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Conspiracy at Desert One
A novel

By Bernace Charles
Updated June 8, 2001
The Iranian

This novel was first serialized in in April 1999.

* Chapter Sixy-Eight
* Chapter Sixy-Seven
* Chapter Sixy-Six
* Chapter Sixy-Five
* Chapter Sixy-Four
* Chapter Sixy-Three
* Chapter Sixy-Two
* Chapter Sixy-One
* Chapter Sixy
* Chapter Fifty-Nine
* Chapter Fifty-Eight
* Chapter Fifty-Seven
* Chapter Fifty-Six
* Chapter Fifty-Five
* Chapter Fifty-Four

* Chapter Fifty-Three
* Chapter Fifty-Two
* Chapter Fifty-One
* Chapter Fifty
* Chapter Forty-Nine
* Chapter Forty-Eight
* Chapter Forty-Seven
* Chapter Forty-Six
* Chapter Forty-Five
* Chapter Forty-Four
* Chapter Forty-Three
* Chapter Forty-Two
* Chapter Forty-One
* Chapter Forty
* Chapter Thirty-Nine
* Chapter Thirty-Eight
* Chapter Thirty-Seven
* Chapter Thirty-Six
* Chapter Thirty-Five
* Chapter Thirty-Four
* Chapter Thirty-Three
* Chapter Thirty-Two
* Chapter Thirty-One
* Chapter Thirty
* Chapter Twenty-Nine
* Chapter Twenty-Eight
* Chapter Twenty-Seven
* Chapter Twenty-Six
* Chapter Twenty-Five
* Chapter Twenty-Four
* Chapter Twenty-Three
* Chapter Twenty-Two
* Chapter Twenty-One
* Chapter Twenty
* Chapter Nineteen
* Chapter Eighteen
* Chapter Seventeen
* Chapter Sixteen
* Chapter Fifteen
* Chapter Fourteen
* Chapter Thirteen
* Chapter Twelve
* Chapter Eleven
* Chapter Ten
* Chapter Nine
* Chapter Eight
* Chapter Seven
* Chapter Six
* Chapter Five
* Chapter Four
* Chapter Three

* Chapter Two
* Chapter One

* Prologue

* Introduction
* The Author

FOR: The Iranian people, the American service men who took part in what they believed to be a correct and worthy rescue-effort, those then held in Tehran, Paulette (tolerant wife), Mary B.(editor), Terry S, (computer genius), Leslie B., Norma T., Bill H., Trish W., Sally W., Bob & Vicki H., Russell T., Sam G., Marjorie C., Ruth P., Jeannie L. and anyone else putting up with me while writing.

News about the 20th anniversary of the hostage rescue mission (April 25, 2000) here

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