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Nov 27-Dec 1, 2000 / Azar 7-11, 1379


* Racism:
- Love in front of prejudice

* Identity:
- Half/half kids

* Sadaf Kiani:
- My birthday is coming up


* Iranians:
- Streak in Iranian character
- Not me

- So little progress
- Love is blind
- Unbelievable stupidity
- Tearing down individuals
- She LOVES him
- Married a Black man?!!
- Harshness repels

* Heroes:
- Other heroes

- No need for radicalism
- Right on the money
- Deny satisfaction to the Black Menace
- Heroes are true essence of our lives

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December 1, 2000

* Love in front of prejudice

In response to Iraani, I can't help but find it interesting that a person living in America, a country that is a melting pot of ALL cultures, would be insulted at a person who has put LOVE in front of PREJUDICE [Maryam and Daryl].

With divorce at an all time high, I am very happy to know that two people are willing to commit to something as sacred as marriage!!! Regardless of RACE, COLOR or CREED.

Daryl Pendelton

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* Half/half kids

Qtipp wrote "Another spoiled, rich, half/half kid who takes pride in the fact that she has 'Indo-European' blood in her who will marry some rich, fat doctor."

There's a projection that's no less ridiculous than the original letter. You might want to think about the fact that half/half kids have had a first-hand look at the challenges involved in a mixed-race marriage and have suffered prejudice from both sides, not just one.

Zara Houshmand

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* My birthday is coming up

In response to Sadaf Kiani's piece about her birthday ["Harir-r Aabi"], she forgot to mention what kind of food she ordered for her birthday. I am also very curious to know if anyone brought her a cake and if she liked it.

My birthday is coming up in about six months and I will definitely inform everyone of my feelings.

Hamid Ageorlo

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November 30, 2000

* Not me

I would like to clear something up. I have been receiving hateful emails regarding a letter that was posted on your site. However, I did not post this letter.

Someone is using my email to behave offensively, or they have a very similar email to mine. I just wanted to let you know that I myself am not a hateful person, and whatever that lettter or article said, it did not come from me.

Sarah Harrison

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* So little progress

In response to Iraani, you should have lived in Europe of the Dark Ages; you would have found the social conditions much more to your liking.

I am at a loss though as to this chicken and egg situation; does your stupidity stem from your inhumanity and bigotry or is it the other way around?

Your letter is a grim reminder of how little, as a species, we have progressed since our kind left the caves.

Yari Ostovany

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* Love is blind

In response to Iraani, I would say that her letter stinks of prejudice and makes it quite evident that she is quite a biased person when the colour of the facial pigment is concerned.

If a man likes a woman [Maryam and Daryl] and they understand each other or vice versa then I think that there should be no barriers of caste , colour or creed. because love is blind.

Syed Zaki Abbas

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* Other heroes

In the past few weeks you have had articles about our "heroes" ["Making a hero"]. I am sending these photos in celebration and remembrance of some other heroes of the not-too-distant past (Fadaaiye Khalq) >>> SEE HERE

Morad Shoorideh

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November 29, 2000

* Unbelievable stupidity

In response to Iraani, the real disgrace is that you have no shame in publicly expressing such a racist opinion. You cannot claim to speak for "all of us" or "our kind".

I for one do not share your opinion, and I have never felt so angry at any letter yet published on I've long known that Maryam and Daryl are both wonderful people [Maryam and Daryl], but I'm only beginning to fully understand how courageous they are in standing up against the unbelievable stupidity of people like yourself.

Zara Houshmand

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* Tearing down individuals

In response to Iraani, I hope she realizes that racism is exactly what her closed-minded and judgemental message portrays.

It's clear that Iraani feels that the actions of Iranians speak for the Iranian community. However, in making that the statement that she did, I feel that Iraani, not Maryam [Maryam and Daryl], is depicting a negative picture of her community >>> FULL TEXT

Kyra Liston

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* She LOVES him

In response to Iraani's email: it's people like you who make Iranians look so freakin' backwards sometimes.

