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Fathers against sons
In the Shahnameh, shahs are almost always in the wrong

September 15, 2000
The Iranian

Excerpt from Fathers and Sons: Stories from the Shahnameh of Ferdowsi, Vol II, translated by Dick Davis (2000, Mage Publishers).

One day at cockcrow Tus, Giv, and a number of other knights rode out from their king's court; taking along cheetahs and hawks, they set off for the plain of Daghui to hunt for wild asses. After they'd brought down a great quantity of game, enough for forty days, they saw that the land before them was black with Turkish tents. In the distance, close to the border between the Persian and Turkish peoples, a thicket was visible, and Tus and Giv, followed by a few others, rode over to it. To their astonishment, they discovered a beautiful young woman hiding there, and Tus said to her, "How is it a girl as radiant as the moon is in this thicket?" She answered, "Last night my father beat me; he came back drunk from a feast and, as soon as he saw me, he drew a dagger and began shouting that he would cut my head off, and so I fled from our home." >>> GO TO FEATURE


Excerpt from the introduction to Fathers and Sons: Stories from the Shahnameh of Ferdowsi, Vol II, translated by Dick Davis (2000, Mage Publishers).

In elaborating this concern Ferdowsi tends to present what is basically the same situation (a king does or demands something which his champion considers to be unethical or otherwise undesirable) and then offers different solutions or outcomes to the problem... What remains fairly constant (and there is only one king treated in Fathers and Sons of whom this is not true) is that the king is virtually always in the wrong in these arguments, and that we, the poem's audience, are more or less unequivocally invited to be on the side of the champion rather than his monarch >>> GO TO FEATURE


US and Iran face to face

BBC World Service

American Secretary of State Madeleine Albright is due to meet the Iranian foreign minister, Kamal Kharrazi, at the United Nations - the latest sign of improving relations between the two sides. Friday's meeting - part of UN-sponsored talks on Afghanistan which will involve eight countries - will be the first such encounter between the two countries since the 1979 Iranian revolution >> FULL TEXT

Iran reformers urge U.S. to review policy

Tehran (Reuters) - Reformist members of parliament in Iran have urged the United States to take note of democratic changes in their country and move to normalise relations. The two countries, arch foes for more than two decades, have shown slight signs of thawing ties since reformists made a strong showing in Iran's February parliamentary elections.

"Today, Iran has become a model for pluralism in the Middle East," Elahe Koulaei, a leading reformist MP, told Reuters earlier this week. "America cannot ignore our new role." But the United States should take the first step, she said >>> FULL TEXT

One of your scenes is missing
How Does Abbas Kiarostami Create The Cinematic Tension That Has Won Him Awards All Over The World? He Leaves Things Out: Facts, Dialogue - Even His Actors' Faces. The Iranian Master Film-maker Talks To Peter Lennon

The Guardian (London)
September 15, 2000

Abbas Kiarostami has taken up two daunting challenges. First, the Iranian director, increasingly acknowledged as one of the most original film-makers working today, wants to preserve cinema's visual purity in the face of the current pyrotechnic overload. Second, he wants to give to cinema the advantage of the novel where the reader-spectator willingly visualises what is not actually shown >>> FULL TEXT

Millions lost in Iranian charity black hole

By Tom Baldwin
The Times (London)
September 15, 2000

THE Charity Commission will today announce the closure of an aid organisation for victims of human rights abuses in Iran after a two-year investigation showed that millions of pounds donated in Britain each year were disappearing into a "black hole".

Around Pounds 600,000 belonging to Iran Aid will be confiscated and given to a new charity which is being set up to provide help for refugees from the fundamentalist Tehran regime >>> FULL TEXT

Not so good old days

From an item on ayction at ebay:

"This 1980s unusual button is a rare find. A PATRIOTIC MICKEY MOUSE " FLIPS THE BIRD " to IRAN. This 3" button is a MUST for a true DISNEY BUTTON COLLECTOR. What makes it even more unique is that a four fingered MICKEY MOUSE is giving the middle finger to Iran. Go figure!! It reads, HEY IRAN!" >>> SEE HERE

Thanks to Ramin

More Letters

* No surprise

Darius Kadivar writes: It is no surprise to me that Jafar Panahi won the Lion D'Or at the Venice film festival, given the make-up of the jury. I have not seen the film; I am sure it is worthwhile. But in the picture showing Samira Makhmalbaf amongst other members of the jury, their is also Jennifer Jason-Leigh who happens to be Reza Badii's step-daughter.

This is the same Reza Badii who directed many TV shows including the "Six Million Dollar Man" with Lee Majors, "The Incredible Hulk" and "The Magician" with Bill Bixby. I wonder whether The Iranian Times could get hold of Reza Badii for an interview on his career. It would indeed be very interesting to hear from him.

