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Thursday December 7, 2000 / Azar 17, 1379, No. 1121

Flower delivery in Iran


Sehaty Foreign Exchange


By Shahriar Zahedi
December 7, 2000
The Iranian


Persian warrior
I'm the pride of 2,500 years of history

By Siamack Baniameri
December 7, 2000
The Iranian

...dude! I just want to get in shape.

My entire life, I have found absolutely no reason to workout or stay in shape since I'm covered with thick black hair. Not even a single muscle on my body is exposed to daylight. I took off my shirt in public once and animal lovers attacked me; they thought I was wearing a fur coat. When I walk into a public pool, wearing my Speedo, people run out screaming with a look of indescribable horror on their faces >>> GO TO FEATURE


His red-robed highness
Exposing Iran's dirty secrets

By Akbar Ganji
The Iranian

Releasing the devils, bottling the giants


Khatami too moderate for reformist students

BBC Persian Service

A student leader in Tehran, Ali Afshari, says President Khatami was less frank than expected by students. Mr Khatami spoke to students and answered their questions at the Students Day yesterday. In this report views of three students are followed by Behrouz Parsa's interview with Mr. Afshari of Daftar Tahkim Vahdat >>> LISTEN HERE


Thanks to Payman Arabshahi

Iran: Human Rights Watch report 2000

December 10, 2000

There was continued struggle between reformists and conservatives over the political direction of the Islamic republic leading to new human rights abuses, notably violations of freedom of expression. Reformist candidates supporting President Khatami won a significant victory in February's parliamentary elections, hailed as the fairest in Iran's history, but hopes that this would lead quickly to institutionalized gains for the legal protection of human rights proved misplaced. >>> FULL TEXT

Ali Aqa Bimehee

Persepolis soccer team head coach Ali Parvin is a living legend -- and an insurance salesman >>> SEE HERE

More Letters

* Depths of man's depravity

Paul MacKinnon writes: After reading Edna Yaghi's well-written piece ["Crossfire"], and viewing the gallery of pictures of the Palestinian protest, what heaviness came upon my soul! How hopeless a situation! Yaghi's piece ended, " . . his death has become a symbol of freedom . " ASHGHAL! The death of that sweet child is a symbol of the depths of man's depravity, and the loudest wailing call to repentance - nothing more >>> FULL TEXT

* Zeebaa va lateef

S.B. writes: Sobh-e emroozam raa baa to separi kardam ["Sadaf Kiani"]. va baa to sobham cheh zood ghozasht va cheh khoshaayand bood. baa to aash khordam, taraahy kardam, rooy-e barg-haaye paaeezi paa gozaashtam. baa to beh gol khandeedam. beh yaad-e iraan gereestam. zeebaa meeneveesi. Sadaf jaan, lateef meeneveesi. neveshtanat raa doost daaram. baaz ham benevees. . . doost daarat

* Savab daard

Ahang writes: Regarding The Iranian Times subscription: maa dar iraanim. daraamad ham beh dolaar nemigirim keh bekaahim in ghadar hagh-e eshteraak bedahim. maa faghat do daneshjooye badbakhtim. toro khodaa komak konid.. agar khaastid yek Mstercard baa mojoody $2,000,000 baraaye maa beferestid, savaab daarad. makhsoosan dar in maah mobarak.

* Baaghaalaa broke my wife's tooth

Fred Golpa writes: Last week I bought yellow lima beans (baaghaalaa for dam pokhtak) and I used part of it and today I used rest but unfortunately we found three stones inside of our food which broke one of my wife's tooth >>> FULL TEXT

Seminar: Trading with Iran, Long Beach

The Iranian Trade Association & the World Trade Center Association Los Angeles-Long Beach Present "Trading With Iran: A New Beginning" January 10, 2001 8:30 ­ 10:30 a.m. Long Beach, CA World Trade Center Long Beach Conference Theatre, One World Trade Center Long Beach, CA 90831




At the Wall of the Almighty
Novel by Farnoosh Moshiri



Asshnaaee baa miniaatoor-e iraani
By Arthur Pope

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    Translation of today's poem by Zara Houshmand:

    I know, when my heart steps up to speak,

    It soon will be openly disgraced.

    Obsessed with the memory of your beauty,

    Your face appears with every breath it takes.

    * Also see more Rumi translations

    Rumi book

Rumi: The Life Teachings and Poetry of Jalal al-Din Rumi
By Frankin D. Lewis

Copyright © Abadan Publishing Co. All Rights Reserved. May not be duplicated or distributed in any form

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More news

Students urge president Khatami to be bolder

TEHRAN, Dec 6 (AFP) - Groups of students who loudly acclaimed Iranian President Mohammad Khatami Wednesday at Tehran university want "more boldness" of their leader in facing up to the conservatives. "Khatami has the right to a second chance. But he needs to be bolder to face off the conservatives, who failed completely in the elections, but still hang on to power," said Somayeh Sarighadam, a literature student >>> FULL TEXT

