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Thursday, April 20, 2000 / Ordibehesht 1, 1379, No. 964

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For God's sake
Conservatives need more than divine intervention to stop reforms

April 20, 2000
The Iranian

Are the conservatives closing in against the reformist government of President Khatami? It certainly appears that way. Ayatollah Khamenei has lashed out against the independent press and denounced "American-style" reforms; leading reformist journalists have been summoned to the Revolutionary Court; the out-going Majlis ratified a law putting new limits on freedom of the press; reformist victories in the Majlis elections in at least eight cities have been overturned; election results in Tehran, where the reformists handed the conservatives their most embarrassing defeat, have been called into question; the Expediency Council has forbidden investigations against offices controlled by the leadership; and the Islamic Revolutionary Guards have openly threatened the reformist press with "Islamic violence." >>> GO TO FEATURE


Conspiracy at Desert One
A novel

By Bernace Charles
The Iranian

Chapter Sixty-Five >>> GO TO FEATURE


Reformers fear coup

By Guy Dinmore in Tehran
Financial Times
April 20, 2000

Iran's political crisis deepened on Wednesday when a reformist party allied to President Mohammad Khatami accused hardliners of plotting a military coup or other ways of preventing the newly elected and reformist-dominated parliament from convening next month.

The reformist Islamic Revolution Mujahedin Organisation was responding to a statement by the powerful Revolutionary Guards which said that "when the time comes, small and big enemies will feel the revolutionary hammer on their skulls" >>> FULL TEXT


Khodaa margam bedeh

Iran Sports Press: After Saipa's Mohsen Rasouli scored against Pass Thursday in Tehran's Azadi stadium, he gave a new meaning to 'football celebration', by taking off his shirt and shorts, much to the shock of fellow teammates and his coach Mayeli Kohan. The scene forced IRIB to shut down the live feed. Rasouli could face sanctions from the disciplinary committee for his 'unusual' form of celebration. >>> WATCH HERE

More Letters

* Rasht & history

Kamran Behzadian writes: First off the email about this guy's eyewitness report of the civil disorder in Rasht. Baba joon! Either translate the thing into English or else send a scan of the Farsi text.

Second, this article "Lost opportunities" is one of the better articles I have come across about Iranian history. I recommend translating this one into Farsi and submitting it to Iranian newspapers for publication. This would be good karma for your Web site too since the Net is becoming more of a common thing in Iran.

* Did not live up to ideals

Marty O'Malley, Jr. writes: Unfortunately, the United States did not live up to its laws or ideals back in the 1950's ["Lost opportunities"]. This pattern repeated itself over again in other parts of the world. If the elected representatives in the States publicly acknowledge their country's wrong doing and encourage primary and secondary schools to be more candid about U.S. wrongs, then the U.S. government will begin to act more consistently in accordance with its laws and professed ideals.

Let's hope that in the meantime, relations with Iran can be improved. Nothing is to be gained from both countries constantly snarling at the other. Opportunities for change and long term sharing of interests will be lost if we fail to take the initiatives at this time.

* Kavkaz ancestry

Babak Tadjer writes: You're articles are very interesting to read. But one issue that I miss and want to have information about is the historical aspect of the fairly large numbers of Iranians with Caucasian (Kavkaz / Qafqaz) ancestry. I'm one of them on my mothers side.

People that are from Kavkaz / Qafqaz have little information or none about the immigration from Kavkaz / Qafqaz. I don't know much myself, except that I can see that we look different.

I don't know if you are able to write an article about this matter, or if it's interesting enough.

Academic: Journal of Iranian Research and Analysis

The Spring, 2000 issue of the Journal of Iranian Research and Analysis is published. To review its table of content please visit: // To order your copy, please contact Professor Kamran Dadkhah, CIRA Executive Director, Department of Economics, Northeastern University Boston, MA 02115, USA,

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Translation of today's poem by Zara Houshmand:

My lips with his began to speak, I asked:
Have you drunk your fill of me? Enough,
He said, but give me something that begins with f.
Tell me how it ends, I asked.
It never does, he whispered, low: just flow.
-- Rumi

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More news

Khamenei denounces West, warns domestic press

TEHRAN, April 20 (Reuters) - Iran's supreme leader on Thursday vowed the country would never submit to U.S. hegemony, denouncing domestic journalists who he said were doing America's bidding to undermine the Islamic system. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, in his second major address in a week, lashed out at globalisation as a pretext for domination by the West. On April 14, he warned of the dangers of ``American-style'' reforms >>> FULL TEXT

