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Wednesday October 25, 2000 / Aban 4, 1379, No. 1093


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More powerful force
Open letter to Palestinians and Israelis

By Majid Tehranian
October 25, 2000
The Iranian

Like millions of others, I have shared your pains and sufferings from a distance and over a long period of time. I am a Muslim by birth, but I have a Jewish son and therefore emotional ties to both sides. I am also a proud disciple of Buddha, Jesus, Rumi, Gandhi, Buber, King, and Hosseini.

Following the seven years of the slow Oslo peace process and the breakout of the new Intifada of October 2000, I feel that the time has come for you to seriously consider a new mass strategy towards peace, namely a strategy of non-violence >>> GO TO FEATURE


Bound in the land of the free
Displacement is another form of imprisonment

By Maryam Khosharay
October 25, 2000
The Iranian

My minds eye finds peace when it sees the streets of Iran with children playing football, men coming home with warm bread over their shoulders. Freedom is when I wake up at Khale Objies and know that breakfast awaits in a never empty kitchen in a house where people love me unconditionally. Freedom is as simple, or as complex, as the feeling I have when I hear my name said correctly: Mar-yam, not Mary-am >>> GO TO FEATURE


By Khodadad Rezakhani
October 25, 2000
The Iranian


Defence lawyers ask for verdict to be annulled

BBC Persian Service

The defence lawyers of four of the 10 Iranian Jews who were convicted of spying for Israel say they have asked the Prosecutor General to annul the verdict. This is at the time when 5 other convicted Jews have dismissed their defence lawyers. Sima Bahrami talks to Mostafa Mandegar one of the defence lawyers >>> LISTEN HERE

Behind the Veils, Change Is Quietly Sweeping Iran

By Karine Granier-Deferre
International Herald Tribune
Ocotber 25, 2000

TEHRAN - A five-star hotel here offers most of the comforts Western tourists and business executives could want, including CNN and an Internet café. Yet, an inscription above the entrance warns that Americans are the enemies of the world and of the ''oppressed nations.'' In contrast, our group visiting from France seemed to be spared such distrust and was even welcomed.

Why were we shown such friendship? We were never sure, any more than we were sure that the United States is really reviled at a people-to-people level: America is present evh the availability of products such as Coca Cola and the popularity of the dollar. English is also widely spoken and used in most road signs >>> FULL TEXT

We have Puff Daddy in America and we have Puff Akbar, aka Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, in Iran (actually he looks more like U2's Bono, no?) >>> SEE HERE

More Letters

* Tax dollars wasted in support of Israel

Javad Fakharzadeh, CEO ATE Corporation, writes: The current tense situation inside Israel and the Middle East are so grave that many other ripple effects are witnessed that reflect Iran and Iranian nationals around the world ["Crooked wall"]...

As a concerned Iranian American, I am very upset that my tax dollars are not spent wisely and feel it is wasted as a result of mis-management and against unarmed civilian population inside Israel and against Palestinians. Furthermore, the US firmly supports Israel with advanced military equipment. Washington is not capable of controlling the Israelis army and their atrocities against rock throwing Palestinians. Live ammunition has been used for the first time by the Israelis against the rock throwers >>> FULL TEXT

* Palestine has never existed

Kambiz Ameli writes: Ayatollah Khamenei has just announced that he is planning to dispatch financial assistance as well as one hundred thousand Iranian Basijis to 'Palestine' in order to help the Palestinians regain their 'lands' including Jerusalem (Qods).

I feel compelled to ask, whoever said that Jerusalem ever belonged to the palestinians in the first place? Point of fact, in the Six Days War Israel captured Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem. However they did not capture these territories from Yasser Arafat and the Palestinians. They captured them from King Hussein and the Jordanians. I can't help but wonder why the Palestinians suddenly discovered their national identity after Israel won that war, since prior to the 1967 Arab-Israeli war, there was no serious movement for a Palestinian homeland >>> FULL TEXT

* Googoosh's unsightly front teeth

Anonymous writes: Seeing a close up of Googoosh in a CNN interview I realized how unsightly her front teeth are. Being an old dentist and dealing with cosmetic dentistry, I thought through your love for her we might be able to arrange or somehow in a decent fashion make her aware of the services that can enhance her beauty and charm.

