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Dec 3-7, 2000 / Azar 13-17, 1379


* Racism:
- African man yes. Iranian, no

* Iran:
- Compromised values

* Sadaf Kiani:
- Beautiful words

* The Iranain:
- I've wondered about it too


* Palestine:
- Depths of man's depravity

* Subscription:
- Savab daard

* Food:
- Baaghaalaa broke my wife's tooth
- Letter that was never sent
- Shooting from the hip

- Crazy chauvinist weirdo
- How does she know?
- Nothing before Googoosh

* The Iranain:
- Knack for writing

* Homosexuality:
- Adam & Eve, Not Adam & Adam
- Treating Kar like a criminal
Sadaf Kiani:
- Zeebaa va lateef
- Bunch of hypocrites

- Mixed bunch
- Have you an ounce of "sharm"?
* Heroes:
- Ganji's crimes against humanity

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December 8, 2000

* African man yes. Iranian, no

In response to Iraani's letter about an interracial marriage ["Married a Black man?!!"], what do you care who she married? Do you know her [Maryam and Daryl]? Do you know him? What gives you the right to judge?

And lets not forget that in southern Iran we have people with dark complexions too.

I am a developement-worker and my job has taken me all over the world. Most recently I have been working in Africa, not in Egypt or Marocco where the people look like us, but in Kenya , Ghana and South Africa. As a woman in this day and age, I would rather invite an African man in my life than an Iranian any day.

Sahar Nahrvar
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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* Compromised values

A few days ago, seven Tehran men convicted of committing a series of drunken thefts and brawls were returned to the scene of their crimes and forced to ride backwards on donkeys in public.

Maybe I'm wrong but I feel we've compromised our values: our Persian sense of honour once practiced by our ancestors and what is considered universal beliefs >>> FULL TEXT

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* Beautiful words

I read "Harir-e-aabi". Mnay thanks for the new work. Your style of reporting your daily life through such beautiful words is visible through all your works (as far as a spiritless engineer like me could understand!!).

I wish you a very happy birthday and loads of years to come and I hope you never get to the point where you have to count the black threads of you hair:))


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* I've wondered about it too

As my family has gradually moved to the Bay Area from Chicago over the years, I have taken the westward drive on I-80 from the south suburbs of Chicago to Sacramento three times.

I noticed both of these landmarks (Persia, Iowa, and Elburz, Nevada) on two of the trips and had the same reaction, especially to the one in Iowa >>> FULL TEXT

Raman Yousefi

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December 7, 2000

* Depths of man's depravity

After reading Edna Yaghi's well-written piece ["Crossfire"], and viewing the gallery of pictures of the Palestinian protest, what heaviness came upon my soul! How hopeless a situation!

Hopeless for as long as people refuse to acknowledge that this destruction is like a vile fountain that springs up from the hearts of ALL the participants. How blind are those supporters of the intifada who are not sickened at the sight of the beautiful, sacred body of that little boy being paraded around to ensure that the flames of hatred keep burning brightly. The curse of the Living God is upon all such, you may be certain. Yaghi's piece ended, " . . his death has become a symbol of freedom . " ASHGHAL! The death of that sweet child is a symbol of the depths of man's depravity, and the loudest wailing call to repentance - nothing more.

Paul MacKinnon

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* Zeebaa va lateef

Sobh-e emroozam raa baa to separi kardam ["Sadaf Kiani"]. va baa to sobham cheh zood ghozasht va cheh khoshaayand bood. baa to aash khordam, taraahy kardam, rooy-e barg-haaye paaeezi paa gozaashtam. baa to beh gol khandeedam. beh yaad-e iraan gereestam. zeebaa meeneveesi. Sadaf jaan, lateef meeneveesi. neveshtanat raa doost daaram. baaz ham benevees. . . doost daarat

Washington DC

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* Savab daard

Regarding The Iranian Times subscription: maa dar iraanim. daraamad ham beh dolaar nemigirim keh bekaahim in ghadar hagh-e eshteraak bedahim. maa faghat do daneshjooye badbakhtim. toro khodaa komak konid.. agar khaastid yek Mstercard baa mojoody $2,000,000 baraaye maa beferestid, savaab daarad. makhsoosan dar in maah mobarak.


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* Baaghaalaa broke my wife's tooth

Last week I bought yellow lima beans (baaghaalaa for dam pokhtak) and I used part of it and today I used rest but unfortunately we found three stones inside of our food which broke one of my wife's tooth.

I bought this yellow lima beans from Supper Irving in the city of Irvine (California). I am very disappointed that there is no respect for customers.

I would like to know what kind of response I will get until further action.

Fred Golpa

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December 6, 2000

* Bunch of hypocrites

Thank God we have people like Mr/Mrs Iranni ["Married a Black man?!!"] who still care!

All these people who wrote letters against her, are a bunch of hyporcrates! But then again that's the nature of liberal phonies. If their son, daughter, mother, father, or reletive dates a Black person or, much worse, decided to marry one, they would go nuts!

