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Wednesday August 23, 2000 / Shahrivar 2, 1379, No. 1049


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Snake island
Great Tonb and the zoological evidence

August 23, 2000
The Iranian

At 06:15 of November 30, 1971, the Iranian marine commandos, the takavaran, stormed the beachhead at the Great Tonb and put an end to sixty-eight years of Anglo-Qassimi usurpation of this island at the entrance to the Persian Gulf. As the gunship IIS Bayandor watched over the operation, the IIS Artemis was busy landing troops on Abu Musa. All the while, the Iranian jets flew overhead. On Tonb, the landing party used a blow horn to say that they had come not to wage war, but to reclaim their land. "We will respect your rights, protect you, and assume responsibility for your progress and development," the announcement said >>> GO TO FEATURE


By Sadaf Kiani Abbassian
August 23, 2000
The Iranian >>> GO TO FEATURE


Iran Opens to Foreign Investment

BBC Persian Service

In a closed door session, the Iranian parliament voted in favour of a new bill aimed at attracting and protecting direct foreign investment in the country's ailing economy. In an interview with Bahman Arman an economist in Tehran, Behrouz Parsa asked what were the hindered foreign investment in Iran >>> LISTEN HERE

Suggested Reforms For Radio and Television

BBC Persian Service

The Cultural committee of the reformist dominated Iranian parliament is to discuss introducing reforms in the way Iran's state run radio and television, a major bastion for the conservatives, is run. Omid Nayebolsadri, an Iranian journalist tells Behrouz Parsa what these changes may mean >>> LISTEN HERE

Saving the faith

The Economist
August 19, 2000

INSIDE a massive warehouse in central Tehran a team of artists keeps the soul of the Islamic revolution alive. They paint the oil-on-canvas billboards -- women in chadors, Iranian soldiers at the war front, portraits of the late Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini -- that are then plastered along Tehran's highways, main squares and boulevards. Abbas Ganji, a master painter and former member of the Islamic militia, points to his favourite design: a tombstone symbolising the fallen Soviet Union, with the inscription, 1917-1990. This in turn symbolises the conservatives' battle cry: Iran will not end up like the Soviet Union, and President Muhammad Khatami is to be no Mikhail Gorbachev >>> FULL TEXT

New hobby for Haj Aqa

Roger Reppond writes to The Iranian:

I am an expert hunter looking for a place to teach hunting to leaders of countries.

More Letters

* Smiles at the CIA

Parkhash writes: I came across the article by Mr. Ashraf ["Conspiracy theories"] while going through The Iranian. Although this might be a late contribution to this topic, I felt it might be of some help to Mr. Ashraf's research intersts.

First things first. I noted how carefully Mr. Ashraf has avoided the use of the word Iran and replaced it with Persia. It is beyond the scope of this note to enter into this debate. However, I wished Mr. Ashraf were equally mindful of the use of the word "theory".

I suggest he should look up the word and then compare it with that of the word "hypothesis". To make it easier for him, might I suggest that "theory" is used when a "hypotheis" is established by proof. I found it a little ironical that our great scholar chose to ignor this subtle difference while religiously adhered to the use of the word Persia for Iran!

Secondly, Mr. Ashraf's simplistic account of the word conspiracy and its ramifications (adopted from a psychology text book) should bring some smile on the faces of those working in the offices in Langley-Virginia, Vauxhall Bridge-London, and Red Square-Moscow. After all, the idea of their corresponding governments spending billions of dollars on a bunch of people to delude other people, thousands of miles elsewhere, sounds ludicrous!

* Fond memories of Abadan

James Alden writes: As a 19-year-old in 1977, sent out from England to help in the language lab department of Abadab Institute of Technology (AIT), I recognise many of the photographs here ["Abadan"]. I have several hundred similar!

I have many fond memories of the people, and the places I visited during the six months I was there and would welcome any contacts with anyone who was at AIT at the same time.

Aid: Helping drought victims in Iran

Iranian Health Foroum e-News ( -- To help the victims of Iran's worst drought in 30 years, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) is prepared to serve as a channel for unearmarked contributions >>> GO HERE




A Cup of Sin
Selected poems
By Simin Behbahani


Afsaaneh-ye del
By Farideh Rahnama

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Translation of today's poem by Zara Houshmand:

I set my heart in the path of calamity,

Where you walk: I let it open wide.