* Those folks at the airport

William Phillipson writes: And to think that I thought those folks at the airport with their 3-ring binders of 8 x 10 glossies were really trying to help the oppressed ["Millions lost in Iranian charity black hole"]. Man, was I naive.

* Gay Googoosh

H.D. writes: Letter to Googoosh.Com: I am writing on behalf of the large Iranian gay and lesbian group in Los Angeles. Your concerts have been great and seeing you was long overdue. We hope that you are happy and in peace and that we will continue hearing from you from now on.

We know that everyone wants a personal glimpse of you, but we thought to ask you to consider coming to a party in your honor whenever you are in Los Angeles. We promise you that you will have a good time. We also promise you we will not bother you with any questions nor will we expect you to perform. We just want to have the honor and pleaseure of your presence.

We have a gay Iranian man in our group whom we have nick-named "Googoosh", since he always impersonates you with your old songs/dancing and style. His impersonations of you were the closest we could get to seeing you again.

Well, our fantasy came true. Finally seeing you again, in concert in Los Angeles. If you want to get in touch with our group, please call ...

Best wishes and love from all of us.

* Right thing

Sattar writes: I applaud your kind and generous gesture in trasnferring the ownership of Googoosh.Com. I think you did the right thing and I think Googoosh-e aziz will do the right thing as well by allowing you to carry on the good work on Googoosh.Com.

Literature: Women writers of Iranian diaspora: Deadline extended

A new collection of writing aims to bring together the chorus of voices by and about women of the Iranian Diaspora. We are seeking submissions of poetry, fiction, and non-fiction essays for a new collection of writing by and about Iranian women in the Diaspora. Works that particularly challenge the notion of a homogeneous Iranian female and that reflect a feminist perspective are encouraged. This new collection of writings authored by women attempts to give voice to the unique visions, concerns, and struggles that have been central for Iranian women in the Diaspora >>> DETAILS HERE




Fathers and Sons
Stories from the Shahnameh of Ferdowsi, Vol II
Translated by Dick Davis


Kooh-haaye Iran
Photos by Qordratollah Kasraian

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    Translation of today's poem by Zara Houshmand:

    Any thief of a kiss can have your lips free;

    When it's my turn you set a high price.

    Any crime you forgive without real cause;

    But mine?--you cry for the harshest of laws.

    * Also see more Rumi translations

    Rumi book

Rumi: The Life Teachings and Poetry of Jalal al-Din Rumi
By Frankin D. Lewis

Copyright © Abadan Publishing Co. All Rights Reserved. May not be duplicated or distributed in any form

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More news

Iran closes notorious Tohid prison after protests

TEHRAN, Sept 14 (Reuters) - Iran's notorious Tohid prison, run by the intelligence ministry, has been closed down, newspapers on Thursday quoted a reformist parliamentarian as saying. ``The intelligence minister ordered the closure of the (prison)...and nobody was held there when our delegation visited,'' the daily Aftab-e Yazd quoted Ali Akbar Mousavi-Khoeini as saying. Other newspapers carried similar reports >>> FULL TEXT

Detained dissident in Iran suffering from diabetes

Sept. 13, Teheran (dpa) - Hassan Yussefi-Ashkevari, a detained dissident in Iran , is suffering from diabetes and should be released from jail for medical reasons, the students news agency ISNA reported Wednesday. In a letter to the judiciary, the dissident's wife, Mohtaram Yussefi-Ashkevari, said her husband has had several attacks in prison during the night which temporarily even led to partial paralysis. She warned of dire consequences if he remained in prison without medical care, ISNA said >>> FULL TEXT

Schoolgirls win reprieve from head scarves, black coats

TEHRAN, Sept 15 (AFP) - Iranian girls will be allowed to take off their obligatory head scarves at school and wear coats in colors besides black for the first time in 19 years when classes start in late September. Girls aged between 9 and 11 will be released from the obligation to wear the traditional and mostly black head scarf, or maqna-e, which covers their entire heads and shoulders, leaving just their faces uncovered >>> FULL TEXT

Teheran plans separate playing grounds in parks for girls

Sept 13, Teheran (dpa) - Teheran plans to separate the playing grounds for girls in parks, the daily Iran reported Wednesday. The decision was taken by the Teheran City Council, the daily said >>> FULL TEXT

Iran to chair group of 133 developing countries

UNITED NATIONS, Sept 15 (Reuters) - Iran was elected by acclamation on Friday to the chairmanship of the influential Third World coalition called the Group of 77, which now numbers 133 developing countries. The election took place at the annual meeting of the group's foreign ministers, now in New York for the U.N. General Assembly >>> FULL TEXT

