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June 26-30, 2000 / Tir 6-10, 1379


* Googoosh:
- Joan of Ark?

* Jews:
- Hit dog will always bark

* Politics:
- Not freethinkers


* Media:
- Respected film producer

* The Iranian:
- Not been ignored
- Origin of Iryan
- We all need reassurances
- Essense of agony

- Intolerant
- What about non-Jews?
- Don't click here

- Flabbergasted
- Mollas & worse

* Afghans:
- Stupid

- Blame Moscow and Washington

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June 30, 2000

* Joan of Ark?

Googoosh is not just a singer/actress, she is an idea/way/thought. We see ourselves in her. She is a bridge to the good days, good times meaningful cries, kindness.

GOD bless you Googoosh since you cann't be a regular person and - the biggest power chose you to be the "Joan of Ark" of Iranians and all others who seek peace and love.

We know you have a mission and we know you're powerful enough to carry it home. Your reappearance will be the start of the biggest event for Iran in a century -- without lies and politic games but rather with the message of love and understanding. Thank you for being Googoosh.

Emil E.

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* Hit dog will always bark

Unfortunately, blind-ignorance and emotionalism seem to go hand-in-hand (globally) and even in our 'modern' world today, we still 'kill the messenger' for what we don't want to face. When terminal medical diagnosis is given to a patient, the patient 'turns' on the doctor or when a teacher reports a child's poor academic performance, we state the teacher is the reason.

Consider yourself in good company regarding the unfortunate negative remarks you received regarding your article ["Let's face it"]. I can understand constructive criticism or an intelligent, rational and well worded objection to your point of view; but, to threaten someone for their perspective is evidence of their inability to effectively communicate at the least >>> FULL TEXT

Patricia Jones

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* Not freethinkers

I read Mr. Gholi's letter accusing me and I wanted to congratulate you on your free press. I also would like to let you know how unfortunate I think it is for our people to be so distant from freethinking.

I am accused of being a member of a political group, although I have never believed that any political group, past or present, has had good intentions toward our people and our country, inside or outside Iran.

I hope there comes a time when our people respect differences in ideology, religion, and race without accusations and killing one another and elect their representatives in a peaceful manner.

My only hope is that these accusations would stop and we choose a peaceful and intellectual path to debate ideas -- a path closer to love rather than any kind of censorship and taking of human lives.

Sheema Kalbasi

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June 29, 2000

* Essense of agony

While I enjoy reading most of Mr. Hosseini's articles, I was especially touched by his shortest piece, "The truth sets you free." It encapsulates the essence of the "agony" that pervades the lives of so many of us in diaspora, and perhaps most importantly, hints at the hope of coming to terms with our recent past, and the harrowing prejudice we have been subject to, while still celebrating our rich idenitites >>> FULL TEXT

Bijan Pingili

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* Stupid

I cannot stop laughing at Mr. Cyrus Raafat's stupid comments on Afghan refugees in Iran.

First of all, dear sir, what gives you the right to speak for the entire people of Iran, giving views on a matter you barely know about, since I presume you have never lived in Iran?

I think you are just trying to imitate these narrow-minded Westerners who have found it funny to blame their own problems on poor immigrants, who for their large majority, contribute to the growth and to the prosperity of their country, without asking much in return.

And please refrain from stupid comments like "I would give 35 cents to every Afghan male to go back to his country". Who gives you the right to say that? I challenge you to go and live there in their conditions. Let's see who's the strongest.

Sorry man, but you are a shame.

Mani Shahrokni

PS: if you think it is so easy to remove the Taliban from power, why don't you go and try with the Islamic Republic?

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* Mollas & worse

This is in response to Sheema Kalbasi's "Buried ashes". First I have to say that unfortunately I have worked with the creators of 30th of Khordad (Mojahedin Khalq). You sound like you are one of them.

The history of "anything but the Shah" is not going to be repeated. People of Iran are much smarter and have the experience of over-night revolutions. Iranians know that they do not want the mollas, but they also know that they do not want another version, if not worse, of mollas.

Why don't we just let the people decide their own fate? I and all the Iranians I know are sick and tired of Rajavi and the Mojahedin and their slogans like "Iran Rajavi, Rajavi Iran". They still do not get the Iranian people's message: NO MORE DICTATORSHIP. NO MORE SHAH, KHOMEINI, COMMUNISTS, RAJAVI, ...

