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Wednesday, July 19, 2000 / Tir 29, 1379, No. 1025


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Paintings by Simin Meykadeh

July 19, 2000
The Iranian

Warm and wholesome are two words that immediately come to mind looking at Simin Mykadeh's paintings. Lovely is another.

Mykadeh is an accomplished artist who lives in San Francisco's Bay Area. Her work has been exhibited in more than twentry solo and group exhibitions. She won this years top award for designing greeting cards for Papyrus, a U.S. company >>> GO TO FEATURE


U.S. lawmakers seek repeal of Iran sanctions unless Jews freed

By Amy Strahan

Bloomberg News, July 17, Washington -- Two Democrats in the U.S. House said they will push to reverse a Clinton administration decision to ease trade sanctions on Iran's reformist government unless Tehran releases 10 Jews convicted of spying for the U.S. and Israel.

Representative Bradley Sherman of California told a rally near the White House that he will introduce legislation in few days to stop the import of fruit, rugs, pistachios and caviar from Iran. Representative Robert Wexler of Florida, Sherman's colleague on the House International Relations Committee, said he will back the move >>> FULL TEXT

Hollywood delivered at Iranian doorsteps

By Scott Peterson
Christian Science Monitor
July 18, 2000

TEHRAN, IRAN -- Illegal movie video dealers here are not usually given to philosophy, but after five years on the job Ali Sufi - not his real name - knows how his clients' tastes have changed since the election of President Mohammad Khatami three years ago.

"Khatami came and started to give freedom and space to talk and to think," Mr. Sufi says, as he rifles through an anonymous black leather briefcase stuffed with video tapes >>> FULL TEXT

CosmoGIRL! Is More Than Fashion

NEW YORK (AP) - As editor-in-chief of CosmoGIRL!, Atoosa Rubenstein is well-versed in such timeless teen-age issues as summer love, boy bands and lipstick.

Make no mistake: Rubenstein takes these issues very seriously.

``It's all relative,'' she said in an interview at her office. ``For a 16-year-old girl, the main things are friends, the guy she likes, parents. We dissect these issues.'' >>> FULL TEXT

Three kinds of women

Molla Hassani is the Friday prayers leader in Oroumiyeh. He has built a solid reputation as a thug and a first class idiot. Here's a description of women attributed to him (no one has offered proof that he actually said it, but knowing him, you never know) >>> READ HERE

More Letters

* No Israeli tool

Josh Pollack, writes: Allow me to suggest that the anger expressed in your editorial concerning sanctions against Iran to be proposed by Rep. Brad Sherman (Democrat-California) ["Dumb and dumber"] is misdirected, and has produced a caricature of a political process that is neither quite so sinister or cynical as you seem to believe.

You attribute Rep. Sherman's move to his attentiveness to "outraged Jewish constituents and powerful pro-Israel lobbyists." But it is not clear to me why the hidden hand of Israel must be invoked here>>> FULL TEXT

* Beating around the bush

Mehdi writes: I was completely baffled by your editorial about the new sanction proposed by Mr. Sherman ["Dumb and dumber"]! What are you saying? What is your position? Are you for it? Are you against it? Are you with thousands of Iranian Americans who are actively condemning Mr. Sherman's action? What is your position?

There is no time to beat around the bush anymore; you are either supporting the new changes that are happening in Iran or you are a passive observer.

All I see in your commentary is negativity, resignation and passivism. Your article is mentioning the obvious! What do you propose we should do?

Business: Second US-Iranian Agricultural Conference

Last year the Iranian Trade Association hosted the first US-Iranian Agricultural Conference in Washington, DC featuring US Senator Chuck Hagel. On July 25th, ITA will assemble another panel of experts, organizations, and policymakers to address the status and future prospects of this dynamic market. Agribusiness II panelists will include >>> DETAILS HERE




Faith and Freedom
Women's Human Rights in the Muslim World by Mahnaz Afkhami


Bahaa-ye aazaadi
The price of freedom, by Mohsen Kadivar

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Translation of today's poem by Zara Houshmand:

They say that heaven's a high paradise

Where nymphs and elixirs await.