It is amazing how low some Iranians have sunk in the past twenty years. You have all my support Irani. I wish we had more people like you.

Mrs Ynaky

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* Mixed bunch

Good point ["Unbelievable stupidity"]! Actually if I had seen the picutre out of this context [Maryam and Daryl], I would have thought that they were both African-American (It wouldn't have made a difference to me otherwise, but it shows the stupifity of the writer).

I think people forget that there is no such thing as "Iranian kind". A relatively recent sense of nationality and common history and language doesn't make a race. Iranians, come to think of it, are quite a mixed bunch and I think it is high time that they acknowledge their African and Indian connections along with the much-balyhooed Aryan roots.

Asghar Massombagi

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* Shooting from the hip

In response to the letter "Adam & Eve, not Adam & Adam", nobody is trying to infringe upon your "religious freedom." Nor are same-sex unions about the choice to be gay. You either are gay or you're not. That takes acceptance, not choice. Making a choice to be open about our sexual orientation is a separate, social and cultural matter.

But, same-sex unions are about gay people's freedom to enjoy the same economic and legal rights and benefits that are constitutionally given to every individual in this country >>> FULL TEXT


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* Letter that was never sent

I don't know if this is going to have a place in, but it has some meanings for me every time I look at it. It's a letter that was never sent to my parents >>> FULL TEXT

Shaya Golbabaei

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December 5, 2000

* Crazy chauvinist weirdo

Thank you so much for giving this crazy chauvinist weirdo a lesson ["Grow up, for God's sake"]. All this guy needs is attention and unfortunately he's getting it by posting such disgusting articles on this web site ["Real Iranian girls?"]. (I have no idea where the heck this freak comes from, but I'm sure he's from a very screwed up family).

I totally agree with every word you said in your article. Just like you I moved to States when I was 10 and I have not gone back for past 20 years. But my family and friends did and they all agreed on one thing that under the umbrella of Islam prostitution is very, very common and perfectly accepted and legal.


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* How does she know?

I think it is sad that some people consider their views representative of all women. The comments ["Grow up, for God's sake"] made by Mojdeh about her impressions of all girls in Iran are so prejudicial and disqusting!

She is doing exactly what she accused men of, and degrading herself at the same time. She needs to go to psychological counselling or something, I mean what girl really likes "anal sex"? And how does she know?

Aannuu Chaudry

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* Nothing before Googoosh

I just wanted to tell you the reason why Googoosh, our queen of hearts, is not talking about Ghanbari ["We forget"] and the like: because it's simply not worth it.

I am old enough to remember that people like Ghanbari gained all they have -- fame and experience -- just by working with Googoosh. Before her, they were nothing.

Now as we say in Farsi, they have the salt and break its container. That's why they have nothing in their life.

Ebrahim Majidi

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* Knack for writing

I liked your piece on Persia, Iowa. You have a definite knack for writing, and a sense of humanity, and humor. I don't know what line of work you are in. But I think you should try journalism.

I look forward to reading your column in some newspaper. I have no doubt you'll make it.

Dna G. McIntyre

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* Adam & Eve, Not Adam & Adam

Homosexuals have a choice to be gay or not. Aids is a virus that originated from homosexuals, we have the freedom as Americans to choose to be gay or not, but it is takeing away others freedom.

In religion, we have the freedom to believe what we want to believe in, but when we vote for gays to be allowed to marry legally, that is taking away our religions freedom, by us having to follow the laws of the land and marry the homosexuals, which is going against our religious freedom.

As you read in the Bible, God created Adam and Eve to marry. If he intended us to marry the same sex, he would have made two people of the same sex.

One day everyone will be judged for their actions and be held accountable for them. I hope everyone will be ready to stand before God, when that time comes.


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December 4, 2000

* Ganji's crimes against humanity

I have read Mr. Ganji's so called "revelations" before, and I believe that especially the chapter about the "Resurrection of Evin Prison" is worth especial attention, since more than anything else, it is a tell-tale window to the type of "truth" and "freedom" that the 2nd of Khordad gang are claiming to defend >>> FULL TEXT


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    * Treating Kar like a criminal

    As a friend of Mehrangiz Kar I would like to inform you that, apart from awaiting the verdict in the Berlin Conference trial by the revolutionary court, and waiting to be summoned by the public court for another three charges, she is in poor health and very vulnerable ["Second class"].

    It is incredible how fellow-Iranians can make a kind and brave woman like Ms. Kar suffer so much and treat her like a criminal. She lost her health, her career and her money (enormous bail).

    Lucy Bynen

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* Have you an ounce of "sharm"?

You letter ["Married a Black man?!!"] to the about Maryam Ovissi and Daryl Pendleton caused my do-rageh blood to boil [Maryam and Daryl].

You disgrace yourself by claiming to speak for anyone but your own racist self. I for one, have known the incredible courage and sensitivity it takes to engage in an inter-racial relationship >>> FULL TEXT

Persis Karim

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