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Conspiracy at Desert One
A novel

By Bernace Charles
The Iranian

Chapter Fifty-Three

Porthleven, England

A doctor came. He gave Walker an injection of Demerol and an antibiotic and stitched the wound together. Walker wasn't in any danger of dying, and the doctor was thankful for a thousand-dollar payment. He didn't ask who shot the American.

Walker remained in bed. He allowed the pain medication to take hold of him and push him into a liquid, warm sleep. He woke at one in the afternoon. Roya was still sleeping.

Lin Thi knocked lightly on the door. As she entered, she saw Walker laying with his shirt off and the wound stitched and taped. She said, "The doctor said you would live. I'm sure that'll make your enemies happy until they can find you."


"No problem." Lin Thi pulled a chair to the side of the bed and sat facing Wes. She asked, "What's going on with you? Your picture is on the front of a London tabloid. Others might not recognize the change, but I do. The girl's picture isn't there. Why are you in England with Scotland Yard and others searching for you?"

"Scotland Yard isn't looking for me. It's a cover story to keep me in hiding where a single man might kill me. He nearly managed it yesterday evening. There are others not wanting me taken into custody. They want us hiding with me writing while they find me."

Lin Thi asked, "Why?"

Wes looked into Lin Thi's eyes. She knew he was signaling he couldn't tell her. He said, "It's a long story, Lin Thi. It goes back many years."

"I looked through the paper out of Pensanze. There's a cottage for rent along the coast. I called about it. A family planning to rent it made other plans. I'm going to look at it this evening. Possibly your friend would like to see it."

"I appreciate it."

"You have to take it easy for several months."

"Fine, but I've got to write. Later, I'll have to go to Portsmouth."


"Lin Thi, they'll kill the girl if I don't get a story to New York. Only after the story is in a publisher's hands, along with copies of photographs and documents, can I be assured they won't kill her."

Lin Thi stood and said, "I'm going to prepare dinner. Is there anything you need?"

"Lin Thi, you can't do anything that takes you away from your normal routine. Is the restaurant open?"

"The restaurant is closed today."

Walker was glad they arrived on the day they did. It would be one less distraction for Lin Thi. "Good. That'll help. How far is it to this house that's for rent?"

"It's about five kilometers west before Stain Michael's Mount. The agency said it has beach access. For southwest England, that's a rarity. It might be ideal for the girl so she can walk on the beach and not feel cooped up while you heal." Lin Thi checked her watch. She added, "I told the agent I would meet him there at two. I told him I might rent it for several months for friends who wanted to get out of London. No one will know who is there if you're not out and about."

Wes said, "Thank you."

Lin Thi stepped out of the room and closed the door behind her. Roya stirred, woke, and left the second bed to the first to lay beside Wes. She said, "I like her."

Walker was surprised that Roya woke. She had been sleeping the sleep of the near dead. He said, "She's a good woman. I shouldn't have allowed her to get away from me."

With Roya beside him, Walker knew he faced the issue of making a decision of allowing himself to fall in love. Roya was attractive and fired his inner being. But, there was a difference between Sally and her. Sally was interested in a closed world of a home. The young woman lying against him knew a different life and he feared she was more infatuated with him for his writing. Perhaps the cottage would give him a place to write and a place for Roya to learn that love and infatuation weren't the same. >>> Go to Chapter Fifty-Four

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