B. Gholi

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June 28, 2000

* Intolerant

I agree with you all the way on the 13 accused in Shiraz ["Let's face it"]. But I want to add that as a nation we Iranians, in my opinion, are rather closed-minded. We are nowhere as tolerant toward minorities (non-Muslims, non-Iranians etc. ) as say, the Americans. And that really annoys me. Actually there are many other aspects of the Iranian culture that really bugs me but I won't go into it.


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* Respected film producer

Ali Abbasi, featured in the Nostalgia section, was one of the most respected Iranian film producers who started his career in the mid 60's with some light comedies with Sepehrnia, Motovasellani, and Garsha who were very famous as a comedy group and continued until shortly before the revolution.

Here are some of the better films Abbasi produced:

- Panjereh (1969), directed by the late Jalal Moghadam with Behrouz Vossoughi, Gougoush, Nouri Kasrai.

- Faraar az Taleh (1971), also directed by Moghadam with Behrouz Vossoughi, Nilufar, Davoud Rashidi.

- Tangnaa (1972), directed by Amir Naderi with Saeed Rad, Nouri Kasrai.

- Tangsir (1972), directed by Amir Naderi with Behrouz Vossoughi, Nouri Kasrai.

His office, Saazmaan-e Cinaamayi-ye Payaam was a meeting point for good actors and directors.


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* Not been ignored

I truly appreciate your daily news update. I have always benefited from the insight, articles and even the way you inspire your readers. I am in and out of the country and therefore, not able to enjoy your vivid diligence for a fine work on a day to day basis. I am writing this only to mention that you have not been ignored and I value your continuos work to keep the Iranians informed!

Mosen Vakili

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June 27, 2000

* Don't click here

In response to Iram Fatima Vakil's letter ["Flabbergasted"], please remember that morality is highly personal. If you are offended by such web site links, then exercise your right to not click on them. Totalitarianism begins with insignificant complaints such as yours.

While you waste time complaining about racy photos offending Iranian sensibilities, Iranians by the millions are fighting to survive against tyranny and torture. Please, please, please find something more meaningful to do with your time!

As for the The Iranian's use of banner ads and links, I just hope they are revenue-generating so that we continue to benefit from this site and service!

Shokooh Miry

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* We all need reassurances

Thank you, Najmeh, for all the great articles you write for The Iranian. In particular, "Tehran's good side" proved so refreshing, especially after having read a recent article ["Buried ashes"].

You (and Abraham Lincoln) are right, plus, sadly enough, some Iranians abroad seem to get stuck in a "state of denial" no matter how much Iran improves.

They don't see anything positive about Iran, in apparently an unconscious attempt to convince themselves over and over that choosing to live outside Iran has been the right thing to do. We all need reassurances sometimes.


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* Origin of Iryan

In reply to the question about the origin of the name Iryan, I believe it is derived from the name Ir or Iri, which as I recall is the name of a tribe or a branch of Aryans that arrived in the plateau that now bears the name of Iran.

I have no source for this other than a faint recollection from a seventh grade geography class in Tehran in the early 1960's. I believe some of the seventh, eighth and nineth grade Iranian geogrpaphy books of the epoch may provide a better answer.

Guive Mirfendereski

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June 26, 2000

* What about non-Jews?

I have no comment about the content; however, a few technical points on "Let's face it": At one point you say: Their religion or even political belief should matter very little. I don't understand. It should matter little to who?

You say the Shiraz 13 are on trial because they are Jews, period. Do you realize that you are (correctly) questioning the 2nd Khordad front?

I have no serious problem with your article since it serves the purpose of human rights. However, it would have been much better if there was more emphasis on the execution of non-Jews since Jews have already received a lot of attention by everybody, especially powerful Western media who usually shamelessly ignore others.


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* Blame Moscow and Washington

Don't blame Iran or Iranians for the problem of Afghans ["Not welcome"]. It's the Soviet Union/Russia and the United States who created these miserable conditions for the Afghans. They should pay for taking care of these refugees not Iran. They should give shelter to these refugees not Iran.

Iran has done much much more than its share by taking care of the consequences of the filthy policies of these superpowers. It's amazing how shallow your article is in this regard and outright shameful how some so called Iranians have reacted by questioning the Iranian people's hospitality.

A.K. Daftari
Seattle, Washington

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* Flabbergasted

I just visited your site and was flabbergasted to see "The Position" suggested in the Beyond Iran Web section. Its content is downright outrageous.

If you call yourself an Iranian magazine then you should be well aware that Iran is a Muslim country with a majority Shi'ite population. How can you publicize such immoral things on your site?

Iram Fatima Vakil

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