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Thursday, August 3, 2000 / Mordad 13, 1379, No. 1035


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Better for business
Republican vice-presidential nominee has opposed unilateral sanctions

By Gary Sick
August 3, 2000
The Iranian

Dick Cheney, George W. Bush's vice presidential running mate in the US presidential race, has a long history of involvement with Persian Gulf affairs. In early 1990, as Secretary of Defense, Cheney signed the (classified) Defense Policy Guidance that drastically revised the Cold War scenario that envisioned a Soviet invasion of Iran, followed by an immediate clash between NATO and Warsaw Pact forces in Central Europe. Instead, the new plan scaled back the scenario to the goal of defending the oil fields of Saudi Arabia and the Arab sheikhdoms from an unspecified aggression, largely on the grounds that a US defense effort in Iran was unrealistic >>> GO TO FEATURE


"Learing" English and "forgetting" Persian

By dAyi Hamid
August 3, 2000
The Iranian



UN says Iran faces critical situation from drought

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iran's worst drought in 30 years has inflicted severe damage on the country's agriculture and livestock and threatens to displace millions of people, the United Nations said Thursday. According to a report published by a U.N. fact-finding mission, two years of consecutive drought have affected 18 of Iran's 28 provinces and more than half of the country's 60 million people >>> FULL TEXT

Reformers demand end to theocracy

By Ben Barber
The Washington Times
August 2, 2000

TEHRAN - Iranian reformers are raising the ante in their confrontation with the hard-line Islamic government just days before a key session of the new parliament, issuing their most explicit public demands yet for an end to two decades of theocratic government.

Some 1,000 students and reformers were treated to the unusual calls for freedom from religious rule during a Sunday evening gathering at Beheshti University, on a hillside overlooking this capital of 12 million people >>> FULL TEXT

Lifting the veil on Iranian society

Financial Times
August 1, 2000

Lynn MacRitchie is entranced by Shirin Neshat's video trilogy exploring attraction and repression.

Two black and white video projections are screened side by side. In one, a man walks away from the camera. In the other, a woman walks towards it. Eventually, their separate paths converge, and the manand woman appear together on both screens. They slow down, look at each other, but do not stop or speak. The woman wears a chador, the enveloping black veil required in strict Muslim societies >>> FULL TEXT

Who would WANT to look at your wife anyway?

Violent clashes broke out in the southern Iranian city of Qir after a judge ordered the arrest of the cross-eyed owner of a herbal pharmacy for "winking" at his wife >>> GO HERE

More Letters

* Shamlou no Hafez

Parkhash writes: I came across a letter about Shamlou and was saddened. Altough I can't deny that Shamlou was a notable poetic figure in the contemporary Iranian poetry scene, to suggest that he is the ranks of Hafez, Rumi or Saadi, only shows the depth of ignorance about these three stalwarts of Persian literature.

Those three masters together with others like Ferdowsi (who was the subject of Mr. Shamlou's meglomaniac rantings) have defined what we call the correct form and structure of our Farsi language.

Mr. Shamlou's lasting memory is his alliance with the Iranian loony left who remain his loyal fans and he is only "great" in their circles and by their definitions >>> FULL TEXT

* Get a grip, yourself

Al Amin writes: In reply to Babak, first let me thank you for your sympathy and feeling sorry for my inability to comprehend such complex matters that intellects like you can.

I must say I don't know where you live but even in all Western countries, GOOD-cultured people carry a lot of principles similar to Iranian culture, and if you get someone to show you the real Iranian culture you may understand its roots and values.

As for you, it's because of people like you that the West has so many cultural problems and also a lot of youngsters (particularly in Iran) forget their origins and fall in love with something they don't even understand.

So while we are entering the 20th century I suggest you (and the likes of you) get a grip on yourself and understand what your real culture says (and also the culture of other countries).

As for the "DAMET GARM", well... you're free to GARM anybody's DAM.

* Poor judgment

Iraj Roozbeh writes: Looking at this picture on the cover of The Iranian may be okay once. Leaving it as your banner for a week or so is a very poor judgment.

I could never look at a sheep or any animal being slaughtered in front of me for some old or superstitious custom.

Sacrificing an animal is not going to add or take away anything from anybody. It is time that we learn from our old tradition and update our own way of thinking to the new 21st century.

Memorial: Barahani lecture on Shamlou in DC

Ahmad Shamlou memorial event in Washington, DC, area with a lecturer by Dr. Reza Berahani. Also to be shown, a film: "Ahmad Shamlou, the Master Poet of Liberty". Sunday, August 6 at the McLean Hilton, 3 to 7 pm >>> DETAILS HERE




Prophets of Doom
Literature of a Socio-Political Phenomenon in Modern Iran by M.R. Ghanoonparvar


Bogshaay lab
Novel by Shohreh Vakili

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Translation of today's poem by Zara Houshmand:

We have no fear of bullets, or daggers,

Or shackles, or the blade against the neck.