TV: 1953 CIA Coup on History Channel

Sunday , October 29, 10:00 PM-12:00 AM, History Channel (U.S.): "Anatomy of a Coup: The CIA in Iran" -- In 1953, a military-backed coup overthrew Iran's elected Prime Minister, Mohammed Mossadegh, and returned the Shah Reza Pahlavi to power. The U.S. role was an open, if never officially acknowledged, secret. Now the CIA's own, still classified history of the operation has come to light. It reveals how the CIA and British Intelligence conspired to initiate and plan the coup to maintain control over Iranian oil. CIA agents, family members, and historians tell how the CIA plotted its first successful coup.




Sutra & Other Stories
By Simin Danishvar


Beh narmiyeh baaraan
In honor of Fereydoun Moshiri

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    Translation of today's poem by Zara Houshmand:

    I said, 'I'll fly like a bird from your hand.'

    She said, 'Fly, and you'll suffer hard my loss.'

    'I'm wretched,' I said, 'you have ruined me,'

    'Bear that honor,'said she, 'with dignity.'

    * Also see more Rumi translations

    Rumi book

Rumi: The Life Teachings and Poetry of Jalal al-Din Rumi
By Frankin D. Lewis

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More news

Shamsolvaezin winner of press freedom award

New York, October 23, 2000 (Committee to Protect Journalists) -- The winners of the Tenth Annual International Press Freedom Awards are: Mashallah Shamsolvaezin, reformist editor of several now-banned Iranian dailies. Shamsolvaezin was jailed in April after being sentenced to 30 months imprisonment for allegedly insulting Islamic principles in an article that criticized capital punishment in Iran. He is currently serving his term in Tehran's notorious Evin Prison >>> FULL TEXT

Lawyers file for spy verdicts against four Jews to be annulled

TEHRAN, Oct 25 (AFP) - Lawyers for four Iranian Jews convicted of spying for Israel said they filed a motion at the prosecutor general's office on Tuesday for the ruling of the revolutionary court to be annulled >>> FULL TEXT

Iran says would-be assassins now back in jail

TEHRAN, Oct 24 (Reuters) - The justice department in Iran's capital city said on Tuesday all the would-be assassins of key reform strategist Saeed Hajjarian were now in jail, a day after the department's chief said they had all been let go. Eight men, among them members of the security forces, were sentenced to jail terms after the assassination bid. But when an MP visited a prison in the southern city of Shiraz last week, one of the men supposed to be incarcerated in the jail was not there >>> FULL TEXT

U.S. State Dept. denies Gore-Russia deal

WASHINGTON (AP) - The State Department said Wednesday there was no secret deal by the Clinton administration allowing Russian arms sales to Iran and endangering national security. An understanding between Vice President Al Gore (news - web sites) and then-Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin in 1995 was ``announced publicly,'' said John P. Barker, deputy assistant secretary of state for nonproliferation control >>> FULL TEXT

Khatami criticises Arab states for failing to defend Palestinians

TEHRAN, Oct 25 (AFP) - Iranian President Mohammad Khatami lashed out against Arab states Tuesday for failing to defend the Palestinian nation as the latest Middle East violence brought the death toll to near 140, the official IRNA news agency reported >>> FULL TEXT

OIC meeting of foreign ministers in doubt: diplomats

TEHRAN, Oct 25 (AFP) - The fate of a hoped-for emergency meeting of foreign ministers from the Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC) on the Middle East crisis was in doubt Tuesday, diplomats said >>> FULL TEXT

