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Wednesday March 28, 2001 / Farfardin 8, 1380, No. 1193



Where you could hear Jen and Parees whispering

Written and photographed by Rasool Nafisi
March 28, 2001
The Iranian
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At night, angels flew over Abarghu. The sky would come so close to the Earth that lovers could find their way in the heart of the night and jump from rooftop to rooftop to visit their yaar. God was near, and in the mysterious and enchanting desert night, people could hear the whispers of Jen and Parees >>> GO TO FEATURE


Happy Noruz?

By Setareh Sabety
March 28, 2001
The Iranian

today there is no scream in my throat
or flow in my pen
today there is no voice
from neither heaven nor hell
today there is only silence


By T. Ebadollahi
March 28, 2001
The Iranian


By T. Ebadollahi
March 28, 2001
The Iranian


Protesters in rampage

TEHRAN, March 28 (AFP) - Protesters went on the rampage in the southern city of Lamerd, burning portraits of the clerical regime's leadership after violent clashes with security forces, the Kayhan paper said Wednesday. The conservative daily said Tuesday's incidents, in which demonstrators also set fire to government offices and occupied the local airport, intensified after anti-riot police opened fire with tear gas to restore order >>> FULL TEXT

Keeping calm

BBC Persian Service

Two members of parliament say Iran's major reformist coalition, known as the 2nd of Khordad Front, is to go on with its non-violent policy in spite of the pressures coming from the country's conservatives. Behrouz Parsa talks to Ali Zafarzadeh, MP from Mashad >>> LISTEN

Romance of the Chador: An Iranian Exile's Silent Movies

New York Times
March 25, 2001

At a certain point not too long ago, American art became a division of the movie business. Or so it seems one morning in November as I gaze out across a desert in Morocco. The thin frame of Shirin Neshat is silhouetted against the golden sands, her red woolen shawl fluttering in the wind. She looks like an ancient prophet, but maybe deserts do that to everyone >>> FULL TEXT


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More Letters

* Facing our demons

ARBB writes: Dear Mr Hoveyda, I read your article, "Shah or president?", with interest. What is perhaps missing is the prerequisites for a political solution to the Iranian situation. The political solution will come in time and it will come from within. I agree with the principal point that any society that reaches the sufficient maturity to bring democracy, by definition will not need a strong man in this day and age. But before we get there or before we can establish a lasting secular democracy, we Iranians need to face some of the demons that are part of our national character >>> FULL TEXT

* Saving Persepolis

Fariba Amini writes: Sadegh Khalkhali and the thugs around him, all followers of the Navab Safavi movement, the brothers in arm of the Taliban in Afghanistan, attempted to destroy Persepolis in Shiraz. It was only a few weeks after the revolution when Nosratollah Amini had become the governor of Fars. After hearing of the attempt against Persepolis, Amini, who had been a member of the National Front during the days of Mossadegh and his personal lawyer, called upon the security forces in Fars, and in a show of force, threw out the humiliated invaders headed by Khalkhali >>> FULL TEXT

* You opened the closet

Sheila Shirazi writes: As a 23 year-old American-born woman of full Iranian heritage, I have finally put on my prêt-a-porter Iranian Diaspora frock. When? About a year ago. Why so late? I didn't know I had one. Really. I didn't know I owned such a beautiful, richly-textured, brightly-colored dress. Who knew? You did. You opened the closet door and let all the bogeymen out, and there it was, hanging patiently, waiting to be seen >>> FULL TEXT

* Don't share private life with public

Faramarz Kaviani writes: I just read the article about the upcoming changes ["Growing up"]. Sounds interesting. I want your permission to add something more (especially now that I know how old you are!) I think we all have an inner self with our anger, fears, impatience or other things that are not even always permanent and they come and go. Sometimes exposing that private side to the public might not be that interesting and could damage our image. To me it is like going out into the public with pajamas, even though that's something that almost everybody wears at home >>> FULL TEXT

* Doing what you really, really enjoy

Neshat Rezai writes: In response to your recent article, "Growing up", I should say there is no doubt that you put a lot of work and effort into this site. But just think of it like this; you are doing something that you really, really enjoy. You don't have a boss; you can work whenever; you get to meet a lot of cool interesting people, and take a lot of cool pictures >>> FULL TEXT

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    Translation of today's poem by Zara Houshmand:

    Now that your lover has shown you her face,

    Extinguish yourself at her feet, my heart.

    Put out the candle that burns in the sun,

    And with you dies this sorrow: moan no more.

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Rumi: The Life Teachings and Poetry of Jalal al-Din Rumi
By Frankin D. Lewis

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