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Human Rights
November 20-24, 2000 / Aban 30-Azar 4, 1379

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November 22, 2000

Trial for serial killers of dissidents to begin next month

TEHRAN, Nov 22 (AFP) - The much-anticipated trial of the suspects inthe shock 1998 serial murders of several Iranian dissidents and intellectualswill open in military court next month, state radio said Wednesday. The announcement of the December 23 trial date comes a day after violentclashes between police and protesters in Tehran following a memorialservice for two of the victims >>> FULL TEXT


Students warn of political tensions

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iranian students have warned of potential tension if campussecurity personnel at a Tehran polytechnic continue harassing women students,the Iran Students News Agency (ISNA) said on Wednesday. A petition was sent to the minister of higher education by students at the Amir Kabir University of Technologycondemning searches of women students' bags at campus entrances >>> FULL TEXT



* Trial for serial killers of dissidents to begin next month
* Students warn of political tensions
* Police clash with youth after memorial service
* Akbar Ganji calls off hunger strike: IRNA
* Judiciary drops charges against deputy minister
* Nabavi released on bail
* Student leader: court political
* Top reformist summoned
* Young hardliners attack meeting
* Woman of "loose morals" burned
* Defendant facing death penalty is freed on bail

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November 21, 2000

Police clash with youth after memorial service

TEHRAN, Nov 21 (AFP) - Police clashed with young people exiting a ceremony in Tehran on Tuesday marking the second anniversary of the assassination of a nationalist political leader and his wife, an AFP reporter said >>> FULL TEXT


Akbar Ganji calls off hunger strike: IRNA

TEHRAN, Nov 21 (AFP) - An outspoken pro-reform Iranian journalist who said he has been tortured in prison called off his hunger strike Tuesday, the official IRNA news agency said. It said Akbar Ganji, jailed over articles linking former president Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani to the 1998 murders of several dissidents, had agreed to end the strike but was still demanding his rights as a prisoner >>> FULL TEXT


Judiciary drops charges against deputy minister over August riots

Deputy Interior Minister Mostafa Tajzadeh had been due in court Tuesday morning to face questioning over the unrest which marred a pro-reform student conference, leaving one person dead and dozens wounded. But the hearing was called off and the sources told AFP that the charges against the reformist Tajzadeh, a regular target of conservative attacks, had been dropped >>> FULL TEXT


November 20, 2000

Nabavi released on bail

November 19, Teheran (dpa) - Popular Iranian satirist Ebrahim Nabavi has been released on bail after four months in prison, the Teheran daily Iran reported Sunday >>> FULL TEXT


Iran student leader says court politically motivated

TEHRAN, Nov 19 (Reuters) - The political leader of Iran's largest student movement on Sunday denied in court he had acted against state security and said charges against him were politicaly motivated >>> FULL TEXT


Top reformist summoned

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - Iran's hard-line judiciary has summoned a key ally of reformist President Mohammad Khatami to court for his alleged role in riots in August, a newspaper reported Monday >>> FULL TEXT


Young hardliners attack political meeting with knives and axes

TEHRAN, Nov 18 (AFP) - Young hardliners armed with knives and axes attacked a public political meeting where two pro-reform MPs were speaking, the governmental Iran daily said Saturday >>> FULL TEXT


Woman of "loose morals" burned to death by dad and brother: paper

TEHRAN, Nov 18 (AFP) - A young woman suspected of "loose morals" was beaten and then burned alive by her father and brother, press reports said Saturday >>> FULL TEXT


November 17, 2000



November 16, 2000

Defendant facing death penalty is freed on bail

TEHRAN, Nov 16 (AFP) - A former Iranian communist facing a possible death sentence for his role in a controversial political seminar in Germany has been released on bail, a court official told AFP on Thursday. Khalil Rostam-Khani, who attended the April conference in Berlin which Iranian authorities deemed anti-Islamic, paid 87,000 dollars' bail to be released, the official said. His family confirmed the release >>> FULL TEXT


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