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Human Rights
July 17-21, 2000 / Tir 27-31, 1379

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July 27, 2000

Amnesty open letter to members of Iran's Sixth Majles

25 July 2000

The following is the text of an Open Letter from Amnesty International's Secretary General to members of the Sixth Majles-e Shoura-ye Eslami (Islamic Consultative Assembly)

Your Excellencies,

I am writing to you as Secretary General of Amnesty International on the occasion of your recent election to the Sixth Majles-e Shoura-ye Eslami (Islamic Consultative Assembly). We are greatly encouraged by the public statements made by some of your members expressing their commitment to defend fundamental freedoms, as well as some concrete moves to ease constraints on freedom of expression. We hope that your term of office in the next four years will be memorable for the advancements made in promoting a program of legal and administrative reform enabling all the people of Iran to enjoy to the full their internationally recognised human rights >>> FULL TEXT


PEN expresses sympathy for Shamlou's death

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, July 26, 2000 -- Dear Colleagues, On behalf of the 2,700 writers who are members of PEN American Center, we wish to express our deepest condolence at the death of our esteemed colleague, Ahmad Shamlou, who passed away on the evening of July 23 in his native Iran >>> FULL TEXT



* PEN expresses sympathy for Shamlou's death
* Amnesty open letter to members of Iran's Sixth Majles

* Media wage war of attrition
* Iranian asylum-seekers on hunger strike in France
* Another reformist paper ordered closed by a Tehran court
* Tehran University students welcome release of pro-reform lawyers
* Holy City Cracks Down on Loud Pop Music
* IRNA chief summoned to Tehran's press court * Lawyers freed on bail

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July 26, 2000

Media wage war of attrition

TEHRAN, July 26 (AFP) - An unprecedented war of words between Iran's official news agency IRNA and the conservative daily Kayhan, two of the leading news providers in the Islamic republic, is escalating into a war of attrition. The fight has seen the two news bodies publicly trade insults and accuse each other of being "in the pocket of foreigners" >>> FULL TEXT


Iranian asylum-seekers on hunger strike in France

July 26, 2000, (From International Federation of Iranian Refugees) -- Some 250 Iranians seeking asylum in France have gone on a hunger strike. They are being held in inhuman conditions at a camp near the port of March (?) >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


July 25, 2000

Another reformist paper ordered closed by a Tehran court

TEHRAN, July 25 (AFP) - Tehran's public court Tuesday order the closure of the reformist Iranian Gunagoun (variety) weekly, the official IRNA news agency reported. According to IRNA, the court ordered a "temporary closure," charging that the paper represents a re-emergence of the suspended pro-reform Jame-eh, Tous, Neshat and Asre-Azadegan papers >>> FULL TEXT


Tehran University students welcome release of pro-reform lawyers

TEHRAN, July 25 (AFP) - Several hundred Tehran University students gathered Tuesday to welcome two leading pro-reform lawyers who were recently released after a month of detention by the conservative-dominated judiciary. Mohsen Rahami and Shirin Ebadi were set free on bond Saturday after nearly four weeks in detention on charges they made videocassettes that implicated top fundamentalist government leaders in terrorist activities >>> FULL TEXT


Holy City Cracks Down on Loud Pop Music

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Authorities in an Iranian holy Muslim city have launched a crackdown on pop music, arresting dozens of youths for playing loud music on their car stereos, a newspaper reported Tuesday. Police also seized some 80 cars during a weekend outing at a recreational center outside the northeastern city of Mashhad, site of a major Shi'ite Muslim shrine, the Qods newspaper said >>> FULL TEXT


July 24, 2000

IRNA chief summoned to Tehran's press court

TEHRAN, July 23 (AFP) - The head of the Iran's state news agency IRNA appeared at Tehran's press court Sunday following numerous complaints lodged against him in his former capacity as director of the government-run newspaper Iran, IRNA reported. "I was summoned to answer to 24 old complaints and some 30 new complaints lodged against me as the former director of the Iran paper," Ferydoon Verdinejad said after the court hearing, as cited by IRNA >>> FULL TEXT


Lawyers freed on bail

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - Officials released on bail Saturday two pro-reform lawyers jailed in connection with a videotape that alleged links between hard-line politicians and Islamic vigilante attacks, according to a relative. Mohsen Rahami, a university professor and cleric, and Shirin Ebadi, a pro-democracy and women's rights activist, were arrested late last month because of allegations against some officials made in the tape recording >>> FULL TEXT


July 21, 2000



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Iran Country Report

As of December 31, 1998 (Committee to Protect Journalists) - Since President Muhammad Khatemi took office in August 1997, Iran's press has benefited from his agenda of social and political reforms. Newspapers are now tackling political subjects that would have been unthinkable only a year earlier. But almost as quickly as journalists realized their new freedoms, the press found itself the target of a relentless attacks from hard-line supporters of Iran's spiritual guide Ayatollah Ali Khamenei ... FULL TEXT


Missing: Pirouz Davani

A special web page has been created for Pirouz Davani, a political activist who left his home in Tehran on the 25th of August 1998 and has not been heard from since. On the 27th of August foreign radio stations quoted reports that he had been arrested ... GO TO WEB SITE



Video showing a stonings in Iran in 1991. Extremely disturbing. Not recommended ... VIDEO CLIP HERE


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