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Friday October 13, 2000 / Mehr 22, 1379, No. 1085


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The twelve rules
... of surviving Iran & Iranians

By Elaine Sciolino
October 13, 2000
The Iranian

Over the years, I have developed a code of twelve rules that have helped me survive the setbacks and embrace the surprises of Iran.


Iranians by habit operate in two worlds, the public and the private. Traditionally just about everything meaningful in both social and political life happens behind closed doors. That is the way Iran has always been, whether its leaders were kings or ayatollahs.

The contrast is much sharper, however, under the ayatollahs, who have set strict limits on what constitutes acceptable behavior in public and sometimes even in private spaces. An outsider can't just open the door and peer in. The only way to get the door to open is to be invited in first >>> GO TO FEATURE


Dust to dust
Zahiroddoleh cemetery

By Nader Davoodi
October 13, 2000
The Iranian

Photographs of Zahiroddoleh cemetery, the resting place of some of the most famous politicians and artists. Click on images to see larger photos >>> GO TO FEATURE

Iranian of the day

Who we are
Any Iranian, anywhere

October 13, 2000
The Iranian

From today there will be a new feature called "Iranian of the day". It will be a photograph of an Iranian. As simple as that. You can send photos of anyone, anywhere in any pose for tis page. It can be a woman in her office, a child at school, a man swinging on a tree or... >>> GO TO FEATURE


Kharrazi in Baghdad

BBC Persian Service

The Iranian foreign minister Kamal Kharazi is in Baghdad for talks with Iraqi leaders, the first such visit for more than a decade. Relations between the two countries have been strained since the 1980s when they engaged in a gruelling war which lasted eight years. Jim Muir reports >>> LISTEN HERE

Unreforming - The Resignation of Mohajerani

The Economist
October 12, 2000

THE saga of Ataollah Mohajerani's resignation reveals quite a lot about Muhammad Khatami, Iran's president. Eighteen months ago, when Iran's popular minister of culture and Islamic guidance came close to being impeached by the religious conservatives then running Iran's parliament, the president defended him stoutly. Now that parliament is dominated by deputies who support his reformist message, the president might be expected to back his ally even more determinedly >>> FULL TEXT

Heard the one about the Rashti as a contestant on "Who wants to be a millionaire"? They ask him, "How long does is take for you to satisfy your wife during sex? 15 minutes? 30 minutes? 45 minutes or an hour?" The Rashti thinks a bit and says, "I'd like to ask the audience."

(Can't remember who emailed this one)

More Letters

* American authority on Iran

Yashar Hedayat writes: Tonight, as I was driving home from my office -- which is only six blocks away (yes I am living the Los Angeles life), my ears perked up when I heard "Iran" on National Public Radio. I raised the volume and listened intently. The woman being interviewed was Elaine Sciolino an American journalist who has covered Iran for over two decades ["The twelve rules"]... She is an American authority on Iran, if you will.

She has just released her second book "Persian Mirrors: The Elusive Face of Iran". What I love about her is that she does not go the route (at least in her interview and the parts of the book I have read) of most Western journalists ...

I hope you all have the opportunity to read this book and I look forward to hear your comments. The one thing I must caution is that sometimes journalists and authors may write or say something that you believe is contrary to your observations and beliefs. Don't get angry and discount the validity of the book or report, often people only see certain things and can' get everyone's viewpoint >>> FULL TEXT

* You are all sick

Thomas Byrne writes from Sydney, Australia: I am an Australian gay man who saw your paper on the Internet, and the article by Yek Irani ["Acceptance"]. You people live in a dreadful country, full of oppressed people. Your women are treated as animals, and your gay people are beheaded/burnt at the stake. You are all sick, those who advocate this.

Your religious ideas are indefensible when they demand the deaths of persons engaged in private sexual acts. I engage in homosexual acts, they are great! Maybe thats what you all need? A strong dose of anal sex!?

By the way, there is a thriving Iranian gay community in Sydney! What should happen to them?

* At least he's a man with an opinion

Shatooni werites: Mr. Rafat's article on Iranian brides ["Real Iranian girls?"]is astounding and shocking! I can't say that as an Iranian woman raised in Los Angeles whether I am truly offended or mezmerized by his outlandish chauvanistic story, until of course I searched and found his responses to the issues of Afghans! ... But I have to hand it to him, he is at least a man with an opinion and not afraid to voice it >>> FULL TEXT

Rights: Signatures in support of Eshkevari

From: Arien Mack <>

Hamid Dabashi and I have written a statement about Hojatoleslam Eshkevari, for which we are gathering signatures. I am attaching the letter below, along with the list of those who have already signed, and I hope you will post it so that those who do not send a letter of their own may add their support to this one >>> DETAILS HERE




Strategic Management for the Xxist Century
By Mohammad Reza Vaghefi, Reza M. Vaghefi, Alan B. Huellmantel


Gozashteh cheraagh-e raah-e aayandeh
Contemporary Iranian history
By Jami

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    Translation of today's poem by Zara Houshmand:

    I've tread in your path until I'm downtrodden.

    I'm worn out from being worn out by your love.

    I can't eat all day, I can't sleep all night.

    Your friendship's the enemy I now must fight.

