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Conspiracy at Desert One
A novel

By Bernace Charles
The Iranian


Following April 25, 1980, Iranian Revolutionary Guards arrested Laleh Sanders, an American photojournalist in Tehran. The Iranian Press charged her with spying for America. She then disappeared for ten months before allowed to leave Iran. Why? President Carter claimed to have no knowledge of her at a press conference. Who was Laleh Sanders and what role did she play in preventing the American rescue-effort from reaching Tehran? Did someone plant a bad seed for the embassy takeover then realize the American, hostage, rescue-effort must be prevented? Did an act of sabotage occur to assure the change of guard within the American Presidential Office? Were there men who put such a plan into operation? Laleh Sanders follows a directive given her by a man holding court deep in her heart. Learning the truth sends Laleh's daughter Roya and an American novelist on a dangerous search.

Any commandeering of events from the book The Guts to Try and woven into the novel was done purposely. Those scenes do not detract from either the sacrifice or the effort made by American Special Forces in the Iranian desert on the night of April 25, 1980. The novel Conspiracy at Desert One was written by interweaving American military planning for the rescue-effort. This material comes from an account written by retired Colonel James Kyle. It is an honor to know him and have his willingness to allow me access and use. Anyone interested in military history and truth as to what took place that fateful night should check with their library and read his book. Hopefully it will be reprinted. It takes the reader through a brilliantly written account of the tragic difficulties that befell the rescue-effort of American Embassy personnel then held at the American Embassy Compound in Tehran >>> "Conspiracy..." index

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