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Wednesday January 24, 2001 / Bahman 5, 1379, No. 1151


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Persian cookbook

January 24, 2001
The Iranian

From the preface to Pari Ardalan Malek's Joy of Persian Cooking: Persian-American Cuisine (2000, Abjad Book Designers and Builders). Malek is a mother of three, grandmother of four and wife of a diplomat and former Iranian ambassador to Sweden, Finland and Iceland. Her book is a collection of more than 500 recipes, drawn from Iran as well as from her years in Europe. The Iranian will feature one of her recipes every week, starting today >>> GO TO FEATURE


Bad service
Customers not respected at Iranian restaurants

By Mahmood Kanani
January 24, 2001
The Iranian

I don't like to nag. The food industry is very competitive and I don't want Iranian restaurants to go out of business. Where else can I find chelo kabab soltani with somagh? But I also want to enjoy the dinning experience too. I doubt a non-Iranian will ever return after experiencing what I've been through. But the managers know we are hooked, like junkies >>> GO TO FEATURE


His red-robed highness
Exposing Iran's dirty secrets

By Akbar Ganji
The Iranian

Elections and memories of the "cold winter slap" >>> GO TO FEATURE


Pahlavi Pushes Iranian Democracy

WASHINGTON (AP) - Blaming the current Islamic regime for Iran's political turmoil and loss of international stature, the son of late Shah of Iran called Wednesday for a national referendum to determine ``the nature and fate of a future system of government.''

Recent news accounts that describe the political fight within Iran as a struggle between reformist allies of the president and Islamic hard-liners are too simple, Reza Pahlavi said. The reality is far more complex >>> FULL TEXT

Students end sit-in but want to stage a rally

BBC Persian Service

Mohammad Reza Namnabat, a student leader at the Amir Kabir University in Tehran, says students who staged a sit-in outside the Iranian parliament yesterday have asked permission to stage a rally. They are protesting against the prison sentences for the Iranian intellectuals who took part at the Berlin Conference. Afshin Amirzadeh talks to Mr Namnabat >>> LISTEN



During his press conference at the National Press Club in Washington Wednesday, Reza Pahlavi said the positive response to his 20-minute speech, which was broadcast to Iran last week, had been "enormous". "My web site alone has had an average of 28,000 hits a day since our broadcast."

Hits, mind you, is not the same as number of people.

More Letters

* Rootless, but worldly

Gabrielle Sanseverino writes: Regarding "Hell no" by Babak Nikain, Why such despair? I have met and known many people who have lived between cultures. Mainly, they have either been the children of immigrants or the children of families whose livelihood took them across the globe (be it business, government, etc.) Hands down, I think they are richer human beings because of it - in spite of being rootless. Rarely have I met one of these "tweeners" or "global nomads" who wasn't extremely sophisticated, kind, open-minded, sincere, inteligent and, of course, worldly >>> FULL TEXT

* Don't miss Islamic Iran

Sheila K writes: It is refreshing to hear your patriotic view of Iran ["Hell no"]. However, for those of you who haven't really experienced life in the Islamic era, Iran is no place for anyone with ambition, dreams and desire for success. I speak of personal experience which is shared by millions of my fellow Iranians...

When you live in the Islamic Iran, you will then understand the humiliating aspects of ones livelihood in Iran. There is so much I can tell you about Iran, but I will leave it up to you to experience them for yourself. Make a visit to Iran and visit everything not just the history, but the present >>> FULL TEXT

* Write more often

Amoo Ali writes: I have always read dAyi Hamid's articles and enjoyed them since they all have some grains of truth in them. But this most recent one ["Man naboodam dastam bood..."] beautifully describes the irony that ALL Iranians are facing today.

The solution is to have articles like this more often written and circulated to EVERY IRANIAN in the world and make them think a little bit about their predicament today and learn to be RESPONSIBLE for their messy situation they are in and do not complain about others >>> FULL TEXT

* Rude

J. Jalali writes: Excuse my language but you seem to be rude as well as illiterate ["Googooshgate"]. Because for us, the suppressed women in Iran, Googoosh is not only a real artist, but a symbol. A symbol of all the good things that we are deprived of >>> FULL TEXT

Charity: Helping Iranian children

The Foundation for the Children of Iran was founded in the United States in 1991 by a small group of Iranian immigrants. The purpose of The Foundation is to enable children from Iran or of Iranian origin to receive health care services in the United States.

