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Tuesday, May 9, 2000 / Ordibehesht 20, 1379, No. 977

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His unlimited pass
Two poems

By Dokhtar Sabz
May 9, 2000
The Iranian

thick eyebrows and a too confident strut
insanely infectious laughter and a love for gormeh sabzi
so kindly handing me
My Very Own Panic Attack
that returns with a vengeance every time he does
a kiss with accented-farsi whispers >>> GO TO FEATURE


Elections in Iran

Public Broadcasting Service
May 8, 2000
Audio HERE

Iranian officials have yet to validate the results of last weekend's parliamentary elections. Following a background report, Margaret Warner discusses the issue with three guests. For more on all this, we turn to Ali Banuazizi, ... Elaine Sciolino, ... and Daniel Pipes >>> FULL TEXT

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Kiarostami and censorship in Iran

National Public Radio, Morning Edition
May 8, 2000

Audio HERE

BOB EDWARDS, host: As the government of Iran was closing several reformist newspapers and arresting their editors last month, Iranian filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami was in the United States accepting a Lifetime Achievement Award from the San Francisco International Film Festival. The international press helped give Kiarostami the stature he has today. Critics consider his movies some of the finest of the last 10 years. Kiarostami's movies have not been critical of the Islamic regime in Teheran, but he says he's concerned about the Iranian government's new restrictions of freedom of expression. David D'Arcy reports >>> FULL TEXT

    Left hook

    Mr. Yazdi is absolutely right

    Commentary in Rah-e Kargar, published in Europe by the Organization of Revolutionary Workers of Iran, on Ayatollah Mohammad Yazdi's interpretation of the constitution and the role of the Council of Guardians FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


Tom who?

It's rare for an AMERICAN to be familiar with the music of Tom Waits. But Ham-Mihan is educating its Iranian readers with a complete bio, including the fact that Waits was born in the back seat of a taxi >>> READ HERE

More Letters

    * Superpowers shape our destiny

    Alizadeh writes: I think your article explains well some of the recent problems in Iran ["Reform in retreat"]. However, the past and present reality shows that unlike what you have stated ("Great Britain or the U.S. have little to do with what is happening in Iran"), the superpowers have always played a detrimental role in shaping Iranian destiny, even though in theory, we all say that only Iranians can shape their destiny.

* Solidarity & strikes

Dr. Jim writes: In the three point options for the people of Iran in your leader, no mention was made of solidarity , mass organization and strikes ["Reform in retreat"]. Often the best way to change things fairly peacefully is to organize, and force the ruling classes to relent through mass strikes.

I have two memories of such movements. In 1976 the Junior Doctors in England staged a country wide strike to improve the health service and after a period of three months we won most of the concessions that we wanted from the Heath government.

Later in 1986 we did the same in Tehran and to begin with we had them pretty scared but through lack of initiative and organization we did not succeed. If we had managed to keep going for a few more days and brought out other professional and blue collar workers then we would have succeeded.

Lecture: Iranian cinema today, Maryland

By the invitation of Iranian-American Cultural Society of Maryland (IACS), Dr. Bahman Maghsoudlou, scholar and film critic, will give a speech on the "Iranian Cinema Today" and will show a colored documentary film "Life in Fog", written and directed by Bahman Ghobadi and produced by Bahman Maghsoudlou. This film was made in 1999 and has won 15 International awards. The duration of this film is thirty minutes. When: Sunday May, 14. Time: 4:00 PM. Where: Smith Hall, Towson University.

Books & Music from Iran

Check our fourteen new books from Iran including an authoritative history of the Achamenid empire, writings by leading reformists, Forough Farrokhzad's complete works, exquisite books of classical poetry with miniatures, Manichaean psalms and more! >>> GO HERE

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* Taherzadeh, Manochehr: Aakharin barg * Eyvazi, Mohammad Reza. : Rangin kamaan * Banan.: Shaakh-e gol (2) * Ta'rif, Sadiq: Maah baanoo * Lachini, Fariborz: Paaeez-e talaaee ... >>> GO HERE

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NEW: Champions: Iranian national soccer team

Three hours of interviews, trainings, matches, Biographies, and fans of Iranian National Soccer Team, covering Iran's soccer history from 1978-2000. Premium quality. Produced by: Alireza AmirGhasemi & Behrouz Deravi.

