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Conspiracy at Desert One
A novel

By Bernace Charles
The Iranian

Chapter Forty

Late March 1980

With the waiting for freeing the hostages, Kevin Keller had tired. He became weary from hoping for a full rehearsal of the rescue-effort. There was one occasion he was glad to have taken place. A CIA operative had flown into Iran to survey a landing sight known as Dessert 1. The agent had buried remote-controlled landing lights. All the leading plane would need to do was send the signal; the lights would pop up through the sand; and they would light the landing zone.

Now, they could push for a full rehearsal. Colonel Keller was with Major Olson in the back room of the operations section of the Pentagon. There, men worked to fill the lists and orders for moving needed equipment to Wadi Kena, Egypt. Colonel Keller patted Olson on the back as he leaned over a flow chart and said, "They finally have a place where the insertion force can land and refuel."

Olson stood erect and said, "Yes, they do. We need to take it to the general and push for it. With the words, Colonel Keller was thankful a stretch of the Dasht-e-Kavir Desert 200 miles southeast of Tehran offered landing sites to the east and west of a graded, dirt road. The site offered wide movement for the six planes and eight helicopters needed for the rescue-effort. It offered more space than the little used airports considered for a take down on the first night's insertion. The only thing to worry over was the fact someone might come driving through the landing zone. The possibility of this happening would depend on luck and the time of night the lead C-130 set down on the desert floor. With good luck, everything would run like clockwork. With bad luck, no one wanted to think about it. >>> Go to Chapter Forty-One

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