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Tuesday August 15, 2000 / Mordad 25, 1379, No. 1043

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Sea of opportunities
... if large and small states cooperate over the Caspian

By Hooshang Amirahmadi
August 15, 2000
The Iranian

History suggests the wisdom of stronger states bearing responsibility, when possible, to secure against the perils faced by weaker states in the region. States could gain from respecting and assisting each other in developing their comparative advantages. In a region where the advantages of interdependence are prominent, focusing primarily on competitive advantage is inappropriate. The approach should be to gauge the competitive advantage of the region as a whole, and within that, to address the comparative advantage of its parts. The interdependent destinies of the Caspian Region and the oil industry means that both will suffer if problems are addressed unilaterally. Regional co-operation is necessary not only for environmental management, but also for the installation of pipelines, among other development projects >>> GO TO FEATURE


Lingering pain
Victims of war laid to rest, but not the memories

Photos by Ali Khaligh
August 15, 2000
The Iranian

Thousands of mourners gathered before parliament Monday to bid farewell to 300 soldiers killed during the eight-year war initiated by Iraq 20 years ago. The coffins, many of whose remains have only recently been recovered, were draped in the Iranian flag as young and old paid their respects >>> GO TO FEATURE


Shah Khamenei

By Thomas Friedman
The New York Times
August 15, 2000

Right now, the struggle between the reformers and conservatives there is still just the political equivalent of a tropical storm, with the occasional bursts of student rioting and mysterious murders. But if you look at the trends closely, and if temperatures in Iran keep rising, this low-grade struggle could turn into an Iranian version of the perfect storm.

What's driving this storm is the behavior of Iran's top leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who is increasingly behaving as if he were "Shah Khamenei." He and his conservative allies have been mounting a creeping coup against the democratic process in Iran. If it continues, Iran could feature the first big civil clash of the globalization era >>> FULL TEXT

Majlis deputies question the legality of banning newspapers

BBC Persian Service

A number of Majlis deputies say judiciary may have inappropriately used clauses of the constitutional law to ban reformist newspapers. The deputies want the case discussed in the parliament. In an interview with Dr Ghasem Sholeh Sa'di, lawyer and ex-MP Daryoush Homai asks him to explain the MPs' demand >>> LISTEN HERE

Iran returns to Persian carpet gulf

By Tom Hundley
Chicago Tribune
August 3, 2000

On a recent afternoon, when the outside temperature was pushing 100 degrees, the elders of the rug bazaar began and concluded their monthly board meeting with a heartfelt entreaty to Allah. In between, it was all sweet tea and business.

These days the main concern of Tehran's rug merchants is recapturing their share of the American market. In April, two months after pro-West reformers swept Iran's parliamentary elections, the Clinton administration nodded its approval by lifting the 1987 import ban on Iranian carpets, caviar and pistachios >>> FULL TEXT

Conservative cleric blasts moral "corruption" in provincial Iran

TEHRAN, Aug 15 (AFP) - Iran's provinces are under siege from alcohol, drugs and pornography, a leading conservative cleric charged in Tuesday's press.

Ayatollah Mohammad Musavi Jazayeri, the personal representative of supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in the southwestern province of Khuzistan, said authorities had to act soon to address the crisis >>> FULL TEXT


A good example how technology brings progress (coming soon: Battle of Karbala, the video game) >>> SEE HERE

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* No documents, no history

Parviz Ghavamian writes: I just read Khodadad Rezakhani's article "Not too deep", and would like to add a few of my own thoughts on why there seems to be no in-depth study of Iranian history in today's academia.

One very important fact to remember is that in order to get a detailed insight and understanding into the hearts and minds of Iranians in the past, you need to have access to the written records of the period. I've only recently begun to study Iranian history on my own, but I quickly learned that in some cases Iranians may have been their own worst enemies in preserving a written record for posterity >>> FULL TEXT

* Googoosh's teacher

Gitty Shahidi writes: Dear Googoosh, Welcome to America! I am so proud that an Iranian has brought her talent to this height and that everyone knows her. I hope to be at your concert in Washington D.C. and that there would be an opportunity for me to hug and kiss you.

Your middle school teacher.

* Wonderful message

Russell Burgess writes: I just read "Vacationing American style" by Bahar M. Jaberi . I found her story by accident but am glad I did. I enjoyed reading it and the wonderful message it contained.

* Behkhodaa we're Italian

Sheri Zandi writes: This is in reference to the emails that my family has been receiving from you. I have no idea who you are or what you are. I am offeneded that you assume that we are Iranian because of our last name. We are Italian and have no Iranian relatives whatsoever.