Our 2001 Norooz (Persian New Year) fundraising event and celebration is being held at Tyson Corner's Ritz Carlton Hotel in Virginia. Date: Friday March 16, 2001 Time: 7:00 p.m. Admission: $150.00 Location: Tyson Corner- Ritz Carlton Hotel, Vienna, Virginia. >>> DETAILS




Joy of Persian Cooking Persian-American Cuisine
By Pari Ardalan Malek



She'r-e tanz-e emrooz iraan
By Ebrahim Nabavi

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    Translation of today's poem by Zara Houshmand:

    The moon rose high and I sunk very low.

    My love sobered up, and I got still more drunk.

    My life and soul, from now on please don't hold

    Against me what is out of my control.

    * Also see more Rumi translations

    Rumi book

Rumi: The Life Teachings and Poetry of Jalal al-Din Rumi
By Frankin D. Lewis

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More news

Reza Pahlavi urges end to support for moderates

WASHINGTON, Jan 24 (AFP) - Reza Pahlavi, son and heir of the late Shah of Iran, on Wednesday urged the international community, particularly the United States, to abandon efforts to improve ties with the current Iranian regime. Pahlavi said the Islamic republic's current government, led by President Mohammad Khatami who is seen by many as moderate, had failed to live up to promises to institute wide-ranging reforms >>> FULL TEXT

Press freedom group calls for release of 10 jailed journalists

NICOSIA, Jan 24 (AFP) - The press freedom group "Reporters sans frontieres" (RSF - Reporters without borders) called Wednesday for the release of 10 journalists in Iran, describing the country as "the biggest prison for journalists in the Middle East." In a statement received by AFP in Nicosia, RSF recalls that "10 Iranian journalists are currently in jail and the sentences handed down on them range from four months to 10 years in prison, and that two others, sentenced to four and nine years in jail, have not yet been arrested.">>> FULL TEXT

Parliament condemns press crackdown by courts

TEHRAN, Jan 24 (AFP) - A majority of reformist members of the parliament Wednesday condemned the conservative-dominated courts for the arrest of journalists and closure of reformist papers and for recent sentences handed out to "political detainees", television reported. In an open letter to the head of the judiciary, Ayatollah Mahmud Hashemi-Shahrudi, more than 150 deputies expressed their "deep concern" over "the illegal actions" of the judicial system >>> FULL TEXT

Court summons reform official

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - An Iranian court on Tuesday held a key ally of reformist President Mohammad Khatami responsible for alleged irregularities in last year's legislative elections in which hard-liners suffered a stunning defeat. ``I was summoned to the court to give some explanations on the February legislative polls in Tehran but the meeting became an all-out trial session,'' said the deputy interior minister, Mostafa Tajzadeh, who was freed on bail of $12,500 >>> FULL TEXT

Syrian President arrives for first-ever Iran visit

TEHRAN, Jan 24 (AFP) - Syrian President Bashar al-Asssad arrived here Wednesday for his first visit to close regional ally Iran since taking power six months ago after the death of his father, officials told AFP. Assad, who has made only a handful of trips abroad since succeeding Hafez al-Assad in July, will meet with supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and President Mohammad Khatami during his two-day visit >>> FULL TEXT

Body of a teacher murdered in Karachi flown to Tehran

KARACHI, Jan 24 (AFP) - The body of a teacher murdered here last week was flown to Tehran Wednesday on an Iran Air plane, police said. Aga Sultani was gunned down outside his home near his Shiite Muslim seminary on Saturday. "His entire family also left with the body," Pakistani Shiite political party leader Hasan Turabi said >>> FULL TEXT


History of Iranian performing arts

A seven-part program produced by filmmaker Shahrokh Golestan. Here's PART TEN >>> LISTEN HERE

BBC Persian Service

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Honeymoon over

The principle dynamic at work is this - the train of reform has left the station and the honeymoon Mr. Khatami enjoyed is over. My countrymen have spoken. They are tired and leery of a theocracy that has been feeding them empty promises.

-- Reza Pahalvi, press conference, Washington DC
January 24, 2001

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