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Translation of today's poem by Zara Houshmand:

In the abbatoire of love, they only kill the choicest.
The small-minded, mean ones they reject.
If you truly love, you won't escape with your life.
They are dead to begin with who don't get the knife.
-- Rumi

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More news

Reformers go on the offensive over vote fraud claim

TEHRAN, May 9 (AFP) - Iran's reform movement warned their conservative rivals Monday not to meddle with the will of the people amid charges that their sweeping win in February's parliamentary polls was tainted by fraud. The reform coalition behind President Mohammad Khatami issued a strongly worded statement calling on the conservative Council of Guardians to stop procrastinating and validate their majority in the new parliament >>> FULL TEXT

Three reform newspaper bosses to be hauled into court

TEHRAN, May 9 (AFP) - The heads of three pro-reform Iranian newspapers closed in a recent crackdown on the reformist press have been summoned to appear in court, reports said Tuesday. Former deputy culture minister Issa Saharkhiz, head of the business newspaper Akbar-Eqtesad and former director of the state news agency IRNA, told AFP he was due to testify on Wednesday >>> FULL TEXT

Khamenei against culture minister, official says

TEHRAN, May 9 (AFP) - Iran's embattled Culture Minister Ataollah Mojerani suffered a new blow Tuesday when a leading conservative said he was the only member of President Mohammad Khatami's reformist government not to have the support of supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. "The leader supports the person of Mr Khatami and his government, except the culture and Islamic guidance minister," Mohsen Rezaie, secretary of the powerful arbitration body, the Expediency Council, said in an interview with the official news agency IRNA >>> FULL TEXT

Trial ends in case of assassination attempt on Hajjarian

TEHRAN, May 9 (AFP) - The trial of eight people suspected of carrying out an assassination attempt on a leading Iranian reformer ended Tuesday, after just three hearings, the official IRNA news agency reported >>> FULL TEXT

Defence for Iran Jews denounces TV confessions as political ploy

TEHRAN, May 9 (AFP) - Defence lawyers for 13 Iranian Jews on trial for spying for Israel say confessions of several suspects broadcast on state television are an illegal effort to play the case out in the media >>> FULL TEXT

Exiled Iranian activists query trial confessions

DUBAI, May 8 (Reuters) - Iranian human rights activists in Europe charged on Monday that spying confessions by Jewish defendants at a closely watched trial in Iran may have been extracted under pressure >>> FULL TEXT

Parliament to consider secret service to watch secret service

TEHRAN, May 9 (AFP) - Iran's outgoing conservative parliament will debate Wednesday a bill to put the nation's powerful secret service under the watch of another security service, a parliamentary source said >>> FULL TEXT

Kuwait opts for quiet diplomacy in Iran row over gas field: analysts

KUWAIT CITY, May 9 (AFP) - Kuwait has opted for quiet diplomacy in its efforts to stop Iran from drilling in a disputed offshore gas field in the northern Gulf, economic sources said Tuesday. "It is time to resolve conflicts peacefully. The region has passed through endless misery >>> FULL TEXT

Iran ready to accept international help to deal with drought

TEHRAN, May 9 (AFP) - Iran's Islamic regime is ready to accept foreign help for only the second time in its history to combat the serious drought ravaging most of the country, a UN official in Tehran told AFP Tuesday >>> FULL TEXT

Forget the press ban! Look at Golshiri

Tehran, (Ham-Mihan) - Nevermind the closure of the newspapers, Golshiri is in the hospital! Houshang Ansari-Far writes a tribute to the ailing author >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Poets: Unpopular

Tehran, (Ham-Mihan) - Three poets discuss why poetry is unpopular in Iran, why poets can't make a living and why... >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Theater chief resigns, but...

Tehran, (Ham-Mihan) - Hossein Salimi, the head of the Center for the Performing Arts, who has done so much to revive theater in the past three years, has resigned. But the minister of culture is not letting him go >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Hashemi-Nasab: Contract?

Tehran, (Iran Varezeshi) - Does Mehdi Hashemi-Nasab, one of the country's best goal scorers, have a new contract with Persepolis or not? He says he's playing without a contract. But... >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Persepolis needs foreign coach

Tehran, (Iran Varezeshi) - The poor performance by Persepolis against Chuka reiterated the need to hire a foreign coach to help Iran's best club >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Talebi: "What foreign coach?"

Tehran, (Iran Varezeshi) - A chat with Jalal Talebi after the national soccer team's practice session. "What foreign coach?" >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


Full report: Berlin

The recent "Iran after the election" conference held in Berlin, Germany, assessing the impact of the elections on political development has led to a major political crisis for President Khatami. Hear our comprehensive coverage of the conference and its aftermath

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The lack of rain and the threat of drought, a cause of great concern, is not without its links to sins that have been committed. [People should hold a prayer for badly needed rain and] if that does not work, then some more will be needed.

-- Statement from several leading clerics in Qom
May 9, 2000

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