka K. Khol

Mr. Persian, aka Nasty Basti says:

Being a huge rap star on a mega million dollar label has its perks, unfortantely I am none of that. Still without the thousands of adoring fans, female groupies, penhouse apartments, and flashy jewelry, I am dedicated to bringing the real. Real hip hop that is. As kings of entertainment, Palza Bitch artists, including myself, will be bringing you the dopest of all media in the coming months ... GO THERE

Thanks to Ramin Tabib

More Letters

* Memory lane

Armen Khachaturian writes: What a wonderful collection from Abadan. Your photos bring back lots of memories. Only now one realizes how special Abadan and its community was. I left Abadan for England in 1972 and I haven't been back since.

Although I never lived in Tehran, I still had a shock when I returned there for few days just after the war in 1990. I can imagine it would have been even bigger shock if I was allowed to go to Abadan...

I don't know whether you are aware that there is another site dedicated to Abadan, Khoramshahr and Ahvaz. Here is the address: //

Once again thank you for the lovely trip down memory lane ... FULL TEXT

* So proud

Iradj Sooudi writes: As an Iranian who has lived most of his life away from Iran, I am so proud to see so many talents who have blossomed in my homeland that it makes me feel exceptionally proud. So many artists, writers, poets, photographers, film makers, scientists and on who have changed the cultural scene in Iran and abroad.

Their contributions to literature, music and so on has enriched our culture and the world's understanding of our heritage. I don't know of any other nation or country with such a wonderful resource.

Undoubtedly people like you should be commended for introducing most of these brilliant minds to us. Thank you for your efforts. Thank you for doing what you are doing.

* Protest: Shahin & Sepehr only at Laguna Beach

Shahin & Sepehr's concert in Hollywood (Saturday, October 2) has been cancelled. However, they will have two shows in Laguna Beach -- one tonight and one on Friday night. TIME & PLACE: Thursday, September 30,8:30 pm & Friday, October 1st, 8:30 pm at "ODESSA " Jazz Bar and Restaurant, 680 S. Pacific Coast Hwy, for information and dinner reservations call Odessa at (949) 376-8792. Looking forward to seeing you there.

Books of the Week

* Nastaran-haaye surati (1998)
By Reza Julaie

* Sharq-e banafsheh (1998)
By Shahriar Mandani-pour

* Del daadeh-gi (1998)
Novel in two volumes
By Shahriar Mandani-pour

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More news

Khatami expected in France next month

PARIS, Sept 30 (AFP) - Iranian President Mohammad Khatami is expected in Paris late October for both a visit to France and to deliver a speech before UNESCO's General Conference, officials at the UN agency said. Officials close to UNESCO chief Federico Mayor said Khatami was expected in Paris from October 26 to 28. "He was invited by Mr Mayor to speak before the General Conference on october 28 during an official visit to France," the source said ... FULL TEXT

German accused of spying in Iran

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) - Iran's judiciary today accused a German businessman of spying, only a day after he was cleared of illegal sex charges ... FULL TEXT

Silence shrouds talks to release Portuguese hostages in Iran

TEHRAN, Sept 30 (AFP) - Talks to secure the release of three Portuguese men abducted three days ago in southeastern Iran were being conducted in strict secrecy Thursday, with police and Lisbon's embassy tight-lipped on the case ... FULL TEXT

One-act play sparks cultural drama

TEHRAN, Sept. 29, (Washington Post) -It was a one-act satirical play that never made it to the stage, but it was printed in an obscure university publication and distributed in photocopies. But because of it, the writer is in custody, the culture minister is under fire, conservative newspapers are incensed and President Mohammed Khatemi's policy of freedom of expression is taking a beating ... FULL TEXT

275 Iraqi POWs arrive home from Iran

BAGHDAD, Sept 30 (AFP) - A group of 275 Iraqi prisoners of war arrived home Thursday, released by Iran 11 years after the end of the bloody war between the neighbouring countries, the official INA news agency said ... FULL TEXT

Oil forges new high as U.S. inventories dip

TEHRAN, Sept 29 (AFP) - Negotiations appeared to be under way Wednesday to secure the release of three Portuguese nationals held hostage by drug traffickers in southeastern Iran as Tehran newspapers expressed concern about the implications of their abduction ... FULL TEXT

Iran releases 276 Iraqi prisoners of war

TEHRAN, Sept 29 (Reuters) - Iran unilaterally released 276 Iraqi prisoners of war on Wednesday, nearly 11 years after the end of their 1980-88 war, Iran's official IRNA news agency reported ... FULL TEXT

Iran says foreigners not linked to giant oil field

LONDON, Sept 29 (Reuters) - Oil's eight-month rally hit yet another high on Wednesday as dealers cited news that U.S. petroleum inventories had dropped to near-three-year lows as proof OPEC supply curbs were biting deep ahead of winter. Benchmark Brent crude blend touched $24.30 a barrel, a 33-month high, after the American Petroleum Institute said crude stocks in the world's biggest oil consumer fell by 3.7 million barrels last week to stand at their lowest levels in almost three years ... FULL TEXT

Islamic center in Iran firebombed, 100 Korans burned

TEHRAN, Sept 30 (AFP) - An Islamic center in Iran was set ablaze by unidentified arsonists who threw a firebomb into it, burning some 100 copies of the Koran, the Muslims' holy book, the Kayhan paper reported here Thursday ... FULL TEXT

Rahnama's new album

Tehran (Iran-e Javan) -- Mani Rahama, who was chosen the best artist in Iran's first pop music festival, is coming out with a new album called "Ghazal zemestaani". "I worked on it for five years so it's not, like, I did it in a week or a month like some others," he says ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Rahnama acts

Tehran (Iran-e Javan) -- Pop start Mani Rahnama is branching out into films. He is starring in Masoud Kimiaie's new film ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Hamid Derakhshan

Tehran (Hamshahri) -- Hamid Derakhshan has been named the head coach of the national under-17 (?, nojavaanaan) soccer team ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Russian gets support

Tehran (Akhbar-e Eqghtesad) -- Esteqlal's head coach Mansour Pour-Heydari has denied that his Russian assistant will be sacked because of last Friday's embarassing performance against Persepolis ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


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I'm the king of the world. I could make millions in a day, but this government, the Americans, Israel, and my mom don't let me, so I'm doing a bit of mosaaferkeshi until luck knocks on my door.

-- dAyi Hamid
"Persian work ethics"
The Iranian
September 30, 1999

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