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Tuesday March 27, 2001 / Farfardin 7, 1380, No. 1192

Flower delivery in Iran



Repeating mistakes
Britain, Iran & the 1919 Treaty

By A. R. Begli Beigie
March 27, 2001
The Iranian

It is interesting to read the recent debate in The Iranian about the future of Iran. But how do we stand a chance of ever realising our ambitions for Iran until we accept our shortcomings? Moreover we must stop repeating past mistakes, which is not possible with out knowing our past.

Below is an account of such an episode in our history. It is the account of the 1919 Treaty written by Sir Clermont Skrine who was the British Consul in Mash-had during the Second World War. Skrine was part of the Indian Civil Service and was assigned to Iran from India >>> GO TO FEATURE


School graffiti

By G. Reza Sami Gorgan Roodi
March 267 2001
The Iranian

Those who have been to the University of Sussex in England do not need me to tell them that the library desks of this university have almost all been riddled with all sorts of graffiti, some of which are gradually fading away, and some are coated with black leather covers. WARNING: Some of the profanity is quite strong. DO NOT read if... >>> GO TO FEATURE


Reformist deputy charged

BBC Persian Service

A reformist member of the parliament , Fatemeh Haghighatjou, has been released on bail after being arrested on the orders of a civil service court in Tehran. She had been detained on charges of inciting public opinion and insulting the judiciary. Her detention provoked a storm of protest from parliament which is dominated by reformists. Here is a report by Jim Muir, in Tehran, followed by an analysis piece by Sadeq Saba >>> LISTEN

Unveiled Threats

By Camelia Entekhabi Fard
Village Voice (New York)
March 28, 2001

A the close of 2000, some 81 journalists sat in jails around the world, confined for the crime of pursuing the truth. Killings of reporters have declined, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists, but governments still find ways to suppress free speech. Last year in Iran, Muslim rulers continued their campaign to uproot a blossoming reformist press, banning more than 30 publications and putting reporters on trial. This is the story of one writer, imprisoned there in 1999 and now building a new life in New York. >>> FULL TEXT

Libya, Iran top oil exploration hotspots-survey

LONDON, March 27 (Reuters) - Libya and Iran may still be out of bounds for U.S. oil companies but the OPEC member states are at the top of the world charts for new petroleum exploration ventures. A survey published on Tuesday found that Libya pipped Iran into second place among international oil firms in the league of the most popular countries for investment in new exploration activities in the wake of last year's oil price boom >>> FULL TEXT


I love you, aareh aareh

I am an English singer. I am 21-years old and wish to perform in Iran singing in a mix of Farsi and English. Do you have any thoughts on this idea? Any feedback would be apprechiated! Email:

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* You do make a difference

A Friend in LA writes: I just wanted to take a moment and applaud you for your amazing article ["Growing up"]."WOW" was the only word that kept springing to mind as I read on.

Recently, a new-found-friend (u know who u r!) recommended your site to me. To be honest, I zipped in and out so quickly that it made my head spin (no reflection on your site - I promise!), but I had a chance to take another look this morning. It's absolutely AMAZING!

I know that you must get tons and tons of emails on a daily basis - and I don't expect a reply. But thought it necessary to tell you this: What you do makes a difference >>> FULL TEXT

* Money for clothes

Nariman Neyshapouri writes: This is an article we should have been reading 2-3 years ago ["Growing up"]. Needless to say, in the past I've had my disagreements with Jahanshah Javid and his editorial policies. But nevertheless he is providing a valuable service that has done a lot to bring together the Iranian diaspora.

I for one do not mind paying a small yearly subscription fee -- say $10 for the whole year -- to access the site, even though I'm a student. Even if half the people currently using the site agree to it, that's still a lot of money... more than enough to afford some health insurance and even some new clothes >>> FULL TEXT

* Run Khatami! Run!

Mike Shafiabady writes: Thanks to Mr. Khatami's election thousands of Iranians from abroad have been able to go to back home with some degree of freedom and feel good about their visit as well as leave some more signs of freedom with people there to follow and steps to take ["Don't run"].

As everyone knows dramatic changes like this take at least a generation,not just four or even eight years to reach fruition. People of Iran are capable, they just need the time.

Mr. Khatami can prevent a civil war by staying in power and his patience as well as his policies will have great results for future of Iran. If he gives up I'm afraid Iran may fall back to the hands of people like talebaan of afganestan. People of Iran have to decide if that's what they want.

* Khatami should decline

Masoud writes: Mr. Zangeneh is absolutely correct ["Don't run"]. Khatami's biggest contribution to Iran and its future is to decline to run for another four years.

He must make it clear that under current circumstances he is unable to bring anything to the table. It is time for our nation to demand accountability from those with real power. And we all know who they are.

Film: "The day I became a woman" in U.S. theaters


    Translation of today's poem by Zara Houshmand:

    This blooming branch will bend with fruit one day.

    This falcon too will seek its prey one day.

    His thoughts of you approach, then fly away,

    Until at last they'll come to rest one day.

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