Revolutionary guards say Israel should be "wiped off" map

TEHRAN, Oct 25 (AFP) - Iran's elite Revolutionary Guards (Pasdaran) called Tuesday for the obliteration of Israel, the official IRNA news agency reported. "The Pasdaran believe that the state of Israel, this tumorous cancer, must be wiped off the Middle East map," the corps said in a statement cited by IRNA >>> FULL TEXT

Iraqi base MKO says mortar attack in Tehran carried out by women

NICOSIA, Oct 25 (AFP) - Iran's main armed opposition group, the People's Mujahedeen, said Wednesday that a mortar attack it claimed to have launched on security headquarters in Tehran at the weekend was carried out by a unit made up exclusively of women >>> FULL TEXT

Iran tanker firm says privatization on schedule

Tehran (Reuters) - Iran is proceeding with plans to privatise the state-owned National Iranian Tanker Co despite public criticism of the privatisation, NITC head Mohammed Souri said yesterday. "The transfer of National Iranian Tanker Co to the private sector is proceeding normally, according to the law," Iran's news agency, IRNA, quoted Souri as saying >>> FULL TEXT

Tehran trade with Saudi on the rise

October 22, Gulf Daily News -- TEHRAN: Iran 's trade surplus with Saudi Arabia last year was $6.9 million on the back of a 32-plus per cent rise in exports to the kingdom, the official Irna news agency >>> FULL TEXT

Remembering Moshiri "that wonderful man"

Tehran, (Hayat-e No) -- Authors and poets recall moemories of Fereydoun Moshiri >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

Arts fest awards painters

Tehran, (Hayat-e No) -- Soudabeh Mir-Fassih is among the winners of the contemporary arts festival in Tehran. Other award-winning painters include Mostafa dareh-Baghi and Pooya Aryanpour >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

What's showing in Tehran?

Tehran, (Hayat-e No) -- "A time for drunken horses", a winner at Cannes, is now showing in theaters in Tehran. At 400,000 tomans per day, box offce earnings are not great, but they are better than expected for a film that does not have a popular theme >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

Jalal Talebi submits resignation

Tehran ­ Oct. 25 (Iran Sports Press) -- Upon arrival in Tehran on Wednesday at Mehrabad Airport, Jalal Talebi submitted his resgination to Safaee Farahani, the President of the Iranian Football Federation. While the IFF has to approve the resignation, based on Farahani's comments at the airport Talebi's tenure is very much over. Talebi was met at the airport by Farahani and other members of the IFF. According to sources, Farahani asked Talebi to submit his resignation upon arrival >>> FULL TEXT

Azizi: "We did not deserve to win"

Tehran ­ Oct. 25: The Iranian National Team arrived in Tehran on Wednesday following a dismal performance at the Asian Cup finals in Lebanon. Among the players returning to Iran were Khodadad Azizi and Karim Bagheri >>> FULL TEXT

Iran hoping to host 2004 finals

Tehran (Iran Varzeshi) -- Iran will try to persuade Asian football officials that the most qualified venue for the 2004 Asian Cup finals is Isfahan >>> FULL TEXT


Why political parties are short lived in Iran?

A conference opened in Isfahan to discuss the challenges facing the growth of Iranian political parties. In this report by Behrouz Parsa, a political activist (Farrokh Negahdar) and two university lecturers (Dr. Reza Taghizadeh in Glascow and Dr. Mohammad Kazem Mohammadi Esfahani in Tehran) discuss why political parties in Iran are short-lived >>> LISTEN HERE

BBC Persian Service

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Freedom is when amidst the confusion on a random street in Manhattan I hear Farsi spoken, and smile because I have just made a connection that surpasses the present and extends into the past and aftertime. It is knowing who I am, where I come, and feeling at one with the whole. It is the feeling I have when I think of sunsets, laughter, and my mothers smile; the relief and comfort of entering my mothers house and smelling the berenj; drinking chaie with gaz.

-- Maryam Khosharay
"Bound in the land of the free"
The Iranian
October 25, 2000

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