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Conspiracy at Desert One
A novel

By Bernace Charles
The Iranian

Chapter Sixty-Eighth

April 6th, 2000
Back in The Old City

Wes moved into the stone house on Christen Street. By knowing the story Wes had been researching, and the embarrassment it caused the American CIA, men of the Israeli Mossad found their forgiveness for Walker writing "A Heart once Broken." On their second day in the city, Walker and Roya went to the cemetery where Lewis lay buried. There, Roya placed a small stone on the grave. Though Lewis' adoptive parents turned Christian, Roya knew Lewis was Jewish at heart.

Now, it was evening and the day settled to dusk. From The Mount of Olives, The Old City stood as it did through the centuries. As they stood looking back at the city, Wes held to Roya's hand, and he understood why Roya returned to the city. The city had its way of burning itself into a person's soul.

There was permanence to Jerusalem. Somehow, the city challenged man's attempt to move into the future. Walker knew the city and Roya intertwined and became lost within the other. Wes was glad for it. He was glad there was something to believe in besides the vanity of writing and man's accomplishments. There were truths that didn't change, and Walker envied Roya for knowing them. The next day Roya would set off on her final journey. Roya would enter the Carmelite Convent. Roya now thought of Ahmad Sa'edi, her half-brother in Iran, who would leave his father and the petrol station before The Valley of the Assassins to go to Qom. He would enter the religious university in Qom for his study of the Islamic faith. She realized that both their pasts pushed them for a desire to know God.

Wes promised to see to the home's safe keeping until he grew tired of it, and desired to return to America. But, within The Old City, Walker knew he would begin a new journey. The thought excited his hope for the future as he held Roya's hand in his.

Several minutes passed. Roya and Wes then left a cemetery of stone and dry land. Roya said, "I love you."

Wes turned to Roya, smiled, then turned back to the road as they walked toward The Old City. He said, "I know and I love you."

Roya remained quiet and breathed the late spring air. Jerusalem was different in the spring than in the summer and she was glad for it.


News about the 20th anniversary of the hostage rescue mission (April 25, 2000) here

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