    * Also see more Rumi translations

    Rumi book

Rumi: The Life Teachings and Poetry of Jalal al-Din Rumi
By Frankin D. Lewis

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More news

Iran says it is fighting "unprecedented" rise in human smuggling

TEHRAN, Oct 13 (AFP) - Iran has arrested 21 smugglers since the beginning of the Iranian year in March as regional trafficking in human beings has risen sharply, the head of Iran's Interpol bureau said. "This figure is unprecedented in the past 20 years," said Arsalan Monaem, quoted by the state IRNA news agency late Thursday. "This has become one of the most profitable professions." >>> FULL TEXT

Kharrazi arrives in Iraq

BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) - Iran's foreign minister arrived in Baghdad on Friday to talk about prisoners of war, reparations and other issues lingering from the 1980-1988 war between the two countries. Both Iranian Foreign Minister Kamal Kharrazi and his Iraqi counterpart Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf expressed hope that their discussions over the next several days will lead toward normalizing ties >>> FULL TEXT

Iran says world community must take serious action against Israel

TEHRAN, Oct 13 (AFP) - Iran said Friday it expects the world community to take serious action against Israel after the Jewish state bombarded Palestinian cities in retaliation for the lynching of three Israelis. Foreign ministry spokesman Hamid-Reza Asefi, quoted by state radio, condemned the "Zionist army's barbaric aggressions" which he said had "once again ... reduced the Palestinian people to blood and dust." >>> FULL TEXT

Cleric blasts US as inhuman, wants Muslim support for Palestinians

TEHRAN, Oct 13 (AFP) - A conservative Iranian cleric on Friday blasted the United States as inhuman and said it was the duty of Muslims worldwide to cut all relations with Israel and rise up against the Jewish state. "Palestinians are being killed ruthlessly," Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati said at weekly prayers at Tehran university, a day after Israel bombarded Palestinian cities in response to the lynching of three Israelis >>> FULL TEXT

Republicans hit Gore on Russia arms to Iran

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Republicans attacked Vice President Al Gore (news - web sites) on Friday over Russia's failure to meet a deadline for ending arms shipments to Iran under a 1995 agreement that Gore negotiated with Russia. Disclosure of the missed deadline and previously unpublicized terms of the pact -- assuring Russia it would not face U.S. sanctions for the shipments -- drew Republican charges that the Clinton administration had improperly withheld details from Congress and destabilized the Middle East >>> FULL TEXT

Oil prices tick down

SINGAPORE (Reuters) - Oil prices dipped just below 10-year peaks on Friday as the market warily watches developments in the Middle East where Israeli military attacks on Palestinian-ruled cities threaten the peace process. U.S. benchmark light crude futures leapt more than $3.70 to a peak at $37 a barrel as news of the violence filtered through on Thursday before retracing back to settle in New York dealings at $36.06, marking a gain of $2.81 >>> FULL TEXT

War writer moves on

Tehran (Aftab-e yazd) -- Hassan Ameri used to write books about the Iran-Iraq war. But he has three new novels coming out soon which have much broader topics. "A real writer shouldn't limit himself to a specific subject," Ameri says in an interview >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

Foroutan in new film

Tehran (Aftab-e yazd) -- Veteran actor Mohammad Reza Foroutan will star in Kioumars Pour-Ahmad's latest film, "Shab-e Yalda" >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

Iranian artist's work in London

Tehran, (Hayat-e No) -- A gallery in London is exhibiting the works of Shirazeh Hooshyari, an Iranian painter and sculptor >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

Watch Iran's goals

Beirut ­ Oct. 12 (Iran Sports Press) -- Watch Iran's four goals against Lebanin in the Asian Cup championships >>> FULL TEXT

Daei: "Lebanon will not make it through"

Beirut ­ Oct. 12 (Iran Sports Press) -- With video: In a post game press conference following Iran's 4-0 defeat of Lebanon on Thursday, Iranian captain and star striker said the Lebanese team will have problems ahead against Iraq. "The Lebanese team is too young for these games", Daei told reporters. "I hope they player better but Lebanon will have problems", he said >>> FULL TEXT

Briefs from Lebanon

Tehran (Aftab-e Yazd) -- News briefs from the Asian Cup in Lebanon... Free tickets from Lebanese fans... bonuses from Irqais... 15,000 Iranian fans... >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT


Is Middle East Crisis Spreading?

Following over a fortnight of violence between Palestinian and Israelis, Israeli Prime Minister has decided to include Ariel Sharon in his "cabinet of national unity". In an interview with David Hirst, Guardian correspondent in Beirut; Maria Sarsalari asks about the consequences of Mr. Barak's decision: >>> LISTEN HERE

BBC Persian Service

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This is the only university in the West I know of that has so many Iranian faculty members. Heck, even the president and the VP are Iranian.

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Concealment makes Iranians very different from Americans. Americans live in houses with front yards that face out to the street. They sit on their front porches and watch the world go by. Iranians live in houses with front gardens hidden behind high walls. There is no connection to the street life outside. It is no accident that figures in Persian miniatures are often seen peering secretly from behind balconies or curtains or half-closed doors. America's heroes are plainspoken, lay-it-on-the-line truth-tellers who love relating their life stories. For Iranians, Jimmy Stewart would be a chump.

-- Elaine Sciolino
"The twelve rules"
The Iranian
October 13, 2000

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Kharrazi in Damascus

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