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Friday, February 4, 2000 / Bahman 15, 1378, No. 910

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The Blacks
Sensory feat of a supreme kind

By Soma
February 4, 2000
The Iranian

The House of Khorshid is not where the sun is trapped. If it weren't for the design, looked at from above, streaked with concrete slabs that shoot off a concrete semi-circle, it would have been the ultimate misnomer. In fact, the sun has no way of finding its way into the opaque, black-bean-shaped stage. It opened in Tehran last month to house a play, appropriately called SIAHA.

But the choice of location is hardly accidental. Should we say, rather, that the chance occurrence which brought the director of the play, Hamed Mohammad-Taheri, face to face with the basement of the City Theater, was part of the reason which gave birth to the staging of Genet's THE BLACKS >>> GO TO FEATURE

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From MBA to Internet Success
In just four years, Farhad Mohit has helped take from a business school project to one of the top 50 Web destinations.

Los Angeles Times
February 2, 2000

His company has attracted millions from investors, but Farhad Mohit's credit is so bad he had trouble getting a car loan. He was kicked out of his West Hollywood apartment for making too much noise. He's notorious for his shouting matches.

So why are smart people giving 30-year-old Mohit their money?

His company,, operates one of the top 50 destinations on the Web. Online merchants are signing up for his service at a rate of 15 a day. It employs 130 people, up from six two years ago >>> FULL TEXT

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Meekhaay bekhaah, meekhaay nakhaah

I guess there are different ways of attracting women. One way is to hessabi poz bedi, keh "man elam o belam". Then there's the low key approach, like, you might just tell a woman, "I'm a man. Take it or leave it." So do you think this guy has a chance? >>> READ PERSONAL AD

More Letters

* Revealing

Hamid Taghavi writes: This Internet revolution has helped shorten some people's fuses and given them a way to shoot their mouths off quickly, without putting too much rational thinking behind their rapid firebacks, with seeming impunity. Some have been conditioned in typically low quality chatrooms and newsgroups, which collectively have the cognitive value of a broomstick. In those newsgroups and chatrooms the prevailing mindset seems to be how much you can type without waking up your brain, how loud you can yell to compensate for the lack of substance behind your say, and to what ridiculous extents you can take arguments that go on ad-infinitum.

From time to time you can see the same mindset creeping into You can see it in how people react to articles, how they feel entitled to debasing and insulting authors of those articles or the publisher of the magazine and whole groups of people of a belief system in the process. Their protestations amount to something to the effect of "I didn't agree with your viewpoint therefore your mother is a whore" or "I didn't like the article that you published, therefore you're a sag Bahai." >>> FULL TEXT

* Taboo

Amin writes: I would like to comment on your sexual adeventure in Tijuana ["Nice ladies, amigo?"]. This article offended many Iranians for many reasons, namely because we Iranians, like others from Eastern and Muslim countries, consider sex outside marriage a taboo. For many Iranians, sex must be done WHITHIN marriage.

And in Iran you have boys and girls who fall in love or they are physically attracted to each other but they cannot have sex because society can't in anyway accept sexual relations whitout getting married.

And as an Iranian boy who grew up in Iran, I know about sexual needs and sexual hunger. Maybe many Mexican prostitutes know Iranians, but believe me, many prostitutes in Dubai and Istanbul know Iranians very well also.

* Touch of humor

M. Asadi writes: For god's sake, give me a break. What the hell is wrong with a story about a little whorehouse where some of our countymen hang out ["Nice ladies, amigo?"]. Not being a night club or a bar person, I found the story very refreshing with a touch of humor.

* Rated T (trash)

Davood M. writes: I am outraged with the letters expressing discontents to the article "Nice ladies, amigo?". For those people who are not happy because the article has no literary value I must say that, the author never claimed he was writing a masterpiece, or an investigative report. He was simply talking about his personal experience ...

I have a recommendation: maybe it is time that The Iranian starts using some sort of rating and warning system. I am not suggesting that you can't criticize an idea or the style of an article. I am suggesting, STOP saying "I Don't Like It, Take It Out". I am sick and tired of reading these types of comments over and over again. It is sickening to hear this from people who ran away from laws like that >>> FULL TEXT

Poetry: Khoi's poetry reading, Portland

A workshop on Hafez and a night of poetry reading by Dr. Esmail Khoi-- poet and philosopher. TIME: 7 PM. Saturday February 5th. PLACE: Cascade Room second floor Smith Memorial Center, Portland State University.

