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Monday, July 3, 2000 / Tir 13 1379, No. 1014


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Wake-up call
The student protests of July 1999

By Ali Akbar Mahdi
July 3, 2000
The Iranian

Excerpt from Ali Akbar Mahdi's "The Student Movement in the Islamic Republic of Iran" published in the Journal of Iranian Research and Analysis.

Writing about current affairs is a risky adventure. One may not be sure whether the finger is truly on the pulse of events or only on a flutter resulting from turbulent storms in distant waters. The more one reads about the those events, the more it becomes clear that much of what is being written is filled with either wishful thinking or calculated reporting >>> GO TO FEATURE


Iranian Jews' jailing 'will hit growing ties with west'

Financial Times (London)
July 3, 2000

As a stern Revolutionary Court official read out the 70-page ruling by the judge who had just jailed 10 Iranian Jews for spying for Israel, trays of ice-cream and soft drinks were handed out to foreign envoys and reporters sweating in the heat of a Shiraz Saturday afternoon.

But despite such typical Iranian hospitality and well-meaning attempts to respond to international concern over the conduct of the closed trial, diplomats yesterday said the case would continue to impede Tehran's hesitant rapprochement with the west >>> FULL TEXT

Thanks to Laleh Khalili

Sanctuary turns sour for army of Afghan exiles

By Justin Huggler
The Independent (London)
June 30, 2000

MOHAMED ARIF remembers the day the police caught him. He was walking along a central Tehran street when some officers asked to see his identification. "I was begging them to forgive me," he says. "I managed to break free and I ran, but they caught up and started beating me. Eventually the locals saw me crying and asked the police to have pity. They said I had to give them a bribe so I gave them everything I had in my pocket."

Mr Arif is not a criminal, he is a refugee. His "crime" was to be born a citizen of one of the world's most war-torn countries, Afghanistan, and to flee to Iran in search of safety >>> FULL TEXT

Thanks to Laleh Khalili

Iran Opens Key Isle to Iraqi Oil Smugglers, U.S. Says

Los Angeles Times
July 3, 2000

WASHINGTON--To aid Iraq's largest sanctions-busting operation, Iran has opened its strategic Qeys island for secret transfers of illicit Iraqi oil to ships that can evade a United Nations blockade, according to Clinton administration officials. Traffic has become so heavy in recent weeks that the regime of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein is smuggling as much as 100,000 barrels of oil a day, netting as much as $42 million a month that is being used in part to rebuild Iraq's weapons of mass destruction, U.S. officials say >>> FULL TEXT

Thanks to Reza

I have come

Nasary writes: I'm from Saudi Arabia and I have listened to Googoosh songs since I was child . Her style is something else. I have one request if you could help me: How can I get her songs -- especially "man aamadeh-am" -- translated into Arabic or English? I need the translation of this song urgently, if you don't mind . I'll be so glad for your help.

More Letters

* We'll never know

I. I. Rahmim writes: I write concerning the recent article by Mr. Moallemian ["Let's face it"] and the reply by Mr. Rismani ["Can't a Jew ever be a spy?"]

The original article makes several valid points, which I will not repeat, and makes a strong and accurate case for true justice. The comments in the follow-up letter by Mr. Rismani, however, deserve comment.

The writer asks, rhetorically, whether a Jew can ever be a spy. The answer is clearly yes. However, in this particular case, we likely will never know the answer as the detailed accusations have not been made public, the trial has been behind closed doors, the defense attorney's hands have been tied in various ways including limited access to the defendants, the "confessions" have been made under suspect circumstances, etc. On top of all this, the same person has acted as investigator, prosecutor, and judge. No reasonable person can expect that such a set-up would have justice or truth as its outcome >>> FULL TEXT

* Cosmetic concessions

Reza writes:I would recommend that Mr. Yektafar ["Tried Baba Karam?"] and others interested in the development of Iran-US relations to read the book "At the highest places". This book co-authored by Strobe Talbot, the U.S. assistant secretary of state, covers the development of US-Soviet relatons during the Gorbachev Administration. One can not, should not, carry the parallels too far, but the following two similarities I believe are important:

- Gorbachev, like Khatami, promoted glasnost and perestroika,
- The motivation for the policy changes were the utter bankrupcy of previous policies and the hard economic times this failure brought about.
- Gorbachev did not want to preserve the communist idealogy, and Khatami does not want to maintain the theocracy.

It is clearly outlined in the book that the U.S. did not want to give any concessions to Moscow because the Soviets, under internal pressures, had to do what the American policy makers were looking for any way. So they resorted to cosmetic gestures so as to not make Gorbachev seem to be always on the giving end. The relaxation of pistachio imports to the U.S. is of similar nature.

* Online radio, at a cost

Bill Phillipson writes to KIRN radio: Dear Mr. Paley, Some months ago, through a link provided by the on-line news magazine THE IRANIAN TIMES I read the story about your station in a LOS ANGELES TIMES article by Dana Calvo, and I must say that on behalf of my Iranian friends and relatives in Southern California I was pleased to hear of your endeavor, and not the least bit surprised by your success and popularity as evidenced in the article. Your web page gives further proof of your growth in the intervening months since the article was published.

It is noted from the KIRN-AM web page that your company requires an annual payment of US$60 for access to the streaming broadcast of your radio station content, KIRN-AM, over the web... While most of your fellow public airwaves colleagues are doing this without charge, your requirement for payment may generate some unwelcome scrutiny >>> FULL TEXT

Community: Iranian-Americans seek to end fingerprinting

Orange County, Jul 1 (CyberIran Press) - The Iranian-American Anti-Discrimination Center, in a move to stop the "unneccessary, humiliating and discriminatory" policy of fingerprinting Iranian travelers has launched a petition to bring an "immediate cessation" to this policy >>> DETAILS HERE




A Journey to Persia
Jean Chardin's Portrait of a Seventeenth-Century Empire


Sonat va moderniteh
Tradition and modernity by Sadeq Ziba Kalam

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Translation of today's poem by Zara Houshmand:

If I hold you in my heart, you'll turn into a thought,

Or a thorn, if I hold you in my eyes.