Today the wind carried your scent to me;

Thankfully, I gave the wind my heart.
-- Rumi
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More news

Tehran's press court summons capital's mayor

TEHRAN, Aug 23 (AFP) - Tehran's mayor Morteza Aliviri appeared at the capital's press court Wednesday to answer charges facing him in his capacity as the director of the Hamshahri paper, the largest circulation daily in Iran. According to judicial sources, Alviri, "responded to press court judge Said Mortazavi's questions relating to charges made against his paper," which is run by the municipality >>> FULL TEXT

Parliament approves direct foreign investment

TEHRAN, Aug 23 (AFP) - Iran's reformist parliament on Wednesday passed legislation that would for the first time authorise and protect direct foreign investments in Iran. The bill marks a success for the reform movement of President Mohammad Khatami, who has been under fire for his inability to revive the sluggish economy >>> FULL TEXT

Clinton to push OPEC to lower oil prices

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Clinton said Wednesday that crude oil prices were too high and that they needed to drop to sustain economic growth, adding that he would discuss OPEC output with members of the oil cartel. Speaking to reporters, Clinton said he would bring up the issue of OPEC oil output with Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo during his visit to the African nation this weekend. Nigeria is a member of OPEC and the cartel meets in Vienna on September 10 to discuss its new production levels >>> FULL TEXT

Iran 's buyback negotiator set for London post

LONDON, Aug 22 (Reuters) - Veteran Iranian oil and gas buyback negotiator Seyed Mehdi Hosseini is heading to the National Iranian Oil Company's London branch to run the KALA upstream oil procurement arm, industry sources said on Tuesday. Deputy Oil Minister Hosseini - who hammered out a number of buyback development deals with foreign oil companies - is due to arrive in about three months to take over from Ardeshir Fathi Nejad, an oil executive said >>> FULL TEXT

Iran to create "tourist police" to protect foreign visitors

TEHRAN, Aug 23 (AFP) - Iran's tourist organisation will set up a special security force in cooperation with the country's police aimed at protecting foreigners visiting the country, the Khorassan daily reported Wednesday. According to the report, the new "tourist police" will be charged with protecting tourists "across the country's main tourist attraction centers and cities as well as airports and transportation terminals," said Rasoul Akbari, head of the Khorassan tourism organisation >>> FULL TEXT

Turkey says better ties with Iran depend on anti-terrorist help

ANKARA, Aug 23 (AFP) - Turkey has told Iran that any improvement in bilateral ties must be linked to Iranian support for its struggle against separatist Kurdish rebels and radical Muslim militants, the Turkish foreign ministry said Wednesday. Turkey's uncompromising message was conveyed Tuesday by President Ahmet Necdet Sezer to Iran's deputy foreign minister Mohsen Aminzadeh who is in Turkey for political consultations, a ministry statement said >>> FULL TEXT

Feature: Iranian cinema's centennial

Tehran (Hamshahri) -- Detailed feature on the history and various aspects of Iranian cinema in the past 100 years >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

Resurgence of visual arts

Tehran (Hamshahri) -- Morteza Momayez and Hossein Khosrojerdi's views on the resurgence of visual arts in Iran >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

Digital techinology at National Library

Tehran (Hamshahri) -- Visitors to Iran's National Library are now offered more than just books. They can make use of informational CD-Roms ("loh-e feshordeh"=Compact disc) >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

National team selection

Tehran (Hamshahri) -- The names of 20 members of the national soccer team will be announced by head coach Jalal Talebi on Friday. Talebi said six of them will be those who are playing for foreign teams including >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

Persepolis match Thurday night

Tehran (Iran daily) -- What Persepolis must do to increase its chance of winning Thursday night's key match against Qatar's Al-Wakreh >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

Iran No 2 in Asian fencing

Tehran (Hamshahri) -- Iran's national youth fencing team was defeated in the Asian championship finals to South Korea. But their second-place finish was well-deserved >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT


Suggested Reforms For Radio and Television

The Cultural committee of the reformist dominated Iranian parliament is to discuss introducing reforms in the way Iran's state run radio and television, a major bastion for the conservatives, is run. Omid Nayebolsadri, an Iranian journalist tells Behrouz Parsa what these changes may mean >>> LISTEN HERE

BBC Persian Service

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