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Iran students vow to keep up protest until culture minister sacked

QOM, Iran, Feb 4 (AFP) - Several hundred Iranian theology students vowed Friday they would not end their sit-in at a mosque here until the government's moderate pro-reform culture minister is removed from office. The students, who began gathering at the university mosque in the holy city of Qom on Wednesday night, are demanding the dismissal of Culture Minister Ataollah Mohajerani over a newspaper's caricatures of one of their teachers >>> FULL TEXT

Iran cleric says meddlers will "die trying" to interfere with election

TEHRAN, Feb 4 (AFP) - A top conservative Iranian cleric on Friday rejected any foreign interference in this month's key parliamentary elections, saying those who attempted to meddle with the vote would "die trying." Ayatollah Ahmad Janati, head of a powerful supervisory council, appeared to be reacting to recent comments by US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, who said her nation would watch the results with great interest >>> FULL TEXT

Iran calls on Saudi to lift pilgrim quotas

TEHRAN, Feb 4 (AFP) - Iran on Friday called on Saudi Arabia to lift restrictions on the number of pilgrims allowed to visit Muslim holy sites in the kingdom each year. "We hope that these limits will be lifted so that pilgrims can visit the sites," said Mohammad Mohammadi-Reyshari, the Iranian official in charge of pilgrimage >>> FULL TEXT

U.S. would oppose World Bank loans to Iran

WASHINGTON, Feb 2 (Reuters) - The United States would oppose any World Bank loans to Iran, such as those for which the bank has completed the preparatory work, State Department officials said on Wednesday. The United States is required by law to vote against any multilateral loans to countries on the State Department's list of ``state sponsors of terrorism,'' which includes Iran, one of the officials said >>> FULL TEXT

Navy: Russian tanker has Iraq oil

WASHINGTON (AP) - U.S. Navy officials say oil aboard a Russian tanker detained in the Persian gulf is believed to have come from Iraq in violation of a U.N. trade embargo. Russian officials said the oil came from Iran. The guided missile cruiser USS Monterey, operating as part of an international force monitoring Persian Gulf waters, stopped the Russian merchant vessel Volga-Neft-147 Wednesday off the coast of the United Arab Emirates, the Pentagon said >>> FULL TEXT

Farmanara (1)

Tehran (Asr-e Azadegan) - Bahman Farmanara who is best known for making "Shaazdeh ehtejab" in the early 70s has finally been able to make a new film (after several of his other scripts was rejected by the Culture Ministry). His new film is "Booy-e kafoor, atr-e yaas" and it's the talk of the town >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Farmanara (2)

Tehran (Asr-e Azadegan) - Bahman Farmanara says "Booy-e kafoor, atr-e yaas" is somewhat autobiographical. It tells the story of a director who's not allowed to make a film >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Actors arrested

Tehran (Asr-e Azadegan) - Fajr theater festival's street plays did not go as planned. Some actors were arrested and questioned by police. Also a concert planned in Arak was cancelled after threats from pressure groups >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Kuwait hold Iran to 1-1 draw

Feb 4, (Iran Sports Press) - KUWAIT CITY, February 4: The Kuwaiti National Football Team held a young Iranian team to a 1-1 draw in a friendly match on Friday at Qadesiya Stadium. The friendly was organized to celebrated the retirement of Kuwaiti keeper Hossein Al-Makimi. Sheikh Saud Al-Sabah, the Kuwaiti oil minister, inaugurated the 'farewell ceremony' for Makimi prior to the match, as the veteran keeper ended his football career before hundreds of fans >>> FULL TEXT


Tehran (Iran Varzeshi) - Persepolis and national team defensive back Mehdi Hashemi-Nasb and assistant coach Nasser Ebrahimi get into an argument, just before the team leave for Saudi Arabia for key matches >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

League table

Tehran (Iran Varzeshi) - Latest Azadegan League Table: 1) Persepolis, 2) Esteqlal, 3) Sepahan, ... >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


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