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Conspiracy at Desert One
A novel

By Bernace Charles
The Iranian

Chapter Fifty-Eight

April 27, 1980

At two a.m. Karim and Laleh were sleeping in Laleh's grandparents' bedroom when angry men shouted orders and woke them with a start. Neighbors heard car doors slamming and men shouting for Nezar Hindawi to open the gate. With the gate open, men burst in the door. They found the light-switches, turned them on, and raced upstairs. Entering the bedroom, they shouted, "Up! Get Up! You're under arrest! Get out of bed before we kill you!"

Both Karim and Laleh obeyed the commands. They handcuffed and pushed out of the bedroom, down the stairs, and out of the house to enter a wash of blinding headlights. Several other men broke into the garage to find and start the motorbike. A man in an army uniform rode the bike following the cars as they turned out the gate and toward Darband Road. No one took Nezar Hindawi into custody.


In Washington D.C., Fred Southgate was in a worried and fearful state. The press was raking the agency over the coals for not making a more thorough search for a secure landing zone for the rescue-effort. President Carter took the blame for the failed-effort, and The Secretary of State had resigned over the fact an rescue-effort had been attempted instead of waiting for the political situation to solve the crisis between Iran and America. Eight American service men were dead and another military disaster lay at the feet of the Pentagon. It was going to be a long and silent wait.

Now, was the time to reassure Roya of the fact her mother's absence was because she continued her work on the pictorial essay she was supposedly doing in Tehran. The Raven was certain Laleh was in custody. A single news report coming out of Tehran said Revolutionary Guards arrested an American woman along with her lover. President Carter had denied any such person being in Iran and under CIA control. >>> Go to Chapter Fifty-Nine

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