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Wednesday, August 2, 2000 / Mordad 12, 1379, No. 1034


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Get real real
Stereotypes & perceptions

By Poopak Taati
August 2, 2000
The Iranian

Many of us have heard stereotypical comments. We have heard, for example, Americans stereotyping Iranian women as "uneducated homemakers," and Iranian men as being "sexually and emotionally aggressive" toward women. These stereotypes are sometimes confused with prejudice and discrimination and attempts at defamation of character. Interestingly, however, Iranians are not free from their own stereotypes of Americans either. Iranians stereotype Americans as "politically naïve," "unsophisticated," and "parochial," to mention just a few >>> GO TO FEATURE


Many me
Having fun with Photoshop

By Nina Habibi
August 2, 2000
The Iranian

I was learning Photoshop the other day by altering my own photograph. Here's what I came up with. The first set is titled "Self-study", the second set is "Energy, Death, Resurrection, Thaw" >>> GO TO FEATURE


Youth: early sex and late marriage

BBC Persian Service

Young peolpe in Iran want a more open relationship with the opposite sex as marriage rate is declining and divorce rate is going up. Some see the temporary marriage as the solution. Maria Sarsalari tries to find an answer >>> LISTEN HERE

Cry from the heart

The Guardian
August 1, 2000

Artist Shirin Neshat Has Been Accused Of Being Too Soft On Her Native Iran. But Adrian Searle Finds Plenty To Move Him In Her Latest Work

The voice goes right through me, though I don't understand a word. In fact, there are no words onlycries, sobs, ululations, knots and overlays of sound. A voice from the gut, the tongue and the throat,both alien and expressive, for all the dubbing, the loops and layered cross-currents. I comprehendnothing, but the voice is filled with feeling. The first time I heard it, the hairs rose on my neck, my stomach tightened, I felt winded. A woman stoodalone in an empty theatre, black chador against blackness, her face and hands illuminated, bendingtowards an away from the microphone >>> FULL TEXT

A whodunit with gray eminences - and red faces

By Scott Peterson
The Christian Science Monitor
July 31, 2000

TEHRAN, IRAN -- The seedy offices of the Iranian publishers Tarh-e No are stacked high with freshly printed books smelling of ink on paper, the promise of literature, and - in Iran's volatile political atmosphere - subversion.

It is from such humble roots that a publishing sensation is rocking Iran, by tapping into a vein of popular discontent and focusing a democratic lens on the identity of a nation long used to absolute rule >>> FULL TEXT

Iran? Yes!

Silly domain name... and the content is probably taken from somewhere else >>> GO HERE

More Letters

* Sympathy for prostitutes

Leyla Momeny writes: In response to the man who is/was so outraged at the prostitution link. Yes - it may be sensationalistic - but both you and I have joined the ranks of those writing about it and reading it. Who do you seek to blame if a Jasmine-paragraph achieves thousands of hits? These are after all, your precious and "refined" Iranians...

What do you make of women who wear large, ridiculous, and aesthetically uninspiring cliches on their wedding fingers as a prize or expression of self-worth? Are these accepted bougeoisie ways of living among the sexes (although they are generalized and being reformed in most communities) a form of "prostitution" ?

My intent here is not to insult mainstream women, but to point out some similarities in lifestyle that will hopefully enable you to understand or feel sympathetic for prostitutes themselves >>> FULL TEXT

* It's year 2000

Babak writes: In response to Al-Amin's letter "Complete outrage", it's because of people like you that we have such a backward and outdated culture. I truly feel sorry for you. It's year 2000, why don't you wake up and get a grip.

Don't insult others if you don't have the slightest ability to comprehend.

I give this guy Mostafa Saber a lot of credit for writing "Aazaadi-ye jensi va as-haab-e kahf". Damesh garm!!!!

* Defend Ganji, not Jews

F. writes: I think Israel and U.S. and Europe are enough to defend the Jews' rights ["Let's face it"]. There are people whom nobody in the world cares about. Nobody knows and cares where they are buried.

So, let us take the "shame" and care about the latter group. Let us take the "shame" and care about brave people (e.g., Akbar Ganji) in Iran who go trough the tough time and defend people's rights.

Bottom line:

- You want to defend Jews. Go ahead, specially, if it helps you for your political career.
- You would like to ask other people to support you for that. That is good.
- You don't like somebody supporting Ganji. This is none of your business.

Vote: Online registration for U.S. elections

Voting is the only sure and effective way of expressing your opinion in a democracy. If you are an American citizen and have not yet registered to vote, please do so conveniently online. Here is the address: //

Please distribute this to friends and family.

Hamid Zangeneh, Ph.D.
Professor of Economics
Widener University




Epic & Sedition
The case of Ferdowsis Shahnameh
by Dick Davis


Parandeh-ye khis
Second book of poems by Khosro Golesorkhi

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Translation of today's poem by Zara Houshmand:

My quarrelsome goddess, who likes her wine,

Sits down like a sugarbowl beside me.

