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Tuesday, December 8, 1998 / Azar 17, 1377, No. 621

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The magician
He made up grand stories and I believed every one of them

By Shahrzad Irani

It has been twenty years since I last saw my Pesar Daayee. When we were kids, I used to follow him everywhere. He used to make up grand stories and I believed every one of them. Every summer, we used to go to Tehran to visit our relatives. I loved visiting my uncle's house. At nights, they would put several beds side by side in the balcony so all of us kids could sleep under the stars.

My cousin and I used to sneak away from the dinner party, lie down on the laahaaf and hold hands, watching the stars. He would, very scientifically, describe each star and say their names. It was like a magic show and he was the magician. He would look intensely at the sky and suddenly yell: "There it is! The RED Star" and proceed with a story as to how the star got its name.... GO TO FEATURE


Iranians, Bioweapons in Mind, Lure Needy Ex-Soviet Scientists

December 8, 1998
The New York Times

MOSCOW -- Iran is scouring the former Soviet Union to hire scientists who once worked in laboratories tied to Moscow's vast germ warfare program and has succeeded in recruiting some of them to take jobs in Teheran, according to Russian scientists and American officials.

Iranian officials who report directly to the leadership of the Islamic state have approached dozens of scientists who once made germ weapons, offering as much as $5,000 a month to people who earn far less than that a year in the increasingly chaotic Russian economy.

Russian scientists say that most of these entreaties have been rebuffed. But they acknowledge that at least five of their colleagues have gone to work in Iran in recent years. Others have accepted contracts that allow them to continue living in Russia while conducting research for Tehran, the scientists said ... FULL TEXT



From the web site of Mansour, a Pop singer (whoever wrote this probably deserved more money for such great imagination):

Mansour began his career out of a need to express himself and bridge the gap which was credited by the exodus of Persians from Iran in the late 1970's. He seeked refuge for his ideals under the canopy of the stage and in August of 1994, due to his timeless work and effort, he released his first album Fer Ferehaye BeeBaad...

To say Mansour has secured his place in the annals of Persian music is truly an understatement. Perhaps it should be said that the only thing that remainsto be seen is where Mansour will end up in the history books, because like his voice, for him the sky is the limit and he can like a bird, sour toward the heavens of his ideals. ... GO TO MANSOUR'S SITE

Forwarded by Pedram Missaghi, webmaster "Iran Media" --

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* Purposely lost

C.D. writes: On the "Where on Earth" stuff, could you ask that people who do know where someone is just tell that person that they are being searched out and give them the name and phone/email of the seeker?

There are people, especially women, who are purposely lost, escaping abuse. Whether you take my suggestion or not, I hope you take it seriously. In the wrong hands, this wonderful and needed resource can be just too easy.

* Women: International conference

The Tenth International Conference of the Iranian Women's Studies Foundation "The Iranian Woman at the Threshold of the Year 2000" will be held at the University of Montreal on July 2-5,1999 in Montreal, Canada.

Foundation: IWSF, PO Box 380882, Cambridge, MA 02238-0882, USA, Tel: 617-492-9001, Fax: 617-492-0111, Email:

Local Committee: IWSF, PO Box 354 Station "H", Montreal (QC), H3G 2L1, CANADA, Tel: 514-735-7776, Fax: 514-934-9912, Email:

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I Heard God Laughing: Renderings of Hafiz

Edited by Henry S. Mindlin

Though he lived seven hundred years ago, Hafiz is still the most popular poet of Persia, and one of the greatest love poets who ever lived. This little book is perhaps the best introduction to his life and work. The poems of Hafiz overflow with a profound appreciation of the beauty and richness of life when seen through the eyes of love. -- The publisher, Sufism Reoriented

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Khatami attacks conservatives

TEHRAN (Hamshahri) - Khatami responds to questions from students at Tehran University; attacks conservatives and insists on people's freedoms and right to determine their future... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Organisation concerned about fate of missing journalist

The International Secretariat of World Organisation Against Torture (OMCT) requests your URGENT intervention regarding the following situation in Iran. Brief description of the situation: The International Secretariat has been informed by several sources that on 3 December 1998, Mr. Mohamad Mokhtari, a famous Iranian writer, allegedly disappeared in Tehran... FULL TEXT

Another writer disappears

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - An Iranian writer left his home last week and has not been heard from since, adding to a recent spate of mysterious disappearances, a Tehran newspaper reported Monday. Mohammed Mokhtari, a poet and member of the Association of Iranian writers, left to go shopping Thursday in the residential suburb in northern Tehran, the Zan newspaper said. It said Mokhtari's family searched hospitals, morgues and police stations but could not find him... FULL TEXT

Iran torn between reform, revolution on eve of anniversaries

TEHRAN, Dec 8 (AFP) - Austere portraits of Ayatollah Khomeini watch over Tehran streets as a reminder that his legacy lives on, but schoolgirls cover their notebooks with pictures of "Titanic" heart-throb Leonardo DiCaprio. On the eve of the 20th anniversary of the 1979 Islamic revolution, Iran is a country of seeming contradictions and one torn between loyalty to the ideals of the revolution and a profound desire for reform ... FULL TEXT

MUST READ: Karbaschi on politics

TEHRAN (Hamshahri) - Detailed interview with (Former?) Tehran Mayor Gholam-hossein Karbaschi on moderation, tolerance and peaceful opposition in politics ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN
... Part (1)
... Part (2)

176 AIDS deaths in Iran

TEHRAN, Dec 8 (AFP) -Iran's anti-AIDS campaign chief said Tuesday that 176 people had died of the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome in the country by the end of October 1998. Nasser Yeganeh, who heads the government campaign to fight the syndrome, was quoted by the official news agency IRNA as putting the total number of HIV-positive people at 1,443, of whom 206 had developped full-blown AIDS.

Iran tumble to shock defeat

BANGKOK, Dec 8 (Reuters) - Oman stunned Iran 4-2 on Tuesday in their opening second round group match at the Asian Games with a victory that left their normally voluble Brazilian coach Valdeir Viera groping for words. ``I don't know how I feel,'' said the coach Iran sacked last year after only three games in charge. ``If we played Iran 10 times, I don't think we would win more than one or two.'' ... FULL TEXT

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President Khatami
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December 8, 1998

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