Khatami's claims on lacking power will spark unrest says top conservative

TEHRAN, Dec 7 (AFP) - President Mohammad Khatami's recent claims that he lacks sufficient power to do his job could lead the country into social crisis, a leading right-winger was quoted by the IRNA news agency as saying Thursday. Mohammad-Reza Bahonar, a former MP and secretary general of Iran's Islamic Engineers Society, an influential political group linked to the right wing, said the moderate president's remarks could "lead the country into an incurable crisis." >>> FULL TEXT

Khatami rivals stand no chance in next year's presidential vote: paper

TEHRAN, Dec 7 (AFP) - Nobody who might choose to run against President Mohammad Khatami in next year's presidential elections would stand a chance of beating him, despite his many "inabilities," a leading reformist newspaper said Thursday. There is a "consensus that if Mohammad Khatami officially declares his candidacy, no one would have a chance to beat him and he will be the sole candidate," the English-Language Iran News said in an editorial >>> FULL TEXT

Victory of Bush "preferable" for Iran-US ties: top conservative

TEHRAN, Dec 7 (AFP) - An influential Iranian conservative said a republican victory in the US elections was "preferable" for Tehran with prospects for a possible lifting of US oil sanctions, press reports said Thursday. "If Bush wins, it will be certain that oil companies will have more liberty to conclude contracts with Iran. It is preferable for us, and it is (even) possible that oil sanctions against Iran will be lifted," said Mohammad-Javad Larijani >>> FULL TEXT

Iran Foresees End to U.S. Sanctions

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - Iran believes the United States is likely to change its policy toward the Islamic republic and lift sanctions within the next year under pressure from oil companies, an Iranian official said Thursday. Deputy Oil Minister Hossein Kazempour Ardebili said American companies have suffered as a result of unilateral U.S. sanctions and have ``all along shown their willingness to contribute to development of Iran's oil and gas'' resources >>> FULL TEXT

U.S., Russia complete arms talks

MOSCOW (AP) - Talks this week between U.S. and Russian officials on arms issues, including a dispute over Russia's failure to freeze sales to Iran, were frank and thorough, a U.S. official said Thursday. The Russian government had announced late last month that it would no longer abide by a secret 1995 agreement between Vice President Al Gore (news - web sites) and then-Russian Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin to freeze sales of tanks and battlefield weapons to Iran >>> FULL TEXT

Iran Air plans to buy 4 Airbus planes

TEHRAN (Reuters) - National carrier Iran Air plans to buy four Airbus ARBU.UL planes and is making payments on four others bought last year to refurbish its aging fleet, it said on Thursday. ``The purchase of four planes was finalized last year and our company has already made three five-percent payments on the deal. Four more planes are in line to be purchased,'' Iran Air Managing Director Ahmad Reza Kazemi said >>> FULL TEXT

High demand for film students

Tehran (Hamshahri) -- Some 150 illegal film classes around the country. Sixty permits have been issued for film training but 35 are actually active in eight provinces >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

Everyone wants Tehrani in their film

Tehran (Aftab-e Yazd) -- Hediyeh Tehrani has been getting a lot of offers to star in Iranian films. Her latest performance is in "Zamaneh" which is being directed by Hamid-Reza Salahmand -- his first film >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

Film: Waiting for a camera

Tehran (Aftab-e Yazd) -- Director Abol-Hassan Davoodi hasn't started making his new film because there's a long waiting list for cameras. "Getting a camera has become as difficult as buying milk produced by the state." >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

Baqeri no-show, Kavian-Pour in UK

Tehran, (Iran Varzeshi) -- Karim Baqeri says he won't be coming to Iran for the Civilization Cup matches. "Every time I play for the national team I lose a lot,," he says. Meanwhile, Hamed Kavian-Pour is practicing with UK's Ipswich >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

Esteqlal vs. Persepolis: December 29

Tehran, (Iran Varzeshi) -- A Korean referee has been selected for the Persepolis-Estqlal match at Azadi Stadium on December 29 >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

Akbari turning blue

Tehran (Iran Varzeshi) -- National soccer team halfback Yadollah Akbari is about to leave Saipa for Esteqlal >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT


Ayatollah Montazeri's son arrested

The publication of Ayatollah Montazeri's memoirs in a very limited circulation has been followed by the arrest of his son, Saeed, and a number of the staff in his office. The Ayatollah's elder son , Ahmad, talks to Behrouz Parsa >>> LISTEN HERE

BBC Persian Service

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Abu Musa

This is an Iranian site. But it's asking everyone to express their views on whether the disputed island belong to Iran or the UAE.

Beyond Iran

Anatomy of an Exhibition - Art Nouveau, 1890-1914

Take a look behind the scenes as the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., plans, designs, and constructs an ambitious, large-scale exhibit titled Art Nouveau, 1890-1914.

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Persian pride

I'm Arash; I'm the descendant of Cyrus and Dorious. I'm the son of Persia. I'm what made Persian Empire mighty. I bench- press 300 pounds and dead-lift 500 pounds. I'm the pride of 2,500 years of history and civilization. I'm the one who stumped Alexander the Great. I'm the one who defeated Arabs and Mongolians. I'm the envy of other civilizations. I put fear in hearts of my enemies. I represent Persian pride and greatness.

-- Siamack Baniameri
"Perian warrior"
The Iranian
December 7, 2000

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Students listen to Khatami

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