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Dec 14-18, 1998 / Azar 24-28, 1377


* Lost & found: Search for meaning
* Music: Deep crap

* Rights: Double standard


* Khomeini: Ignorant?
* Politics: Seeming indifference

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December 18, 1998

* Search for meaning & belonging

Looking at your feature "Where on earth" was quite an emotional experience for me. I browsed through alumni sites and looked at names and places. I was not looking for any particular person, just looking.

The "psychology of marginalization" (that is the psycho social and mental health consequences of experiencing a marginalized status) and the "psychology of migration" are important matters to look at. Perhaps the most fundamental disruption of migration is the uprooting of meaning. What are roots to plants, meaning is to human beings. Through the structure of meaning, each person keeps their relationships to others, to work, and to a soil and a culture that provides familiarity and stability.

During our lives we belong to different groups or acquire membership of different cycles, such as our nationality, gender, language, education, etc. We pass through different periods of our lives and go on different pathways. The need for shared meanings and experiences stays with us.

I suspect the fact that Iranians are all over the world and are looking for each other, is another confirmation to of the need to belong and the power of belonging.

Yasaman Mottaghipour

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December 17, 1998

* Deep crap

Wow just what we needed, more Disco! I'm sorry, "House"!

I tried. I really tried. Maybe I'm getting old. But I just can't accept another slick-packed Iranian DJ duo as legitimate music. Sorry, Deep Dish is too predictable, from the name, right down to their black background website!

Maybe in the U.S. east coast this is considered a novelty. I have noticed that east and west coast Iranians have developed somewhat differing scales of what is considered culture.

Here in the west coast, we have a lot of Iranian "House" DJ's. All the music sounds the same and while it makes for a fun night out with friends, I wouldn't call yet another assemblage of pre-recorded stock loops and drum machines, art.

Get a guitar, hit the keyboard, grab the mike and let's see what you can do! But don't use a mouse, some cheap software, slap it on a $200 CD-burner and expect me to bring it into my "House"!

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December 16, 1998

* Double standard

Double standard: I wish all the people who make up the minorities in Iran were "writers" and "intellectuals," then what has been happening to them for a long time would get the proper attention ["In the name of the pen"].

Sepehr Sohrab

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December 15, 1998

* Ignorant?

I don't agree to a few things in this article ["Lunch with Khomeini"], but the point that really bothers me is that, the Ayatollah here is actually referred to as "IGNORANT." Ayatollah Khomeini, ignorant?

Iram V.

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December 14, 1998

* Seeming indifference

Why is it that you do not provide us with more detailed information about the current political situation in Iran?

The current atmosphere of terror against Iranian writers and intellectuals is not only of concern to those who live inside the country but also to those of us living outside Iran and the international community at large.

It is not enough to only report what "IRNA" and other such news agencies provide on the current situation. Your so-called feature writers seem to be engaged with either nostalgia or their daily affairs.

While I do not suggest that such topics are unimportant, I remain concerned about your seeming indifference as to what goes on inside our country. Since Khatami's election we have seen a "reversal of fortunes" for our people ; daily violations of human rights seems to be the reward for casting "22 million" votes for Khatami.

And yet one has to search hard to find anything on the subject in your electronic news magazine. Living in exile is a multi dimensional experience and needs to be addressed from all directions.

We can not, however, be ignorant about the struggle of our people under a primitive, outdated system of government which is an embarrassment to us all.

Faramarz Nahapan

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