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Interview with film director Ramin Serry

By Bruce Bahmani
March 8, 2001
The Iranian

Recently I met an amazing young man. His name is Ramin Serry and he is a film director. The American reaction to the hostage crisis after the 1979 revolution affected him so deeply as a teenager that he has now made a movie which I think is amazing. The movie releases in the SF film festival this week and you should see it if you can. It will likely move to the community later and there is a definite buzz on this one folks! Anyhow, what better way to continue on with my series on exciting Iranians doing exciting things! What follows is my interview with Ramin >>> GO TO FEATURE

New Year

Iranian New Year's ideological roots

By Massoume Price
The Iranian

Noruz times for this New Year (1380 / 2001):

Los Angeles: 05:30.40 am...

Noruz, or new day, is the celebration of spring equinox. It is the most cherished of all the Iranian festivals and is celebrated by all. This occasion has been renowned in one form or another by all the major cultures of ancient Mesopotamia >>> GO TO FEATURE


Khanoom doctor
Totalitarianism does not work, not even in Iran

By Daniel Zangeneh
March 8, 2001
The Iranian

There was the aroma of kabab, ghormeh sabzi, beer and wine, mixed with Persian music. People were mingling and having a good time. I didn't know anyone except my friend Davood and his wife Shrine, who insisted on going to their friend's (an Iranian doctor) party >>> GO TO FEATURE


Zeidabadi freed on bail

BBC Persian Service

A pro-reform journalist, Ahmad Zeidabadi has been freed on bail of $70,000. Zeidabadi, who had been held for seven months, faces charges of anti-Islamic propaganda and inciting attacks on national security through articles he published in several now banned newspapers. Maria Sarsalari talks to Zeidabadi >>> LISTEN

Nabavi & Benoud write about prison

-- Ebrahim Nabavi
-- Masoud Behnoud

    Thanks to RT


Please send me $500

Hello dear friends! I am a very poor student in Iran. My government does not help me.Would you please send $500 to me? I will send my address after your reply. Thank you.

Your poor countryman,


More Letters

* Women more important than statues

Maryam Shabani writes: Are they doing more for Buddha statues than women? ["Savage bastards"] Have they ever had the same reaction about Afghan women? Destruction of these statues is regrettable fpr sure. It is a loss for cultural heritage. But does anybody care for Human treated worse than statues? >>> FULL TEXT

* Ferdosi was not a Nazi

Babak Babakan writes: With reference to Mr. Motamedi's article regarding Iran and Persia ["Bring back Persia"], it seems that there is a general misunderstanding regarding the name of our country. In the Shahnameh there are hundreds of other reference to "Iran" and none to "Persia" or even "Paars". And we all know that Ferdosi lived about 1000 years before Reza Shah so he could not have been a Nazi >>> FULL TEXT

* Iran >>> Persia >>> Iran

Darius Kadivar writes: An interesting anecdote is that 15 to 20 years ago, when I would visit the Louvre Museum and ask to see the section on Iran, they would tell me there is no section on Iran, but there is a section on Persia. Recenetly I visited the Louvre and asked to see the section on Persia, and they told me, "You mean Iran." >>> FULL TEXT

Community: First Iranian library in Denver
Art: Contemporary art of Iran, Washington


    Translation of today's poem by Zara Houshmand:

    I made a journey through the desert of your love

    Searching for some hint that you might join me.

    I saw in every home I passed along the way

    The corpses scattered of those who went before me.

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