Hotheaded, we drink the devil's drink.

Even less we fear what people think.
-- Rumi
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More news

Googoosh's husband summoned to court

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - Iranian officials have summoned the film director husband of pop star Googoosh to court over a film they say violates the Islamic dress code, a newspaper reported Thursday. Supporters of Googoosh and her husband, Masood Kimiai, said the move was an attack by hardliners on the increasing cultural freedoms associated with moderate President Mohammad Khatami >>> FULL TEXT

Sahabi demands his release from prison

TEHRAN, Aug 3 (AFP) - A leading opposition figure jailed for taking part in a controversial political seminar abroad has demanded his release from prison, his lawyer said in a statement received by AFP on Thursday. Ezzatollah Sahabi is still in prison although all others arrested for participating in the Berlin seminar that shocked conservatives have since been freed on bail, his lawyer said >>> FULL TEXT

King Abdullah II soon to make first visit to Iran

AMMAN, Aug 2 (AFP) - King Abdullah II of Jordan will soon make his first visit to Iran after receiving an invitation from President Mohammad Khatami Wednesday, the official Petra agency reported. Khatami's invitation was delivered by Sayyed Mohamad Sadr, the deputy Iranian foreign minister and envoy of the Iranian head of state currently on a visit to Amman >>> FULL TEXT

Army chief calls for boost in military cooperation in region

TEHRAN, Aug 3 (AFP) - Iran's armed forces chief on Thursday called for greater military cooperation between the countries of the region, state radio reported. General Mohammad Salimi, a onetime defense minister who was tapped for the army's top post in May by supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said such a move should be simultaneous with political and economic cooperation >>> FULL TEXT

Nokia wins Iran GSM network deal

HELSINKI, Aug 3 (Reuters) - The world's largest mobile phone maker Nokia (NYSE:NOK - news) on Thursday said it had signed an agreement with the Telecommunications Company of Iran (TCI) to expand its GSM mobile network in Tehran >>> FULL TEXT

BG teams with Iran firm to develop energy projects

TEHRAN, Aug 3 (Reuters) - Britain's BG Group has signed an MOU with an Iranian company to jointly develop oil and gas projects in Iran, BG's local representative said on Thursday. Ramin Lakani told Reuters that liquefied natural gas exports to India were at the centre of talks for future cooperation with the Oil Industry and Engineering Company (OIEC) >>> FULL TEXT

Iranian films on CD

Tehran (Hamshahri) -- Iranian films of the past 100 years will be recorded on CDs and stored at the Cinema Museum. Also a web site will be created for the museum >>> FULL TEXT

Iraj is (also) back

Tehran (Iran daily) -- Hossein Khajeh Amiri, better to known as Iraj, will sing in Tehran for the first time since the 1979 revolution >>> FULL TEXT

Situation comedy on TV

Tehran (Jam-e Jan) -- "Khaastegaari-ye por maaheraa" is a situation comedy -- or "komedi-ye moqeiyat"! -- currently under production for Iranian TV >>> FULL TEXT

Saipa hold Persepolis in draw

TEHRAN, August 3 (Iran Sports Press) -- With video: Persepolis held Saipa to a 2-2 draw on Thursday in the season opener at Azadi Stadium. A young Saipa team managed to create numerous problems for defending league champions Persepolis. Saipa's Mohammad Moemeni scored the first goal of the season >>> FULL TEXT

Azizi blasts his coach

SAN JOSE, August 3 (Iran Sports Press) -- After the 2-1 home defeat at the hands of Columbus crew on Wednesday, San Jose Earthquake's Khodadad Azizi publicly blasted Lothar Osiander, the Quakes head coach >>> FULL TEXT

Basketball: Iran defeats Iraq, barely

TEHRAN, August 3 (Iran Sports Press) -- The Iranian National Olympic Team defeated Iraq 94-90 in a lackluster performance at the Asian Basketball Championship qualifiers in Azadi Sports Complex. Despite a twenty point lead mid way through the first period, sloppy defensive and offensive manouvers by the Iranian team allowed the no hopers of Iraq to close in the gap >>> FULL TEXT


Journalism: Unease

With more newspapers being banned by the special press court, feeling of insecurity amongst Iranian journalists is growing. Now journalists have asked MPs to help them. Maria Sarsalary looks at the issue >>> LISTEN HERE

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There's been enough aggravation on both sides, whether you consider the Iranian occupation of our embassy in 1979 and holding hostages for over a year, or the shoot-down of the Iran airliner by a US naval vessel in 1988. It's been a tragedy in terms of the relationship.

-- Dick Cheney, Republican vice-presidential nominee in a speech in June as CEO of Halliburton oil company
"Better for business"
The Iranian
August 3, 2000

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