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Conspiracy at Desert One
A novel

By Bernace Charles
The Iranian

Chapter Twenty-Four

Day four
Scotland 1999

As Roya boarded the Airbus for a flight to Zurich, Wes Walker walked across the bridge before the home along the Esk River. He wasn't carrying a suitcase, and he wore clothes befitting a man out to make his way across Scotland at the generosity of others. He soon turned north along Scotland's Highway A7.


Walker's home Tulsa, Oklahoma

Jack Styles, a local FBI agent, stood beside Wayne Phillips. Wayne

Phillips said, "Walker has gone underground to meet international terrorists. This time he's crossed the line!"

Jack Styles said, "I don't get it. He's a local celebrity to those reading his books. He may have written on terrorist organizations but that doesn't make him one."

Phillips' patience for Jack Styles was at its end. The man stalled a trip to the house in the North City until making certain the men gained a court order allowing them to enter the house. Now, caution was burning both ends of Wayne Phillips' patience. He said, "You don't get it. The man contacted one of the organizations of which he wrote. They've asked him to meet and we know why. He's part of a conspiracy to get weapons into this country for who knows what!"

The federal agent said, "You have no proof and without it there isn't anything making him a terrorist."

Phillips looked about the study of the home. It was Walker's writing room and Phillips' attention centered on the computer setting on a desk. He stepped to it and turned it on. A few seconds later a menu came on. David Rice entered from Walker's bedroom. He said, "There's nothing. No suitcase missing . . . nothing."

Phillips glanced to the FBI agent and to David. "Maybe you can talk some sense into our friend here."

David studied Phillips. David pulled the twenty-two pistol he used to kill Fred Southgate and made a quick temple shot. Jack Styles fell to the floor. David pulled the trigger for a second time. He turned back to Phillips and asked, "Have you found anything?"

"No . . . nothing. The man is probably already out of the country!"

"What are we going to do if he is?"

"You're going to stay at Southgate's home. Laleh or the daughter might call to verify the man coming into their lives. I don't believe the call to the sister. It was a signal telling Southgate that Walker was taking on the story." Wayne threw the telephone against the computer busting its monitor.

Rice said, "That helps. Try to tear the place apart and see if it gets us anywhere."

"It's going to stop when Walker is dead or Laleh is found."

David shook his head and stepped to the patio door to look out on the swimming pool. Walker knew what he was doing and David was aware of it. David was certain Wes Walker would remain hidden until completing a story on Desert 1. The man's ego would be his undoing. Walker would hide, write, and wait. The trick was to find him. >>> Go to Chapter Twenty-Five

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