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Friday February 9, 2001 / Bahman 21, 1379, No. 1162

Flower delivery in Iran


Sehaty Foreign Exchange


By Esmail Nooriala
February 9, 2001
The Iranian



By Leila Farjami
February 9, 2001
The Iranian

Pardon me,
if I am too shallow
I have NOT been taught
when to speak
when to see
when to listen



By an Iranian in Mexico
February 9, 2001
The Iranian

I want to live in Guadalajara
where I can hear the crickets sing
and year-round


The weather is cold

By Neda Najibi
February 9, 2001
The Iranian

The weather is cold
There's no driving snow
I don't want to know what you did last night
But you didn't do it - he did!


Persian cooking
This week's recipe

By Pari Ardalan Malek
February 9, 2001
The Iranian

This week's recipe: >>> GO TO FEATURE


His red-robed highness
Exposing Iran's dirty secrets

By Akbar Ganji
The Iranian

Protecting this fragile child (by Masoud Behnoud) >>> GO TO FEATURE


Rally against Islamic Republic

BBC Persian Service

Riot police in Tehran have broken up a rally by demonstrators calling for more freedom of expression. Police fired shots in the air and used tear gas to disperse the crowd of several hundred. Witnesses said there were many arrests. The rally was called by Iranian dissident groups based abroad. Afshin Amirzadeh asks Sadeq Zibakalam, political analyst, what makes some people answer to such requests positively >>> LISTEN

Police, Demonstrators Clash in Iran

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - Police and members of a hard-line paramilitary squad arrested dozens of anti-government protesters Friday and used tear gas to disperse hundreds more from a Tehran park, witnesses said. The official Islamic Republic News Agency said there were only 300 protesters, mostly young people who were demanding freedom of expression >>> FULL TEXT



Iranian men would do the most imaginative things to show their love on Valentive's Day >>> HERE

Thanks to Farzaneh Rohanizadeh

More Letters


* Setting a bad example

Shahla Farshchi writes: Let me start off by expressing my profound disappointment in the tactics of our new anti-discrimination group, Persian Watch Cat (PWC). It's board members and executive director have discredited themselves and the group at its inception .... My advice to the PWC is to allow people like Dr. Mifrendeski to add to your debate, to learn from his legal and political training, and to use it in your fight. And I do hope cooler heads prevail at the PWC. I do not doubt the sincerity of all involved. But I do hope the PWC realizes that so far, it has set a very bad example >>> FULL TEXT

* Unprofessional

Ramin Kashi, writes: I am ashamed. Ashamed as an Iranian, ashamed as an American. I do not know much about the Persian Watch Cat (PWC), but what I know is very sad... I need to be defended when I get fingerprinted at an American airport, but I rather be fingerprinted than have a group of unprofessional madmen try to help me by yelling and threating to sue newspapers! >>> FULL TEXT

* Each for himself

A. Shemirani writes: Regarding "Just don't do it", Some of us can and some of us can't. The ones who can, do not want to be part of the big melting pot and want to stand out as individuals. Those who can't, would more rather be part of that great melting pot that has made U.S. what it is today. Some of us want to and some of us don't want to >>> FULL TEXT

* Children of Imam Hossein

Asghar Massombagi writes: In his response ["Pacific Islam"], Mr. Tehranian has not addressed Mr. Mahdavi's central argument, that Shi'ite Islam by nature is anti-pluralist ["Minority rule"] >>> FULL TEXT

Petition: Urge President Bush...

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    Translation of today's poem by Zara Houshmand:

    What riot flares in my constricted heart?

    Love has shrunk me, like a small, hollow lute.

    What is this--this heart within my body,

    Making war on me for her, night and day?

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More news

At least 20 injured, 100 held in Tehran protest: witnesses

TEHRAN, Feb 9 (AFP) - At least 20 young anti-government demonstrators were injured and 100 were arrested in clashes with riot police breaking up a Tehran rally, witnesses told AFP. Armed police fired tear gas and beat some protesters with clubs after some 3,000 protesters chanted and held banners reading "We Are Against the Islamic Regime," and supporting freedom of expression >>> FULL TEXT

UN's Robinson and Brundtland to visit Tehran

TEHRAN, Feb 9 (AFP) - The UN high commissioner for Human Rights will come to Tehran later this month for the Asian inter-governmental preparatory meeting for the annual world conference against racism, the UN office in Tehran said Thursday. UN coordinator in Tehran Francesco Bastagli told AFP that Mary Robinson is due to arrive here February 19 >>> FULL TEXT

Iran, EU to hold latest semi-annual meeting in Stockholm: press

TEHRAN, Feb 9 (AFP) - Iran and the European Union will hold their sixth regular meeting on February 13 in Sweden, current holder of the EU's rotating presidency, the Dorane-Emrouz paper reported Thursday. Sweden's ambassador to Tehran, Steen Hohwue-Christensen, was quoted as saying "topics of mutual interest, including drug trafficking, refugees, regional developments, as well as human rights," would be discussed >>> FULL TEXT

Monarchist opposition happy with demonstrations

WASHINGTON, Feb 9 (AFP) - Iran's monarchist opposition, in exile in the United States, expressed its support Friday of demonstrations in Tehran held in protest at Iran's Islamic regime. The demonstrations are a direct result of a move by Reza Pahlavi, son of Iran's former shah, to intensify his campaign against the Islamic regime which ousted his father, mainly via foreign radio stations and the Internet, according to opposition leader Khosrow Akmal >>> FULL TEXT

Chancellor Schroeder To Visit Iran

BERLIN (AP) - Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder on Thursday accepted an invitation to visit Iran, government officials said, in a sign that both countries are trying to ease strained relations. Iranian Foreign Minister Kamal Kharrazi met Schroeder and handed an invitation from Iranian President Mohammad Khatami, a government spokesman said on customary condition of anonymity >>> FULL TEXT

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