So now we grasp at love and wine

In sweet anticipation of our fate.
-- Rumi
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More news

Iran Jews defense files appeal

TEHRAN, July 19 (AFP) - Seven of the 10 Iranian Jews sentenced to prison earlier this month after allegations of spying for Israel submitted appeals Wednesday, their chief defence lawyer told AFP. "This morning, we submitted our requests for seven of the men, and will submit the appeal for Hamid Teflin, Farzad Kashi and Asher Zadmehr on Thursday," Ismail Nasseri said >>> FULL TEXT

Court holds second hearing for pro-reform lawyers

TEHRAN, July 19 (AFP) - An Iranian court held a second hearing Wednesday for two of the country's leading pro-reform lawyers, who are charged with producing videocassettes that implicated top fundamentalists in terrorism, the state news agency IRNA reported. No details were given about the closed-door hearing on Mohsen Rahami and Shirin Ebadi, who are being tried along with six other people for making videocassettes in which a conservative militant described government leaders' roles in violence >>> FULL TEXT

IRNA reports threats from fundamentalists

TEHRAN, July 19 (AFP) - Iran's official IRNA news agency said Wednesday it has been flooded over the past two days by threatening anonymous phone calls from Islamic fundamentalist circles. IRNA said the "organized threatening phone calls" came after the agency criticized the conservative Kayhan daily >>> FULL TEXT

President Khatami could run for second term: brother

TEHRAN, July 19 (AFP) - Iranian President Mohammad Khatami could run for a second term in presidential polls scheduled for next year, his brother, deputy parliamentary speaker Mohammad-Reza Khatami, said Tuesday. "We think that the president will stand because until now he has not announced his intention not to," his brother told the official IRNA news agency >>> FULL TEXT

Turkey expresses worry over Iran's missile test

ANKARA, July 19 (AFP) - Turkey said Wednesday the latest missile test by its eastern neighbour Iran was a cause of concern considering the high risk of arms proliferation in the region. "The armament efforts by some neighbouring countries is worrying," foreign ministry spokesman Huseyin Dirioz told a news conference here >>> FULL TEXT

Iran, Qatar eye more trade, economic relations

TEHRAN, July 18 (Reuters) - Iran and the Gulf Arab state of Qatar agreed on Tuesday to develop trade and economic ties by avoiding double taxation and promoting joint investment, the Iranian news agency IRNA reported. Other agreements, signed at the end of a visit by the Qatari Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani to Tehran, called for more technical, medical and cultural exchanges, IRNA said >>> FULL TEXT

Karamati: I'm back

Tehran (Bahar) -- He made "Morghaan vahshi" 11 years ago and left the movie business. But Masoud Karamati says he intends to make a come back >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


Tehran (Bahar) -- Iranians singing Italian folk songs in Tehran? "Napolitan" songs to be exact. Check out some of the names >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

500 new books in a week

Tehran (Bahar) -- The Culture Ministry has issued permits for some 500 new books in the past week. Only 89 of them are translations, about three hundred are first editions. The biggest topic? Religion >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Cycling: Five medals

Tehran (Hamshahri) -- Iranian cyclists have so far won five medals in the Asian championships being help in Shanghai (no gold yet) >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Alidousti in Peykan

Tehran (Iran Varzeshi) -- Hamid Alidousti has become the head coach of Peykan. Alidousti is also the assistant head coach of the national team >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Skiing on grass

Tehran (Hamshahri) -- Iran will host its first international grass skiing competition in two weeks >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


Russian reforms?

One hundred and sixty four parliamentary deputies have written a letter to the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, expressing their support for his speech last week in which he condemned Russian style reform >>> LISTEN HERE

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I know how much a kind word can inspire a girl. That has really propelled me.

-- Atoosa Rubenstein, editor-in-chief of CosmoGIRL!
July 19, 2000

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