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Conspiracy at Desert One
A novel

By Bernace Charles
The Iranian

Chapter Sixty-Four

Eleven days later the Essex docked in Galveston. Walker and Roya made their way off the dock. Walker hailed a taxi to take them to a clothing store. The only luggage they carried was a single suitcase containing few cloths along with the laptop computer. They each carried a disk copy of the manuscript should anything happen to the other. After staying the night in a motel Wes rented a station wagon to begin a drive to Kansas.


David Rice sat in the study of Wayne Phillips' home in Georgetown. A telephone rang with a call coming from Galveston. Wayne listened to Bill Edison, an Ex-Army Ranger who was on the lead plane landing at Desert 1. Bill Edison worked in Galveston with The Galveston Police Department's Anti-terrorist Unit. Bill Edison's words were direct, "They're here. They were on a ship out of Portsmouth, England. It was an older man and younger woman traveling together. I'll put my money on it being them."

Wayne asked, "Were they carrying anything?" Wayne had made a number of calls to ex-military personal to inform them of Wes Walker writing a highly critical book on the rescue-effort. He informed that the FBI wanted Walker for murder in Tulsa, Oklahoma. If anyone spotted them entering the country, they were to notify him, and give him twenty-four hours before notifying federal authorities.

"All that they carried was a small suitcase. It'll have what you're looking for."

Wayne replaced the receiver. He said to David Rice, "He's back. He came into Galveston. We need to keep track of him. He'll go to Kansas. I'd bet on it."

David Rice felt a tremendous sense of relief. If Walker was entering the country illegally, he hadn't yet turned the manuscript over to Mike Corbin. He would want to meet with Corbin and convince him of the story's truth. Rice said, "With Roya being with him, Walker will bring further detail and lay it on the table. We know he's hasn't mailed anything from overseas. He must have it on him."

Wayne said, "You find them, kill them, and get whatever Walker has written. Don't make any mistakes doing it. Make damn certain you keep your cell phone turned on should I need to call you."

David answered, "There won't be any mistakes. We have his agent's office and home telephone tapped. Walker will call and we know where he plans to turn the material over to the man. He's as good as dead. He must be going to Kansas." Wayne had made several speculations about Walker returning to America and one of them was about to pay off.

David Rice turned to leave the house near Georgetown's Dear Creek. He drove into the night, heading for the Midwest, and to the town of Danville, Kansas. Mike Corbin owned farmland that he leased. David Rice was certain that Walker was going to a home where he thought Roya Southgate and he would be safe. But Walker didn't appreciate either Wayne Phillips or David Rice's level of thinking an issue through to a logical conclusion. It made sense that Walker would meet with Mike Corbin. >>> Go to Chapter Sixty-Five

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