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Monday, December 14, 1998 / Azar 23, 1377, No. 625

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    Strange Fruit

    By Simon Hattenstone
    The Independent
    Friday December 11, 1998

    Meet Samira. She's a director from Iran, the new world capital of film. She's 18 years old.

    Samira Makhmalbaf skips down the street, swinging her bag in the wind, cocky as a ferret. I tell her how much I like her first film, The Apple. "Why?" She stops and stares at me, aggressively. I haven't a clue what to say. "See, people interview me, and expect me to answer things so profoundly even though I'm only 18 and a half. And I ask you a simple question, and you can't answer it."

    It's funny, I have a picture of Samira in my head. She is wearing a full-length black dress and veil, and looking as Iranian as a fatwa. But the Samira berating me is all jeans, V-necked top and teenage acne. After much inept burbling I find myself defending her film at turgid length. Actually, there's no need. The Apple is as wonderful as it is strange ... FULL TEXT


Tough questions

You can listen to President Khatami's controversial question and answer session at Sharif University of Technology on IRNA's site. (RealAudio) ... CLICK HERE

Forwarded by Payman Arabshahi

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* Seeming indifference

Faramarz Nahapan writes: The current atmosphere of terror against Iranian writers and intellectuals is not only of concern to those who live inside the country but also to those of us living outside Iran and the international community at large.

It is not enough to only report what "IRNA" and other such news agencies provide on the current situation. Your so-called feature writers seem to be engaged with either nostalgia or their daily affairs.

While I do not suggest that such topics are unimportant, I remain concerned about your seeming indifference as to what goes on inside our country ... FULL TEXT

* School: Farsi school for children in Maryland

The Iranian-American Cultural Society of Maryland currently sponsors two Farsi schools in the Baltimore, MD areas of Columbia and Towson. More information, including sample homeworks from the children, is available at //

Reza Shadmehr

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I Heard God Laughing: Renderings of Hafiz

Edited by Henry S. Mindlin

Though he lived seven hundred years ago, Hafiz is still the most popular poet of Persia, and one of the greatest love poets who ever lived. This little book is perhaps the best introduction to his life and work. The poems of Hafiz overflow with a profound appreciation of the beauty and richness of life when seen through the eyes of love. -- The publisher, Sufism Reoriented

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Secularist writers said to be in hiding

TEHRAN, Dec 14 (Reuters) - Several Iranian secularist writers have gone into hiding after a string of mystery deaths and disappearances among their colleagues that threatens President Mohammad Khatami's reform efforts. Firouz Gouran, editor of the banned monthly Jame'eh Salem, or Healthy Society, said on Monday many of his colleagues had either left their homes or adopted special security measures. ``This has spread panic everywhere,'' Gouran told Reuters by telephone ... FULL TEXT

In letters to people & Khatami, writers want "deliberate violence" stopped

"As we speak out about this organized violence and express our [concern about] the lack of protection for the lives of writers and intellectuals, we ask for an unequivocal explanation by the state authorities; and, we announce that, in the re-occurrence of such events, legal agencies can not disavow their common responsibility for protecting the lives of citizens. We ask all those who can not stand this situation, which is counter to freedom and public security, to [help] end this production of terror." ... FULL TEXT

Iran signs Caspian oil deal

Dec 14, (BBC) - Two western oil companies, Shell and the British-based Lasmo,have signed an agreement with Iran to explore for oil in the Caspian Sea. The agrement with the National Iranian Oil Company will run for eighteen months and could lead to drilling operations... FULL TEXT

Daei leads Iran into semi-finals

BANGKOK, Dec 14 (Reuters) - Bayern Munich striker Ali Daei lashed home three goals in the last 10 minutes to lead Iran to an easy 4-0 quarter-final win over Asian Games soccer champions Uzbekistan on Monday. Iranian coach Mansour Pourhadari was delighted with his team's play but had special mention for Daei. ``All my players are the best but Daei is the very best,'' he said with a grin ... FULL TEXT

Egyptian parliamentarians leave for Iran

CAIRO, Dec 13 (Reuters) - A delegation from Egypt's parliament left for Iran on Sunday to attend an Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC) meeting, airport sources said. The meeting will discuss the formation of an Islamic parliamentary federation, they added. No members of the Egyptian National Assembly (parliament) are known to have visited Iran since the Islamic revolution 19 years ago ... FULL TEXT

Iran to attend UAE arms show, official says

BANGKOK, Dec 11 (Reuters) - Following are medal standings after the sixth day of competition at the 13th Asian Games on Friday: ... FULL TEXT

Monday's medals standings

BANGKOK, Dec 14 (Reuters) - Following are medal standings after the ninth day of competition at the 13th Asian Games on Monday ... FULL TEXT

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Healthy Society

My relatives take me to the office every day. A number of authors have left their homes. Whenever I hear footsteps from downstairs, I see the spectre of death before my eyes.

Firouz Gouran
Editor of banned "Jame'eh Salem" (Healthy Society) magazine
Secularist writers said to be in hiding"
December 14, 1998

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