Cleric says courts must not delay in provincial unrest

TEHRAN, Sept 15 (AFP) - Iran's judiciary should act quickly on last month's provincial unrest to avoid a repeat of long delays in other politically sensitive cases, a leading conservative cleric said Friday. Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati, speaking at weekly prayers at Tehran university, made the comments a day after a conservative-led inquiry blamed last month's unrest in the western city of Khoramabad on leading pro-reform figures >>> FULL TEXT

Britain closes Iran charity after complaints

LONDON (Reuters) - Britain's charities watchdog announced Friday it had closed down an Iranian charity called Iran Aid after investigating allegations that it was linked to an armed group which opposes the Iranian government. ``After two years' investigation Iran Aid has failed to give us verifiable evidence that money donated by the British public was actually spent on charitable work in Iran,'' Director of Operations at the Charity Commission, Simon Gillespie said

UK's Cook presses Iran on Jewish prisoners

UNITED NATIONS, Sept 15 (Reuters) - British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook raised the fate of 10 Iranian Jews jailed for alleged spying for Israel with Iranian Foreign Minister Kamal Kharrazi on Friday, British officials said. ``On the Shiraz detainees, the foreign secretary pressed for an early and successful outcome to their appeal,'' an official said, adding that Kharrazi had ``registered'' the message >>> FULL TEXT

Iran says Shell to study gas-to-liquids project

DUBAI, Sept 14 (Reuters) - A unit of the Royal Dutch/Shell will study the development of a gas-to-liquids facility fed by natural gas from Iran's offshore South Pars field under an understanding signed with two Iranian state energy firms, one of the Iranian companies said. "National Petrochemical Company (NPC), National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) and Shell International Gas Limited (Shell) signed a Memorandum of Understanding on September 11, 2000 to study the development of a Gas to Liquids (GTL) facility fed by natural gas from the giant South Pars gas field," the NPC said in a statement, received by Reuters late on Wednesday >>> FULL TEXT

U.S. looks into possible Conoco sanctions breach

HOUSTON, Sept 14 (Reuters) - The U.S. Treasury Department is looking into whether Conoco Inc.(NYSE:COCa - news) might have breached U.S. sanctions by analysing seismic data from a giant oil discovery in Iran, a U.S. State Department spokesman said on Thursday. ``The issue of whether this is a sanctions violation is a decision that is made by the Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control. They are looking at it,'' State Department spokesman Bill Wanlund said >>> FULL TEXT

Three awards for Meshkini

Tehran (Hamshahri) -- Marziyeh Meshkini's "Roozi keh zan shodam" (The day I became a women) won three awards during its screening at the Venice film festival >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

Iranian cinema: The issues

Tehran (Hamshahri) -- On the 100th anniversary of Iranian cinema, filmmakers talk about the issues. "The most succcessful films of the past 30 years have been the ones made with the simplest means," but this must change, says Khosro Sinai >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

War films

Tehran (Hamshahri) -- Names of 20 films chosen for the competition category in the war films festival >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

Iran U-17 in finals

VIETNAM, September 15 (Iran Sports Press) -- The Iranian U17 National Football Team clinched a spot in the final of the 9th Asian Youth Championships after defeating hosts Vietnam 4-0 in a semi final match. Iran's inclusion in the top three teams of Asia also gives it automatic qualification to the upcoming World Youth Championships >>> FULL TEXT

Esteghlal's defeat

ABU DHABI, September 14 (Iran Sports Press) -- With video: Esteghlal suffered a 3-2 loss at the hands of Al-Wahdeh in a lackluster performance on Thursday evening in Abu Dhabi. Esteghlal went into this game content with a draw against the UAE side. However, Al-Wahdeh proved a tougher side then Esteghlal had predicted and managed to pose serious problems for Esteghlal's unorganized and fragile defense >>> FULL TEXT

Daei scores for Hertha Berlin

BERLIN, September 14 (Iran Sports Press) -- Hertha Berlin thought that their match against the Moldovian side Chisinau in the UEFA would be an easy task but they found out early that it was not going to be an easy one. Chisinau took an early lead when midfielder Sergiu Epureanu scored the first goal of the match in the 12th minute. His goal from close range came after a hasty start on behalf of the Hertha defense only twelve minute from the start of the half >>> FULL TEXT


RSF's concern about missing journalist

Reporters Sons Frontieres says, it is worried about the faith of journalist Piruz Davani who has been missing for last two years. Sima Bahrami talks to missing journalist's sister, Mohtaram Davani >>> LISTEN HERE

BBC Persian Service

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Seyavash said, "Do not grieve, my lord,
The heavens willed all this, and rest assured
The fire will have no strength to injure me;
My innocence ensures my victory."

-- Fathers and Sons: Stories from the Shahnameh of Ferdowsi, Vol II
Mage Publishers
September 15, 12000

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