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Wedneesday February 7, 2001 / Bahman 19, 1379, No. 1161


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Persian Watch Dog
In defense of Persian Watch Cat

February 7, 2001
The Iranian

Editor's note: Since the publication of Guive Mirfendereski's commentary "Power of one", senior members of Persian Watch Cat (PWC), the Iranian anti-discrimination group, have demanded the removal of the article, or certain words and phrases. They have threatened to take The Iranian to court for "defamation" if their demands are not met. I have invited the PWC to write a reply explaining why they believe Dr. Mirfendereski is wrong. So far the PWC has refused. But the following is an unedited reply from one of the group's members >>> GO TO FEATURE


Just don't do it
If Agassi embraces his Iranian background

By Farid Moghadassi
February 7, 2001
The Iranian

I admire the man. However, I, along with many other Iranians, have been offended by Andre's denial of his Iranian background. My love for this man made me think as to why he would do such a thing. >>> GO TO FEATURE


South Pole
Where there's true freedom

By Siavosh J.
February 7, 2001
The Iranian

When I moved from Tehran to Vancouver, Canada, a year and half ago I thought I'm walking to land of glory where prosperity and liberty is awaiting me. It was not so!>>> GO TO FEATURE


His red-robed highness
Exposing Iran's dirty secrets

By Akbar Ganji
The Iranian

His highness (by Morteza Mardiha) >>> GO TO FEATURE


Another letter from Evin

Letter from Evin prison by Ahmad Zeidabadi, former chief editor of the Azad newspaper >>> FULL TEXT

Zeidabadi to continue his hunger strike

BBC Persian Service

Ahmad Zeidabadi has rejected the request of the Association for Freedom of the Press to end his hunger strike. In a letter from prison, he says he will continue his hunger strike until his demand to be moved to a decent ward is met. Mr Zeidabadi says he has been moved to the present ward by deceit and force. Mehdi Sharif asks Mr zeidabadi's lawyer, Amir Hosseinabadi, what Mr Zeidabadi meant by deceit and force >>> LISTEN



Here's the exact time for the start of the New Year: 5:30 AM Pacific time, 8:30 AM Eastern March 20. Don't know the exact "seconds" yet (beh ofoghe tehran).

More Letters


* Get real

John Mohammadi writes: I have been reading this nonsense about Reza Pahlavi with growing incredulity and utter amazement! The only explanation I can think of for anyone actually believing this nonsense is that it must be caused by a very significant multi-generational gap, an almost pathological case of nostalgia, and either totally malevolent cynicism or dangerous levels of naiveity!

I mean, how much more out-of-touch can some people get? GET REAL! No one in Iran would even consider a monarch! >>> FULL TEXT

* Barely touched the surface

S. Iman writes: Respectfully, your article "Thy father's sins" barely touched the surface. You also seem to "leave the door open" for Reza Pahlavi to "hope". Consider the followings:

1. Mention of Pahlavi dynasty brings to mind such corruption as drug trafficking, forced partnership of "royal" family in profitable companies, totally submitting to foreign powers, forced membership in the defunct "Rastakhiz," selling of Bahrein Island, deposing the most favorite populous leader Mossadeq, resolving of parliaments, receiving of "percentages" on business deals, etc >>> FULL TEXT

* We do not value human rights as much

Mahmood Kanani writes: With regards to the recent exchange of words on the fingerprinting of Iranians ["Power of one", "Shocked and saddened"],... if we don't give any significance to our rights as Iranians why do we expect others to do so? I have often felt critical of the US stance in international affairs, which is often associated with a certain arrogance and assumption that US life is in someway superior to the life of other nationals. But I realize that this is what the US citizens expect and demand from their government, to protect them and fight for their rights. They assume –correctly in many instances- that the other side is doing the same for their nationals. Its sad to realize we can feel exhilarated by hearing that on the most recent trip to Iran our friend was not hassled or humiliated by the customs official in Tehran, as if it is somehow a blessing and not a right >>> FULL TEXT

Petition: Stop fingerprinting

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More news

Jews' request for quashing of spying charges rejected: radio

TEHRAN, Feb 7 (AFP) - Ten Jews convicted last year of spying for Israel have had their request for the quashing of their convictions rejected, state radio reported Wednesday. The radio quoted a spokesman for the judiciary in the southern city of Shiraz, where the 10 were tried and sentenced in July last year, but gave no further details >>> FULL TEXT

Deputy Interior minister refuses to appear in court closed to public

TEHRAN, Feb 7 (AFP) - Deputy interior minister, Mostafa Tajzadeh, a close reformist ally of President Mohammad Khatami, refused Wednesday to appear in court on a battery of charges because it was closed to the press, an AFP correspondent witnessed. Tajzadeh left the venue of the administrative tribunal in central Tehran after determining that reporters and photographers were not being admitted to the courtroom >>> FULL TEXT

Police arrest 42 people at "depraved" party

TEHRAN, Feb 7 (AFP) - Police arrested 42 people dancing at a "depraved" party in the southern city of Shiraz, the conservative afternoon Kayhan paper reported Wednesday. It said police who had been called to the scene after receiving numerous complaints from neighbours found 22 men and 20 women dancing together at a "depraved" party, the majority of whom were drunk >>> FULL TEXT

Khamenei warns against foreign-led "cultural pollution" in Iran

TEHRAN, Feb 7 (AFP) - Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Wednesday warned against what he called the "cultural pollution" in the country caused by foreign-influenced circles hostile to the regime, state radio said. "Look at the polemic and controversy which periodically control certain circles in Iran acting under foreign influence. That is called cultural pollution," because it aims at influencing public opinion, Khamenei said during a meeting with air force officials >>> FULL TEXT

Jafar Shafaghat, Shah loyalist, former war minister dies in France

NICE, France, Feb 7 (AFP) - Jafar Shafaghat, a general and staunch supporter of the late Shah of Iran, died Sunday in the southern French town of Nice, aged 86, his family said Tuesday. Shafaghat, who handed Muhammad Reza Shah Pahlevi the crown at his coronation ceremony on October 26, 1967, fled to France in 1980 after the fall of the Shah and his replacement by an Islamic regime >>> FULL TEXT

Iran test flies first domestically-built airliner

SHAHIN-SHAHR, Iran, Feb 7 (AFP) - First domestically-produced passenger plane, built with technical assistance from Ukraine, the medium-haul Iran-140, successfully completed its first test flight Wednesday. Visiting Ukrainian Prime Minister Viktor Yushenko and Iran's First Vice President Hassan Habibi were among the guests to witness the test flight of the plane in Shahin-Shahr near the central city of Isfahan >>> FULL TEXT

Italian ENI group buys stake in Iranian oil field

MILAN, Feb 7 (AFP) - The Italian oil group ENI said on Tuesday it has bought a 38.5-percent share in the Balan oil field in Iran, operated by a French-Canadian venture. The joint venture operating the field is 46.75-percent owned by French group TotalFinaElf and 15-percent held by Bow Valley of Canada, the company said in a statement >>> FULL TEXT

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Real problem

My real problem with Reza Pahlavi is that he, like his father, is out of touch, has never worked a day in his life at a real job, is totally class-isolated (along with his supporters), does not speak the language of the ordinary people, has probably never stood in line to buy some barbari or drank tea in a non-tourist chai-khaneh with ordinary people, and is surrounded by self-serving "grandees" and courtiers who, upon coming to power in Iran, will in all liklihood continue to engage in the same corrupt activities as before.

-- John Mohammadi
Letter to The Iranian
February 7, 2001

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