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July 17-21, 2000 / Tir 27-31, 1379


* Iran-U.S.:
- Not fair

* Iranians:
- I assure you
dAyi Hamid:
- I like your work. A lot


* Women:
- Depriving women of dignity
- Tears & joy

* dAyi Hamid:
- Get a grip
- Typical Iranian male behavior?
- A tad racist

* Prostitution:
- Reality of life

- Khejaalat bekesh
- Double standards

- No Israeli tool
- Beating around the bush
- Pressuring IRI will force concessions

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July 21, 2000

* Not fair

The new sanctions proposed by Congressman Sherman are not fair ["Dumb and dumber", "Due process"]! It is a depressing scene when we have the November Elections in front of us. Who are we to vote for? It seems like the members of both parties (Democrats and Republicans) are competing with each other on punishing Iranians! It is not fair!

Why should 70 million people be punished for the decision of a minority (hardliners) in Iran? Hardliners in Iran are losing their credibility and their influence not because of sanctions against Iran but because of the reform movement's non-violent, civilized approach towards starting political chang in Iran.

Mr. Sherman's approach toward implimentation of political change in Iran is similar to Iranian hardliners' methods, meaning harsh punishment toward opponents. His action will result in the weakening of Iranian reform movement, worsening of social economic conditions in Iran and starting new anti-Iranian sentiments in the U.S.

I always thought Democrats were more progressive than Republicans! how can I defend a party that initiates such actions? Mr. Sherman, as a Democrat and a congressman, should look after the interests of all Iranian-American and not just Jewish ones.


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* I assure you

I assure you that this is not typical Iranian male behavior ["Typical Iranian male behavior?"]. You answered your own question when you said he is "a very immature young man who happens to be Iranian."

Zara Houshmand
(A very mature Iranian-American woman)

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* I like your work. A lot

So this chic that I consider way more "irooni" than myself has attached two links. The first was about learning to love Iranian men ["Loving an Iranian man"], and the second was for your article about Iranian women ["Loving an Iranian girl"]. I clicked on the first one first (duh! logically), and I almost trashed the email after reading most of the article, but for some odd reason, I clicked your link. It was well worth it >>> FULL TEXT

Amelia Adhami

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July 20, 2000

* Double standards

Mr. Pollack,

Your letter was sincere and interesting; however, it did not deal with the double standards and inconsistencies in treating human rights violations in Israel and Iran. Over the years Palestinians born in Palestine (now called Israel) have not been able to go and see their place of birth or check their old properties. However, any Jew, anywhere in the world (ie, Brooklyn) can automatically become Israeli citizen. This is one moral issue that over the years has not received Mr. Sherman and his colleauges' attention in the House. Too convenient.

In my view, The Iranian editorial ["Dumb and dumber"] is critical of the Iranian government for its violations of human rights and "due process." ; at least they are consistent in their approach. Mr. Sherman and colleagues have a selective and elastic standard of human rights. They are not concerned with the Iranian journalists or activists in jail in Iran; or for that matter the Lebanese jailed by the Israelis in their own country. Please try to understand that sanctions hurt all of Iran. Your loyalty and commitment to Israel, no matter what, is admirable.

Later in July a very interesting book is coming out called:"Holocaust Industry" by Norman Finklestein. In that book we learn all about Sherman-like dubious gestures.

Wendy Vanstone

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* Typical Iranian male behavior?

A young American woman gave birth to a baby boy. The boy's father is Iranian and in America on a work visa. The baby is five weeks old and the young man fathering the child has not made a single attempt to see his son and stalling getting the paper work needed done for child support payments. Is this typical Iranian male behavior?

Damn sad if it is. How can such behavior improve any one's understanding of the Iranian people. The young woman was pretty much referred to as a tramp by an Iranian aunt when she was told of the child which the father wanted hidden away or aborted. Is typical Iranian male behavior to always blame the female?

I have been a second father to the young woman and know her very well. A tramp or promiscuous young woman . . . is the last thing she is. She simply got involved with a very immature young man who happens to be Iranian and in this country on a work visa. I have spoken with an INS Information Officer, a California State Child Welfare Officer, and a lawyer.

Does this seem fair to simply hold the young man responsible? I fear he is heading down a long, dark road over this. He is aware that I have become involved with the issue but fails to receive any call from myself or be receptive to speaking with me. Again, I am this girl's acting father due to her's having passed away several years past.

