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Friday October 1, 1999 / Mehr 9, 1378, No. 819

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Every day the yakhie would come with his olaagh

October 1, 1999
The Iranian

Every day around nine in the morning the yakhie would come to our neighborhood with his olaagh loaded with blocks of ice wrapped in guni. As a four-year-old with no friends nearby, seeing the yakhie was the highlight of my day. After I paid for our yakh with a shiny dozaari, he would carry it inside the house. And then the fun for my brother and I would begin.

We had to break the ice to smaller chunks, some for drinking, some for our ice box and some for us to play with. We would hit the ice with the ice pick and watch the little pieces fly and sparkle in the air. We would stick our hands and tongues on the ice and rub each other's faces on it if we got a chance! ... GO TO FEATURE


Call for justice

Interview by Mehdi Sharif
October 1, 1999
BBC Persian Service

Ezzatollah Ebrahim-Nezhad is one of the students whose death at July's dormitory clashes in Tehran has been confirmed. His family now seek justice. Here's an interview with his brother (in Persian) ... LISTEN HERE



Mike writes:

I am an American who is planning an overland trip throught Asia which will take me through Iran. Iran does appear to have an interesting culture and interesting sites. But I do have concerns about traveling in the country and have some questions I would like to address to you.

While in public in Iran should I avoid any communication with the opposite sex? Is it true that the hotels want to hold on to your passport? I do not feel comfortable not having my passport in my posession at all times in a country like Iran.

The last question is will I be able to walk freely along the streets without being harassed and questioned by authorities?

More Letters

* Far from it

Sadri M. writes: What dAyi Hamid fails to realize ["Persian work ethics"] is the real reason why the office clerk loses his stamp and tells you to come back next week. The reason for this is not that clerks are "lazy". Far from it. The real reason is that they are being paid very little for carrying out the job (average office salary 30,000 tomans per month), and with the high prices for necessities, they are left with no choices but to supplement their incomes with bribes.

... Unfortunately, you fail to realize that there is a difference between getting into university and graduating. Just because you have conned your way in it does not mean that you are automatically going to pass the exams and qualify as a professional.

Many of the people killed in the war were not there as a matter of choice and if the system tries to compensate them in some way, then the families can not be blamed for accepting. Having read your article may I suggest you devote more time towards looking after the "dead animal", which you call a hair style ... FULL TEXT

* We're not lazy

Shar Zori writes: I just finished reading dAyi Hamid's article about zerangi ["Persian work ethics"] which I think deserves a response...

We are not so lazy after all. Iranians in America are usually hard working, and they need not be so, and the unproductive work in Iran is due to our bad management which is another cultural problem. We should face the fact that our culture has signifanct structural ills...

The sickness in our culture is not unique, It is far worse in India and Pakistan. Things like zerangi, chaaploosi and bazle guie are our historical baggage. Lets not forget mohabat, vafaa, doosti, erfaan mardaanegi ... do these have translations in English or japanese? ... FULL TEXT

* Art: Ghajar art show in Washington, DC

The Artists1 Museum in Washington DC welcomes the public to view selected paintings by artists Rose Ghajar and Santana from the series "Persian Dreams: Recreating Ghajar Art". This unique series, characterized by fine craftsmanship and a dedication to traditional painting, brings alive Persian history and makes it possible for the public to experience the past for themselves. The show will be held from October 1 until the end of the month... DETAILS HERE

Books of the Week

* Nastaran-haaye surati (1998)
By Reza Julaie

* Sharq-e banafsheh (1998)
By Shahriar Mandani-pour

* Del daadeh-gi (1998)
Novel in two volumes
By Shahriar Mandani-pour

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Khamenei backs Khatami in insult row

TEHRAN, Oct 1 (Reuters) - Iran's supreme clerical leader on Friday threw his political and religious weight behind embattled reformist President Mohammad Khatami and warned hardliners not to take matters into their own hands. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei praised the president and judicial authorities for their handling of a scandal over a satirical student play deemed to have insulted a holy Shi'ite figure which has outraged Iran's religious leadership ... FULL TEXT

Khamenei calls for rapprochement of factions

TEHRAN, Oct 1 (AFP) - Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei called Friday for a reconciliation of Iran's conservative and reformist factions, two months after violent clashes pitted pro-reform students against police and hardline Islamists. "The country and the revolution are in need of unity," said Khamenei, who led special weekly prayers attended by leading conservatives and reformers to mark the centenary of the birth of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomenei, founder of the Islamic Republic ... FULL TEXT

Bail for suspect in Iranian exile's murder

PARIS, Oct 1 (Reuters) - France has released a Frenchman of Iranian origin, who had been imprisoned for the past seven years and was awaiting trial in connection with the murder of an Iranian dissident in Paris, judicial sources said on Friday. The sources insisted the release had nothing to do with Iranian President Mohammad Khatami's expected visit to France at the end of the month. Khatami cancelled his trip six months ago because wine was due to be served at a state banquet ... FULL TEXT

Iran promises careful investigation in spy case

WASHINGTON, Sept 30 (Reuters) - Iranian officials have promised Austrian President Thomas Klestil a ``careful investigation'' of espionage charges against 13 Iranian Jews, Klestil said in a letter released on Thursday. Klestil, who visited Iran on September 20 and 21, intends to follow the case personally on the basis of the assurances he received there, he told the Simon Wiesenthal Centre in Los Angeles in a letter dated Sept. 28 ... FULL TEXT

"Shukhi" big hit

Tehran (Cinema) -- Comments like "Iran's first movie about sex" has made "Shukhi" a box office hit. But is it really? Here's a review ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Masoumi's latest

Tehran (Cinema) -- Khosro Masoumi has begun filming his latest project called "Delbakhteh", which is about a village girl who has seven suiters ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

B team, v. Asia

Tehran (Hamshahri) -- The national soccer team's B squad will play against Asia's best in Tehran. The B squad will mostly include under 25's in order to train promising young players for the A team ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

No plan, no money

Tehran (Hamshahri) -- Soccer federation head Mohsen Safaie Kermani says the national team will be fully supported as long as it has a "plan". If not, the federation would not allocate funds, he warned ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


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Nobody has the right to react on the basis of feelings and assume the right to defend the values of Islam. I legally and religiously forbid any act against the authors of the offense against the 12th imam ... It is down to the judiciary to examine and assess the offense and to nobody else," he said at the ceremony at Khomenei's mausoleum in south Tehran.

-- Ayatollah Khamenei at Friday Prayers
October 1, 1999

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