What is your kind, anyways? Another spoiled, rich, half/half kid who takes pride in the fact that she has "Indo-European" blood in her who will marry some rich, fat doctor.

I for one am glad that Maryam married a Black man, because she LOOVES him, not because he's Black [Maryam and Daryl].

I guess that love comes second, third, or fourth for you, however. Good luck finding a man who will tolerate you in the future.


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* No need for radicalism

I read the interesting analysis of Dr. Ali Akbar Mahdi ["Making a hero"]... The only point with which I disagree is the underlying assumption of the article that any social change necessarily involves violence and rejection of social institutions. In other words, a prescription is implied that more unrest and more radicalism, or otherwise "ghahr-e enghelabi" are essential tools for any institutional change in Iran >>> FULL TEXT

Poopak Taati

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November 28, 2000

* Right on the money

Ali Akbar Mahdi ["Making a hero"] is right on the money when he suggests that Ebrahim Nabavi made a mockery of the court by engaging in a theatrical resistance to his captors and making the whole trial look like a farce.

For those who are familiar with his work, Nabavi's performance in court was indistinguishable from some of his published writings. His "defense" was perhaps by far the best piece of satire produced by him.

It is a sign of Nabavi's genius that he has been able to use his own "trial" to communicate his satire to his audience, now that he can no longer publish his works.

Arash Alavi

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* Married a Black man?!!

I was very upset to see that a person degraded herself so much that she married a Black man [Maryam and Daryl]!!! This is a disgrace to all of us!!!!

AND worse than that you put her picture on your site as if she was some kind of hero or something!!! Even though she is not all that but still it is big disgrace to our kind!!!


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* Streak in Iranian character

Well done to The Iranian Times for publishing the letter entitled "Proud to be Persian" right below the utterly disgusting piece written by our learned friend Mr Farzad Farahani. I suppose the irony will be lost on Mr Farahani.

Mr Farahani demonstrates a streak in the Iranian character (both male and female) which makes me feel ashamed of being Persian.

Katayoun Jarrah-Layegh

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November 27, 2000

* Deny satisfaction to the Black Menace

The prerequisite for gaining admission into the Iranian political folklore, more often than not, has called for fortitude to bear physical and/or psychological pain ["Dictators create heroes"]. Pain inflicted at the hands of the henchmen of various regimes struggling to elongate their master's despotic rule.

At the same time the public's penchant to disregard a former hero's exploits at the first sign of capitulation in the form of written and lately, televised "confession" has not been lost to the very regimes >>> FULL TEXT

Shahriar Zangeneh

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    * Heroes are true essence of our lives

Thank you for your article, "Defiance vs. regret". Anyone can speak or write about reform and progress. What separates ordinary men from genuine heroes however, is the steadfast preservation of one's convictions through the ugly and horrid flavor of places like Evin.

Akbar Ganji has so gallantly proven that indeed he is a genuine hero. As a member of Mr. Khomeini's inner circle he has had the opportunity to witness first hand the corruption of the new system and its culprits. He could have easily taken advantage of his connections in order to advance his own station and net worth. Yet, as a true and noble revolutionary, he has been fearlessly yearning, without deviation or distraction, to help foster the genuine revolution to it's desired destiny. Thus he has been labeled "a thorn" in the regime's side >>> FULL TEXT

Kambiz Ameli

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* Harshness repels

I feel very sorry to read your story, "Generation gap". Recently I was in Madina, and I remember reading the Ayat of the Quran where Allah says to our beloved Prophet that "We made you kind and gentle, and had we made you 'harsh hearted' then you would have repelled most of the people".

This is so very true, when you think and imagine how Islam became a religion, at least in name, for the Arabs who were the most uncivilized of all people, who needed the guidance more than anyone else.

I am religious (only Allah deserves the praise and thanks for that) and that is because I grew up in a loving, understanding, and positive environment, but there was also religious discipline.

Nobody should be physically punished and violated with harsh attitude for it only serves to 'repel' most of us away from our beautiful religion.

Mahmood Kara, MD, FRCSC Toronto, Canada

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