Bernace Charles

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* Depriving women of dignity

Your caption under Farhad's fashion show reads, "A model wears a wedding dress part of Iranian fashion designer Farhad's 2000/2001 fall-winter high-fashion collection that was unveiled." It SHOULD have read "Overrated designer responsible for depriving women of dignity and self-respect-PURDAH with a TWIST", or "Does that wedding veil come with a dress?"

Really, is it necessary to give exposure to every person who is on the one hand lucky enough to be born Iranian but on the other unfortunate not to inherit the taste and refinement for which that culture is renown?

Such designs are uninspired and stupid attempts to be on the "cutting edge" by being shocking perhaps. If it were shocking it would have been interesting, but it was instead banally minimalistic past the point of both reason and beauty, and therefore unforgiveable.

Shireen A.

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July 19, 2000

* No Israeli tool

Allow me to suggest that the anger expressed in your editorial concerning sanctions against Iran to be proposed by Rep. Brad Sherman (Democrat-California) ["Dumb and dumber"] is misdirected, and has produced a caricature of a political process that is neither quite so sinister or cynical as you seem to believe.

You attribute Rep. Sherman's move to his attentiveness to "outraged Jewish constituents and powerful pro-Israel lobbyists." But it is not clear to me why the hidden hand of Israel must be invoked here>>> FULL TEXT

Josh Pollack
Baltimore, MD

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* Beating around the bush

I was completely baffled by your editorial about the new sanction proposed by Mr. Sherman ["Dumb and dumber"]! What are you saying? What is your position? Are you for it? Are you against it? Are you with thousands of Iranian Americans who are actively condemning Mr. Sherman's action? What is your position?

There is no time to beat around the bush anymore; you are either supporting the new changes that are happening in Iran or you are a passive observer.

All I see in your commentary is negativity, resignation and passivism. Your article is mentioning the obvious! What do you propose we should do?

San Jose, CA

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July 18, 2000

* Reality of life

Dear compatriot,

By shutting your eyes and ears to the reality of life, you only cheat yourself. As a Persian, I want to see, hear & know what is going on with our people. Even prostitution is a fact of life.

Has prostitution ever left humanity entirely? Which religion or ism is able to stop it?

So be fair and accept the reality. Above all do not impose your personal views on others.


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* Tears & joy

I have had the privilege of traveling across my homeland during my years there. These pictures ["Envy"] brought tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat. It also brought joy that someone has captured such moments I have imagined in my heart and mind.

Zohreh Zarnegar

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* Get a grip

I'm sorry , but you are one ugly man and perhaps that is the reason why they make up other excuses to not want to be with you ["Loving an Iranian girl"]! And who the hell would want to go with a guy that is already married or engaged or even ugly! Get a grip on yourself and wake up to the way you really are!

Central Queensland University,

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July 17, 2000

* Pressuring IRI will force further concessions

Open letterr from the Committee for Religious Minority Rights in Iran, Los Angeles (July 14, 2000) See opposing letter

Dear Congressman Brad Sherman,

You have always been a staunch supporter of Human Rights in Iran, advocating democracy and opposing the atrocities of the present dictatorship.

It has come to our attention that a certain Iranian individual has sent you a letter opposing your current efforts on behalf of the innocent Iranian Jews and Human Rights in Iran, and has been circulating it on the Internet. We would like to reconfirm our gratitude for your leading position in the House of Representatives on the above issues and remind all concerned of certain current facts about Iran >>> FULL TEXT

Committee for Religious Minority Rights in Iran

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* A tad racist

Mr Reza Vatandust sounds like 'Daei Jan Napoleon': he says the "the mortal enemy of the Persian race" is England. How amusingly out-dated!

I am an Azeri-Iranian living on the soil of the "mortal enemy" in London. I am sorry to disappoint you Mr Vatandust, but for a "Vatandust" you sound a tad racist >>> FULL TEXT

Katy Jarrah-Layegh

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* Khejaalat bekesh

You are the publisher of an Iranian family paper and you promote a damn PROSTITUTE in your paper? What are you made of? Shit!!!

Even in other countries they don't promote their prostitutes!! But you have to do that! Is that the ideal Iranian woman? Maybe you'd like women in your family to be like Jasmine (or they probably are!!), but I'm sure the very damn majority of Iranians don't look up to such ideas held high by idiots like MA (who seems to have suggested the site).

Boro kami khejaalat bekesh va beh mardomet fekr kon! You piece of crap!

Al Amin

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