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Nov 30-Dec 4, 1998 / Azar 9-13, 1377


* Bahais: Not because I am one


* Sociology: Overdue self-critique
* The Iranian: Compliments
* Iranians:
- Money talks, Iranians listen
- Exceptionally diverse
- Treated like a queen
* Race: Iranians not racist (part 2)

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December 4, 1998

* Not because I'm a Bahai...

I read "The education of Mahdiyeh," and it certainly touched my heart. This world needs more people like yourself, people with a great deal of integrity, and insight: A mystic! I don't say this because I happen to be a Bahai, rather I say this because I see how open-minded and open-spirited you are. My best wishes to you in all your efforts in life.


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December 3, 1998

* Overdue self-critique

Ali Reza-qoli's book ["Who's next?"] is a timely and at the same time overdue beginning to what may be a fruitful and constructive exploration of our self as a nation and as an individual, enlightened self-critique and evlauation toward self-betterment and improvment of our human environment as well.

Also, many thanks for the photographic retrospective of the Iranian woman's periplus through the decades ["laid back"]. I am not a photographer nor an artist, and my knowledge of the science does not reach beyond a disposable camera. Yet, I found myself mesmerized by the pictures. None, however, moved me more than the image of the subject cradled in the bossom of Iranian antiquity welcoming the reader to magazine. Wow!

Guive Mirfendereski

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December 2, 1998

* Compliments

Here are some kind words from our readers:

Pouya Rahimi writes: We love your internet site. It is very informative and entertaining especially for those who have not recieved the chance to see Iran very well, e.g. me in New Zealand. Dast-e shomaa dard nakoneh!

Cutee writes: I am an Iranian mother with 3 kids from Virginia. I would like to give many thanks to you for the infromation you gave us. It's great to know someone out there is keeping Iran alive. Thanks (merci)

Khatera writes: I was browsing the web and came across your paper and since then I have been reading it online and I must say I enjoy it. The writings are great and it covers a wide range of issues - which I can relate to (even though I'm Afghani). I look forward to your future issues. Thank You!

Abe Habibi writes: I would like to thank you all, for making this opportunity for all Iranian to unify. I wish to see this path become a greater than ever, every day.

Finite Mass writes: God bless you, this is an excellent publication!

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December 1, 1998

* Money talks, Iranians listen

"People of extremes" was an interesting article. I liked it! Here's some of my thoughts on it. First of all, to analyze Iranians in general by analyzing the ones who live outside Iran is totally unfair. Remember that the author's American father had nothing but positive experiences while living IN IRAN. Some of the characteristics of the Iranians living abroad, is the result of the circumstances in which they left Iran. Some left to get a higher education and then return to Iran. This group typically set high standards for themselves.

They sought to get an education in the fields of medicine, law, and engineering not because they were looking for status but Iran needed and still needs more doctors, lawyers and engineers. Well, maybe not lawyers. Those of us living in the U.S. know what it is like when there are too many lawyers around. Talk about back stabbing, cheating and lying.

Some left Iran after the revolution thinking that they will have a better life style and are much better off outside of Iran for different reasons. Many of them have had to endure severe financial hardship and have had to resort to less than ethical means to make a living. I don't believe you can single out Iranians in this case.

As far as being money hungry, name a country where its people turn money down! This is the 90's and it's how people in the west tend to justify every peculiar behavior. Being money hungry is no exception! "Money talks" as they say and most Iranian immigrants have caught on little quicker than the rest. That does not make them evil, just smarter.

Farshad Kazemzadeh
Senior Software Engineer
(Not because of status, it just pays better!!)

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Nov 30, 1998

* Iranians not racist (part 2)

This is a response to Mr. Jafar Dehghan's response to my letter. You talked about Ferdowsi and his poems about Arabs, how Anooshiravan ordered the killing of Blacks in Yemen, your family's opposition to marriage with Blacks, and the boycotting a Bahai marriage.

The first three are all examples of bias against non-Iranians. How many more do you want me to show you? Ferdowsi has poems against Turanis; Iranians call Arabs everything you can imagine; Chinese are still a laugh; Fathali Shah called Russia a country of dogs, and the list goes on. Did I deny any of these? Did I say that we just don't know the meaning of racial differences? What I referred to was that Iranians don't have the same feelings, against a Kermani, or a Rashti, or any other Iranian.

A joke does not imply racial hatred. I am a notorious "Torki" joke teller, but actually the inventor of 99 percent of them is my full-blooded Tabrizi stepfather! Saying "Yaroo Lor-e Lor-e" does not mean hatred toward Lors. It might be stereotyping, but it's human nature.

About the Bahai marriage and "Armani najes" expression, these are not ethnic issues, but religious ones, and in a league of their own.

I am not blaming America for exporting this to our country; I named Christensen (Danish) Hertzfeld (German) and Braun (English). If anybody is to blame, it is us! We are the ones who listen to and follow the useless things they tell us.

We have a whole lot of problems, all of them deserving a book in their honor! But what we don't have is a racial problem toward fellow Iranians. None of us want a collection of small states instead of a greater Iran.

Khodadad Rezakhani

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