Art: Email list for Iranian artists

Iranian Artists in Dialogue is a public listserve (e-mail list) open for subscription to all interested individuals and organizations. IAD's goal is to creat a space for artists and cultural workers from/in/interested in Iran to engage in dialogue about common concerns, ideas and thematics that influence our creative works and the context (histories, societies, cultures) in which we create. Also, the list aims to facilitate our ability to network, to connect, to support, and to inspire one anther. Join IAD Today >>> DETAILS HERE




The Caspian Region at a Crossroad
Challenges of a New Frontier of Energy and Development Edited by Hooshang Amirahmadi


Dar khesht-e khaam
Ehsan Naraghi's interview with satirist Ebrahim Nabavi

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Translation of today's poem by Zara Houshmand:

You can't get drunk on the wine of her eyes,

You can't bury your hands in her hair.

Your enemies taunt you, night and day:

"You waste away, and still she doesn't care."
-- Rumi
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More news

Reformers seek to protect free press

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - In a daring move after an order from Iran's supreme leader to drop a debate on press freedoms, reformist lawmakers presented a bill Tuesday that aims to block the hard-line judiciary from closing reformist newspapers. Legislators submitted an ``extremely urgent'' motion to the parliament, or Majlis, seeking a debate on whether it was legal to close newspapers under the Security Measures Law, the official Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) quoted a lawmaker as saying >>> FULL TEXT

Press courts carry on press crackdown

TEHRAN, Aug 15 (Reuters) - Iran's hardline Press Court opened a new case against a convicted publisher on Tuesday, one day after a top judiciary official suggested the crackdown on the pro-reform press could be winding down >>> FULL TEXT

Journalist group criticizes Iran press clampdown

PARIS (Reuters) - International media watchdog Reporters without Borders (RsF) Monday accused Iran's supreme leader of turning his country into a huge jail for journalists and published an Internet petition seeking the release of those held >>> FULL TEXT

Relatives of jailed journalists working for release

TEHRAN, Aug 15 (AFP) - Relatives of Iran's jailed journalists have banded together to form a new association to work for their release, the group said in a statement Tuesday >>> FULL TEXT

Leading reformist cleric appointed to head reformist majority in parliament

TEHRAN, Aug 15 (AFP) - Leading reformist cleric and presidential advisor Ali Akbar Mohtashami has been elected to head the reformist majority in parliament, the official IRNA news agency reported Tuesday >>> FULL TEXT

Algerian and Iranian presidents to meet in New York

ALGIERS, Aug 15 (AFP) - Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika said Tuesday in Algiers that he would meet his Iranian counterpart Mohammad Khatami in September in New York at the United Nations >>> FULL TEXT

Reformist MP points the finger at conservatives over economy

TEHRAN, Aug 15 (AFP) - A reformist Iranian MP and close ally of President Mohammad Khatami said Tuesday that conservatives were hampering the government's efforts to address the nation's economic crisis >>> FULL TEXT

Iran threatens to cut electrical flow to Azerbaijan over non-payment

TEHRAN, Aug 15 (AFP) - Iran on Tuesday threatened to cut off electricity to the autonomous Azerbaijani republic of Nakhichevan over non-payment of bills, the official IRNA news agency reported >>> FULL TEXT

Movie award nominees

Tehran (Jam-e Jam) -- The House of Cinema has annouced its nominees for best actors, directors, and ... during the past year>>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

Pop music: Not a threat

Tehran (Hamshahri) -- I am a fan of traditional Iranian music but I do not blame the growing popularity of Pop music as a threat, says a reader in a letter published in Hamshahri >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

Yaghoubi: Hardwork for the theater

Tehran (Iran daily) -- Mohammad Yaghoubi is a former (?) law student who has just brought his fourth and fifth play on to the stage. An interview >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

"Baggy" to debut against Manchester City

LONDON, August 15 (Iran Sports Press) -- Rumors around Charlton Athletic Football Club indicate that Karim Bagheri, who is nicknamed "baggy" by Charlton fans, is poised to make his debut against Manchester's blue half on Saturday >>> FULL TEXT

Iran v. Georgia

Tehran (Hamshahri) -- The national soccer teams of Iran and Georgia will play a friendly match at Azadi Stadium Friday. Eigteen Iranian players have been called for the match -- none from abroad -- giving younger players a chance to prove themselves >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

Esteqlal fans: Move back, or else!

Tehran (Hamshahri) -- A group of "pseudo-fans" (tamaashaagar- namaa) showed up at Azadi stadium's practice field Monday, threatening that if the team does not resume training in its old dield... >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT


Jailed journalists protest

Three jailed journalists, Ezzatollah Sahabi, Mashaollah Shamsalvaezin and Emadaddin Baghi have called on judiciary to investigate 'Bulletin producers'. They say that misrepresented remarks attributed to them in these bulletins have been used as the basis for their arrests. Daryoush Homai discusses this with Taghi Rahmani, political activist in Iran >>> LISTEN HERE

BBC Persian Service

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The perfect storm

Beware: hurricane forming in Iran.

-- Thomas Friedman
The New York Times
August 15, 2000

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