Court summons reformists for "anti-Islamic" remarks

TEHRAN, April 20 (AFP) - Tehran's revolutionary court has summoned Iranian reformists for allegedly making anti-Islamic remarks at a recent conference in Berlin, state radio reported Thursday, quoting an official judiciary statement. Meanwhile the elite Revolutionary Guards called national demonstrations for Friday to show "hatred and repugnance" at "the blows dealt to Islam and the people" at the gathering >>> FULL TEXT

Reformists accuse television of trying to stop new parliament

TEHRAN, April 19 (AFP) - Iran's main reform party Wednesday accused the pro-conservative state television service of trying to stop the new reformist-dominated parliament from meeting by screening a "provocative" broadcast. The television authority showed late Tuesday what it described as "anti-Islamic" scenes of a recent Berlin conference attended by supporters of reformist President Mohammad Khatami >>> FULL TEXT

U.S. worried about challenge to Iranian press

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States said on Thursday it was worried about a threat to the freedom of the press in Iran, where Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has denounced domestic journalists who favor reform. State Department spokesman James Rubin said the Iranian press had played an important part in political developments and had contributed to a ``lively political culture'' in Iran >>> FULL TEXT

French media watchdog criticises new Iranian law

PARIS, April 19 (Reuters) - Paris-based media watchdog Reporters Without Borders (RSF) on Wednesday criticised a new law passed by Iran's conservative outgoing parliament to rein in the country's liberal press. RSF said it was alarmed at the state of freedom of the press in Iran just two months after elections gave reformers a stronger position in the new parliament >>> FULL TEXT

Trial of Hajarian attack suspects to be held next week

TEHRAN, April 20 (AFP) - The first hearing in the trial of 10 defendants accused of planning the assassination of leading reformist Said Hajarian last month will take place next week >>> FULL TEXT

Hakimipour released after questioning on Hajjarian attack

TEHRAN, April 20 (AFP) - A Tehran town councillor, arrested on April 15 after making comments on the assassination attempt against prominent reformer Said Hajarian, was released on bail Thursday, Iranian radio reported >>> FULL TEXT

Merchants defy closure call by conservative association

TEHRAN, April 20 (AFP) - Tehran bazaar traders defied Thursday a call from their conservative-dominated association to stage a one-day closure in support of Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in the midst of factional conflict >>> FULL TEXT

Iran said seeking vegetable oils - US trade

CHICAGO, April 18 (Reuters) - Iran is seeking 20,000 tonnes of soybean oil and 20,000 tonnes of sunseed oil for last-half May through first-half June shipments, U.S. exporters said >>> FULL TEXT

Film producers happier

Tehran (Hamshahri) - Chances that film producers will get a return on their investment has increased from 25 percent to 70 percent, according to Deputy Guidance Minister Seyfollah Dad >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Useless love story

Tehran (Hamshahri) - "Dokhtaran Entezar" directed by Rahman Rezaie, is a useless, bitter love story, says a film buff from Qom >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

200 art shows

Tehran (Hamshahri) - 200 art shows will be held in Tehran during spring and summer of this year >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Azizi: "My first and last red card"

Iran Sports Press - With audio clip: With accusations mounting against Iranian star player Khodadad Azizi for obtaining a red card on that fateful Saturday, the time was ripe to contact Azizi and give his side of the story >>> FULL TEXT

Iran under 17 lose to Brazil's Krozero

Iran Sports Press - The Iranian Under 17 was defeated by the defending champions from Brazil, Krozero Team, on Wednesday in their first match in the San Marino Tournament. . Upcoming Schedule for Iran's Under 17: April 20 Iran (Under 17) x Ghana (Under 17) April 21 Iran (Under 17) x Odenezeh (Italy).

Esteghlal edge Keshavarz 2-1

Iran Sports Press - With video clip: Esteghlal had possession of this match most of the time, however they wasted one chance after another. Hamedani and Navazi, who had replaced Momenzadeh and Sahebjamee, intensified Esteghlal's dominance and effectiveness in this game >>> FULL TEXT


Coup denied

The Islamic Revolutionary's Guardian Corps released a statement in Tehran today, April 20 2000, making clear that it was not planning a coup d'etat as its previous statement led many to believe it was. Behrouz Parsa talks to Mohammad Sadeq Javadi Hesar, journalist in Mashad >>> LISTEN HERE

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Iran is a very different country than it was in 1953 or 1979. Mohammad Reza Shah got help from Washington and London to preserve his rule for more than two decades after getting rid of Mossadegh. And Ayatollah Khomeini had the support of the masses when he toppled the Shah. But today's conservatives have neither foreign nor domestic support. Surely they will need more than God's blessings to hold on to power, even with force.

-- Editorial
"For God's sake"
The Iranian
April 20, 2000

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