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Tuesday September 19, 2000 / Shahrivar 29, 1379, No. 1067

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Okay, I'm a racist
I must shamefully admit that I don't like Arabs

By dAyi Hamid
Sepetmber 19, 2000
The Iranian

Are we better human beings because we are Iranians? Then why do we treat foreigners like Swedes treat non-Europeans? If we are superior to other races, why do we make the same mistakes? Why do we look down at Pakistanis? Why do we belittle Arabs? Are these the symptoms of having pure Aryan blood? If our race makes us better human beings, then we have to prove it by treating foreigners better than other nations do.

Having said all that I must shamefully admit that I don't like Arabs. yeki biAd bezaneh tu sar-e man >>> GO TO FEATURE

Los Angeles

Doctor... Doctor...
Dude! Eeverybody is a doctor here

By Siamack Baniameri
September 19, 2000
The Iranian

I was in Los Angles attending a seminar. It was a week-long event which ended at in the early afternoon on a Friday. Maziyar, my old high school buddy lives in Los Angles. I always get in touch with him when I'm in the neighborhood. I called his cellphone from my hotel room. I told him I was in town and leaving for the airport in couple of hours. I asked him if he could meet me for a cup of coffee and some gossiping. He tells me that he is working late but he insists I stay an extra day. He was having a pool party on Saturday and had invited friends over at his house. I kept telling him that I was leaving in two hours. But he insisted and insisted till I gave up. What the hell. I can handle another sunny, beautiful day in L.A. >>> GO TO FEATURE


Defence lawyers under pressure to admit Jews are spies?

BBC World Service

Days before universities start, several student movements are giving confusing signals, some inviting them to remain peaceful, and some are encouraging them to actively protest. Meanwhile, the Chief of Revolutionary Guards says his forces are prepared to confront any unrest if necessary. Saeed Yekta talks to Ahmad Salamatian, political analyst in Paris >> >LISTEN HERE

Also: Court spokesman denies lawyers have been under pressure

Tackling Iran's ethnic divide

By Guy Dinmore in Urumiyeh
The Financial Times
September 18 2000

Leaving a political crisis brewing in Tehran, President Mohammad Khatami is in the border province of West Azerbaijan this week, where ethnic tensions and economic deprivation are adding to the strains on Iran's faction-ridden central government.

Mr Khatami carried the same message of the "Dialogue of Civilisations" that he took to the United Nations Millennium Summit in New York this month but this time addressing it to the Turkish-speaking Muslims of northern Iran >>> FULL TEXT

Afghan refugees leave Iran for home with sadness, resignation

DOGHARUN, Iran, Sept 19 (AFP) - Faces lined with fatigue, hardly a smile among them, carrying small bundles of clothing, some 2,000 people assembled at this border crossing into their native Afghanistan, waiting to go home after years in exile.

They had volunteered to take advantage of a United Nations project aimed at returning them to their homeland, to an unknown future. There was little sign of enthusiasm, instead mostly resignation and sadness at leaving behind the relative tranquility and economic security they had enjoyed in Iran. >>> FULL TEXT

Tazieh, an Islamic tragedy

PARIS, Sept 19 (AFP) - Tazieh, Iran's distinctive form of religious drama to be showcased at the Paris Autumn Festival later this week, has never before been performed outside the Islamic world.

Though its blend of opera, theatre and ritual predates the Islamic era, Tazieh is now almost entirely concerned with the martyrdom of the imam Hossein, grandson of the prophet Mohammed, killed in October 680 (common era) with his family and 72 followers by calif Yazid of Damascus. >>> FULL TEXT

Dear Sir or Madam, I think the flag of Iran should be bellow. Thanks >>> SEE HERE

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* Victims of "artistic expression"

Hagdash writes: I am not exactly sure what is happening as far as the photos of Googoosh's concert are concerned ["Googoosh live!"]; either my computer is having problems displaying anything useful or we are victims of "artistic expression".

Although I found the idea of the garish photos to be interesting, I for one would have appreciated at least a couple of viewable photos. Thank you for the effort.

* Don't leave day job

Mohsen Asadi writes: These pictures are terrible ["Googoosh live!"]. They are neither artistic nor real. There are bound to be better pictures than these somewhere on the Web. Please tell the photographer not to leave his day job.