She unwraps the lute from its silk and strums

This veil, sings: 'I forget myself, I'm happy.'
-- Rumi
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More news

Iranian progressive released on bail

TEHRAN, Aug 2 (AFP) - Taghi Rahmani, a member of Iran's progressive opposition, was released late Tuesday after 24 hours in jail for "insulting the supreme leader" Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the official IRNA news agency reported. Rahmani, who had been arrested and imprisoned Monday in the central town of Shahr-e Kord, was released on bail, his lawyer Mohammad-Ali Jedari said cited by the agency >>> FULL TEXT

New reformist newspaper banned in Iran

TEHRAN, Aug 1 (Reuters) - An Iranian revolutionary court has banned a provincial reformist newspaper which had tried to shed light on alleged corruption and mismanagement in the Islamic republic, the former daily said in a fax on Tuesday. Ruzdara, the only independent newspaper in Sistan- Baluchestan, a poverty-stricken province in southeastern Iran, was forced to stop publishing last Thursday by a court decree >>> FULL TEXT

Iran says two troops, five rebels dead in border clashes

TEHRAN, Aug 2 (AFP) - Two Iranian soldiers were killed in clashes with the outlawed opposition People's Mujahedeen that also left several rebels dead and wounded, Iran's official IRNA news agency said Wednesday. It said the Iraq-based Mujahedeen launched a mortar attack along the region of Dehloran bordering Iraq in western Lorestan province and also sent a "team" of troops to try to cross into Iranian territory >>> FULL TEXT

Iran willing to accept 20 percent share of Caspian

TEHRAN, August 1 (AFP) - Iran on Tuesday reiterated its readiness to accept an equitable sharing of the resource-rich Caspian Sea during a visit by Moscow's deputy foreign minister, state radio said. Foreign Minister Kamal Kharazi told Viktor Kalyuzhny, who is also Moscow's envoy for Caspian affairs, that Iran would accept a 20 percent share in the wealth of the Caspian "if the other countries agree," it said >>> FULL TEXT

Egyptian and Iran foreign ministers talk Jerusalem

CAIRO, Aug 2 (AFP) - Egyptian Foreign Minister Amr Mussa talked Tuesday by phone with his Iranian counterpart Kamal Kharazi about the Middle East peace process, and Jerusalem in particular, the Egyptian MENA news agency said. "The talk was part of the consultations between the two countries on questions affecting the Islamic world, in particular the question of Jerusalem, Iran being the current president of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC)," said MENA >>> FULL TEXT

Oil ministry opposing state foundation over gas field: paper

TEHRAN, Aug 2 (AFP) - Oil ministry officials are opposing a bid by one of Iran's richest and most powerful state foundations to help develop the giant South Pars gas fields in the Persian Gulf, a financial newspaper said here Wednesday. The Akbar-e-Eqtesad daily, citing unnamed sources, said the massive Foundation for the Disinherited is trying to negotiate a contract for later phases of the development of South Pars >>> FULL TEXT

Turkey to buy Iranian gas

ANKARA, Turkey (AP) - Despite U.S. objections, Turkey signed an agreement with Iran on Wednesday to begin importing Iranian natural gas as part of a $20 billion, 25-year deal. The United States opposed the gas deal and reportedly pressured Turkey to delay the imports, which originally were to begin in January >>> FULL TEXT

Aghdashlou on realist art

Tehran (Hamshahri) -- An interview with painter Aydin Aghdashlou about the display of realist artwork at the Museum of Contemporary Arts >>> FULL TEXT

Nothing wrong with laughing

Tehran (Hamshahri) -- Mana Neyestani, one of Iran's leading cartoonists, has published some of his recent work in "Khandidan ghadeghan neest" -- Nothing wrong with laughing >>> FULL TEXT

Historic objects stollen

Tehran (Hamshahri) -- Burglars break into Abgineh Museum in Tehran and steal objects >>> FULL TEXT

Iran defeat Lebanon in basketball

TEHRAN, August 2 (Iran Sports Press): The Iranian Olympic Basketball Team defeated Lebanon 82-68 in a thrilling match at Azadi Sports Complex, edging closer to the Asian Championship finals to be held in late August >>> FULL TEXT

Ali Karimi in Italy?

Tehran (Hamshahri) -- Ali Karimi, one of Iran's best goal scorers, is off to Italy to try out in an Italian soccer club >>> FULL TEXT

Rofat: I'm ready

Tehran (Iran Varzeshi) -- Payan Rofat, the forward Ali Parvin counts on, wants to become the league's top goal scorer next season >>> FULL TEXT


Eshkevari facing jail?

Dissident cleric, Mr Yusefi Eshkevari, says he will return to Iran soon despite threats of imprisonment. Some intellectuals who, like Mr Yousefi, took part in a controvercial conference in Berlin have been jailed. Behrouz Parsa talked to him >>> LISTEN HERE

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