No, I'll make a place for you within my soul instead

So that you'll be my love in lives beyond this life.
-- Rumi
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More news

Students to mark anniversary of unrest with flowers

TEHRAN, July 3 (AFP) - Pro-reform Iranian students said Monday they will mark the one-year anniversary of a police assault on a Tehran University dormitory by handing out flowers at major intersections throughout the capital >>> FULL TEXT

Prominent reformists denounce Sahgabi's arrest

TEHRAN, July 2 (AFP) - Nearly 300 Iranian political figures and academics have drafted an open letter denouncing the recent arrest of Ezzatollah Sahabi, a leader in Iran's progressive opposition >>> FULL TEXT

Jewish leaders fear emigration

SHIRAZ, Iran (AP) - Iranian Jewish leaders said Sunday they fear a wave of Jewish emigration from Iran following a court's decision to convict 10 Jews of spying for Israel and sentence them to prison terms >>> FULL TEXT

Iran nixes new ties with Egypt

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - Iranian-Egyptian communications have improved considerably, but formal restoration of diplomatic ties is not imminent, Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman said Sunday >>> FULL TEXT

Jordan's Queen Rania arrives in Tehran

TEHRAN, July 3 (AFP) - Jordan's Queen Rania arrived in Tehran Monday for an official two-day visit at the invitation of Iran's first lady, President Mohammad Khatami's wife Zohreh Sadeghi >>> FULL TEXT

Clinton 'deeply disturbed' by Iran Jews sentences

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Clinton said on Saturday he was ``deeply disturbed'' by an Iranian court's decision to sentence 10 Iranian Jews to prison terms on charges of spying for Israe >>> FULL TEXT

European Jews and Chirac call for release of jailed Iranian Jews

PARIS, July 2 (AFP) - The European Jewish Congress (EJC) Sunday requested a meeting with French President Jacques Chirac to lobby European Union (EU) support for the release of 10 Iranian Jews by Iran for alleged spying >>> FULL TEXT

Britain "concerned" over conviction of Iranian Jews

LONDON, July 1 (AFP) - Britain reacted with concern to the controversial conviction Saturday of 10 Iranian Jews on spying charges, and said it would raise its unhappiness via its ambassador in Tehran >>> FULL TEXT

Israel's Barak Calls for Release of Iranian Jews

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israel said Sunday it would spare no effort to bring about the release of 10 Iranian Jews sentenced to prison for their part in an alleged Israeli spy ring in Iran >>> FULL TEXT

Arab papers slam foreign criticism of Iran spy trial

DUBAI, July 3 (Reuters) - Newspapers in two Gulf Arab states have slammed Western criticism of the verdicts in the Jewish spy trial in Iran and lauded what they said was a fair judicial process >>> FULL TEXT

Two reformists win in Tehran run-off elections

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - Two reformists who narrowly missed winning seats in Iran's legislative elections in February have won run-off elections in Tehran, state-run Iranian radio reported Saturday >>> FULL TEXT

Iran announces formation of five new ballistic missile units

TEHRAN, July 2 (AFP) - The head of Iran's elite Revolutionary Guards announced Sunday the formation of five ballistic missile units that will help keep Iran "among the region's military powers." >>> FULL TEXT

Iran increases oil production by 104,000 barrels per day: radio

TEHRAN, July 1 (AFP) - Iran is increasing crude oil production by 104,000 barrels per day (bpd) from Saturday, Oil Minister Bijan Namdar-Zangeneh was quoted as saying by the radio >>> FULL TEXT

Caligraphy in action

Tehran (Goonagoon) -- What do Tous, Neshat, Fath, Asr-e Azadegan and Khordad (banned) newspapers have in common? Their logos were all created by caligraphist Mohammad Ehsaie. An interview >>> FULL TEXT

Baizaie film in a book

Tehran (Goonagoon) -- "Goftegoo baa baad" is the title of a book about an unfinished film by Bahram Baizaie >>> FULL TEXT

Qajar era residence to become guesthouse

Tehran (Hamshahri) -- The Shapouri residence in Shiraz, which belongs to the late Qajar period, will be turned into a guesthouse for tourists >>> FULL TEXT

Iran U-17 defeat Qatar to qualify

(Iran Sports Press) -- With video: The Iranian Under 17 Team qualified to the Asian Youth Championships to be held in Vietnam later this year following a 2-0 win over Qatar on Saturday. Iran managed to dominate its qualifying group by registering 4 wins from four games >>> FULL TEXT

Derakhshan: "All players are of appropriate age"

(Iran Sports Press) -- With video: With regard to rumours that the Iranian U-17 team consists of players above 17 years of age, headcoach Hamid Derakhshan said such claims are "nothing but rumours", and incorrect >>> FULL TEXT

Majidi to leave Vienna club

VIENNA, July 1: Iranian player Farhad Majidi has to leave Rapid Vienna, according to the club management. Rapid recently bought Dutch forward Gaston Taument >>> FULL TEXT


Private Golshiri

For the first time a journalist has filed a complaint against a high judiciary official. Mahdavi Khorrami, Managing Director of Gozaresh-e-Rooz daily, has challenged Tehran Court's public relations director >>> LISTEN HERE

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Pro-reform Iranian students said Monday they will mark the one-year anniversary of a police assault on a Tehran University dormitory by handing out flowers at major intersections throughout the capital.

-- AFP report from Tehran
July 3, 2000

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