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* Innovative

Hamid Nazari writes: The photos you took of Googoosh and then transformed ["Googoosh live!"], were very innovative and eye-catching. Impressive.

* Happy memories

Margaret writes: I have found your articles in The Iranian so very interesting ["Requiem in Cairo"]. I was married to an Iranian, and have many happy memories of my life in Iran during the reign of the late Shah. I was particularly interested in your story of Tea with with the Former British Ambassador, Sir Denis Wright,whom I had met during my many years in Iran.

I was deeply moved by your article "By the Pale Green Stone", and the more recent "Requiem in Cairo". I, too, was anxious to know what had happened to the Shah and his family after the Revolution, and found answers in "The Shah's Last Ride", by William Shawcross >>> FULL TEXT

* Long for home

Mehrdad writes: I have been reading your pieces [Sadaf Kiani Abbassian's features] and always enjoy them immensely. They always make me long for the home, the sounds and scents that you so much bring to life in your writings.

Aid: Drought charity benefit, Phildelphia

In honor of our first anniversary, the Philadelphia Persian Society cordially invites you to our Masquerade for Charity. Join us for anexciting evening of music and dancing to benefit a great cause. This event will be our greatest and most exciting to date, and we expect to have a tremendous turnout. Please publicize this event to all of your friends and family.

All proceeds of this event will benefit the Iranian Drought Relief Effortvia the United Nations (Technical Cooperation Department of the Food and Agriculture Organization). The Masquerade for Charity will be held on Saturday, October 28th from 7-12 p.m., at the Union League of Phi




Recasting Persian Poetry
Scenarios of Poetic Modernity in Iran
By Ahmad Karimi-Hakkak


Dar shenaakht-e Ferdosi
By Prof. Shirani

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    Translation of today's poem by Zara Houshmand:

    When your friend sits too often with your enemy,

    You can't sit too often in his company.

    Beware the poison mixed up in the honey.

    Run from the harmless fly that sits on a snake.

    * Also see more Rumi translations

    Rumi book

Rumi: The Life Teachings and Poetry of Jalal al-Din Rumi
By Frankin D. Lewis

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More news

Pro-reform journalist, lawyer released from prison

TEHRAN, Sept 19 (AFP) - A pro-reform journalist and a lawyer who has defended the embattled reformist press were both released from prison on Tuesday, a defence attorney told AFP. Journalist Mohammad Qouchani and lawyer Mohammad-Ali Jedari-Forouqi, both jailed last month in separate cases, were freed from Tehran's Evin prison, said Forouqi's lawyer, Nemat Ahmadi >>> FULL TEXT

Decision on appeal in Iran spy case

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - An Iranian appeals court will announce a decision by Thursday on the appeals of 10 Jews convicted and sentenced to jail on charges of spying for Israel, state-run radio reported Monday night, quoting a senior judiciary official. Hossein Ali Amiri, the judiciary chief of southern Fars province where the men were tried, said on Iranian radio that the decision was to be released by Thursday at the latest >>> FULL TEXT

Conservative to be first woman to run for presidency

TEHRAN, Sept 19 (AFP) - Conservative bureaucrat Farah Khosravi announced she will become the first woman ever to run for the Iranian presidency in next year's polls, press reports said Tuesday. The unmarried 41-year-old, who has twice failed to win a seat in parliament, will stand in May's elections as a member of the Jamiateh Iran Farda (JIF) party, the government-run Iran newspaper said >>> FULL TEXT

Putin considers Clinton warning on Iran

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Clinton (news - web sites) is urging RussianPresident Vladimir Putin (news - web sites) to shelve plans to sell lasertechnology to Iran, telling him it could be adapted to a nuclear weapons program,an administration official said Tuesday. The Russian leader took the request seriously, but the follow-up is critical, said the official, who spoke on conditionof anonymity >>> FULL TEXT

Majlis speaker says US must end hostility before ties resumed

TEHRAN, Sept 19 (AFP) - Iran's parliament speaker said Monday he told US lawmakers last month in New York that it was down to the United States to mend fences between the two nations, state radio reported. It quoted Mehdi Karubi telling the lawmakers there would be no response to requests to improve relations between the two countries "while your government has hostile feelings towards us, and the wall of mistrust between the two nations still stands." >>> FULL TEXT

UN refugee head visits Afghan refugee camp in Iran

TORBAT-E-JAM, Iran, sept 18 (AFP) - The UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Sadako Ogata, on Monday visited a camp of Afghan refugees in Iran and said the question of education was a "very important" issue for refugees wanting to return home. "Many refugees want to go back but they have certain concerns," the UNHCR head told journalists after a visit to the Torbat-e-Jam camp near the Afghan border, where 7,200 Afghan refugees live >>> FULL TEXT

Iran denies involvement in Baghdad rocket attack

TEHRAN, Sept 19 (AFP) - Iran on Monday denied it was behind a rocket attack in Baghdad that the Iraqis blamed on Tehran, the official IRNA news agency reported. "Iraq's domestic issues and problems have nothing to do with Iran," IRNA quoted an informed source at the foreign ministry as saying >>> FULL TEXT

U.S. companies to attend Teheran trade fair

Sept 18, 2000, Teheran (dpa) - Five companies from the United States will attend Teheran's international trade fair scheduled early next month, the official news agency IRNA reported Monday. IRNA quoted a commerce ministry official as saying that the five U.S. companies are engaged in production of air conditioning units, audio equipment and cosmetics. The companies were not mentioned by name >>> FULL TEXT

U.S. businesses demand end of sanctions against Iran

WASHINGTON, Sept 19 (AFP) - A coalition of US businesses, agriculture groups and trade associations on Monday asked the administration of US President Bill Clinton to lift sanctions against Iran to allow US businesses access to Iran's markets. "American companies are prevented by executive order from participating in Iran's oil program," Frank Kittredge, vice chairman of the USA-ENGAGE coalition and president of the National Foreign Trade Council, said in a statement >>> FULL TEXT

Success in Toronto

Tehran, (Hamshahri) -- Marziyeh Meshkini won joint second prize at the Toronto film festival for her "Ruzi keh zan shodam" (The day I became a woman). Also... >>> FULL TEXT

Film: Earliest documents

Tehran (Aftab-e Yazd) -- The earliest Iranian film industry documents have been put on display at the Golestan Museum in Tehran >>> FULL TEXT

Documentaries: A look back

Tehran (Aftab-e Yazd) -- Documentary film making in Iran took off in the 1950's with Ebrahim Goleslan's "Golestan Film" company. Ebrahim Mokhtarzadeh explains >>> FULL TEXT

Sarekhani takes 7th in Olympic judo

SYDNEY (Iran Sports Press) -- With video: Iran's Kazem Sarekhani took seventh place in the Men's 81 kg Judocompetitions. Kazemi lost to Estonia Aleksei Budolin in the bronze medal match.Makoto Takimoto of Japan got goldIn-Chul Cho of Korea got silver, while Aleksei Budolin of Estonia and Nuno Delgadoboth got bronze >>> FULL TEXT

Mobarrez falls short in swimming

SYDNEY (Iran Sports Press) -- With video: Iran's only swimmer in Sydney Olympics, Hamid RezaMobarrez, did not qualify to the semi finals of the Men's100m Freestyle. Despite coming in second place inHeat 2 (group) with a time of 54.12 seconds, he did notmeet the minimum 50 seconds requirement to swim inthe semi finals >>> FULL TEXT

Jalal Talebi interview

TEHRAN (Iran Sports Press) -- With audio: In an exclusive interview with Iran Sports Press onSeptember 17, Jalal Talebi, the head coach of the IranianNational football Team, discussed the Iranian team'spreparations for the upcoming Asian Cup finals in Lebanon >>> FULL TEXT


Court spokesman denies lawyers have been under pressure

Hossein Ali Amiri, head of Shiraz judiciary denies accusation by the defence lawyers of 10 Iranian Jews that they have been put under pressure to admit that their clients were spies. Daryoush Homai talks to Mr Amiri >>> LISTEN HERE

BBC Persian Service

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I want to go to Tehran, Iran; Egypt, Jerusalem, Istanbul--the 'real Eastern' tour. We want to get together to get the flavor of Jalisco. If they want to, I'm ready to share 2002 with them.

-- Carlos Santana at the Latin Grammys
Yahoo Entertainment News
Sept 18, 2000

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