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Tuesday, December 15, 1998 / Azar 24, 1377, No. 626

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Two Stripes

By dAyi Hamid

It was raining and I had no umbrella.
I had to walk for ten minutes.
But I didn't mind.
I had to have it.
I wanted it.

I walked into the store.
The smell reminded me of hospitals.
A Barbie-looking girl in a white dress put on
a nice smile and asked what I was looking for.
I told her what I wanted.

She asked: "One or two stripes?"


    "Dozens" of patients die of Tehran pollution: paper

    TEHRAN, Dec 14 (AFP) - Dozens of heart and respiratory patients have died as a result of the high levels of air pollution in the Iranian capital, Etelaat newspaper reported Monday.

    "The level of dangerous pollutants has reached six times the permitted level and even gone beyond the danger level," it said.

    Health Minister Mohammad Farhadi told newspapers on Monday that the number of patients visiting hospitals has been on the rise in the past two days, most of them suffering from heart and respiratory problems.

    He urged people to avoid "unnecessary trips," stop using their private cars and avoid gathering in crowded places. The minister also called for the elderly and children to remain at home.

    The education ministry ordered all elementary schools closed on Monday, while the traffic control office tightened travel rules for downtown Tehran. ... FULL TEXT

    Forwarded by Payman Arabshahi


Looking For A Sweet Date? Try Monica

Dec 14, 1998, CAIRO (Reuters) - Lovers of dried dates can now taste ''Monica,'' the new brand name chosen by Egyptian makers of extra-sweet dates, al-Ahram newspaper reported Sunday.

It said the fruit, dried in a moderately hot oven, was named after former White House intern Monica Lewinsky, whose dates with President Clinton may cost him his job if the House of Representatives votes to impeach him for his conduct.

``Monica'' dates recently hit the market in the southern resort town of Aswan, al-Ahram said.

Forwarded by Firoozeh Rohanizadeh

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* Ignorant?

Iram V. writes: I don't agree to a few things in this article ["Lunch with Khomeini"], but the point that really bothers me is that, the Ayatollah here is actually referred to as "IGNORANT." Ayatollah Khomeini, ignorant?

* Literature: Storytelling and dialogue, N. California

The Committee For Freedom Of Thought And Expression In Iran (Northern California) presents: "Storytelling And Dialogue" with Akbar Sardoozami, Iranian writer in exile.

Date: Sunday December 20, at 7:30
Place: Albany Senior Center846 Masonic Ave., Albany
(Take I80 East, exit Albany/Buchanan St., at 3rd stop light turn left on Masonic, drive one block and cross Solano, Center is on your left.)

Information: (510)644-0403

Book of the Week

The Persian Boy

By Mary Renault

I have read many books in my 17 years, but few have captured me as The Persian Boy has. It is the story of a persian boy sold into slavery and eventually becomes slave to King Darius III. As Persia is lost to Alexander's army early in the story, the boy becomes first a servant then a lover to Alexander. Perhaps the most interesting part of the story is that Renault maintains an enormous level of accuracy both about the historical events, and about the relationship between this boy and Alexander, based on records from the time. -- A reader

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More news

Thousands attend writer's funeral

Dec 15, (BBC) - Some 3,000 people have taken part in a funeral procession in theIranian capital Tehran for the writer and poet Mohammed Mokhtari,who was killed last week. He was one of several dissident writers who have died recentlyunder mysterious circumstances. His coffin, covered in red flowers, was carried through crowds ofrelatives, friends, artists and writers, who joined the procession ... FULL TEXT ... ALSO BBC audio report by Pam O'Toole:

EU in guarded comment over deaths of writers

BRUSSELS, Dec 15 (AFP) - The European Union on Tuesday called on Iran to guarantee the safety of writers and intellectuals following a recent spate of killings. In a carefully-worded communique issued by its Austrian Presidency, the EU said it acknowledged that the Iranian authorities were attempting to guarantee freedom of speech. "Despite these improvements, the Union is concerned about recent signs of intimidation of writers and intellectuals in Iran," the statement said ... FULL TEXT

U.S. senators want sanctions lifted for wheat sales to Iran

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Iran wants to buy $500 million worth of U.S. farmgoods, a sale prohibited by current U.S. economic sanctions, North Dakota Sen.Byron Dorgan said Tuesday. Dorgan, a Democrat from a major wheat-growing state, urged the ClintonAdministration to change sanctions policy to automatically exempt food to helpboost American farm exports ... FULL TEXT

Soccer - Iran on track for gold

BANGKOK, Dec 15 (Reuters) - Favourites Iran appear on track for the goldmedal as the Asian Games soccer tournament goes into the semifinal stage onWednesday -- unless hosts Thailand can pull off new miracles or China play abovethemselves. Iran, who brought their World Cup squad to Bangkok, play China in one semifinalwith the comfort of a 2-1 second round group victory over their rivals behindthem. The final is played on Saturday... FULL TEXT

Tehran restricts traffic because of smog

Dec 15, (BBC) - The Iranian authorities are introducing traffic restrictions in the capital, Teheran, from today Wednesday because of severe air pollution. Drivers will only be allowed on the city's roads on alternate days -depending on whether their license plate begins with an odd oreven number ... FULL TEXT

Asia threatens World Cup boycott

Dec 15, 1998, BANGKOK, Thailand (AP) - Co-hosts Japan and South Korea will play in the 2002 World Cup even if the rest of the Asian countries boycott the event. Asian soccer officials said Tuesday, however, that the boycott would proceed unless FIFA, the sport's world governing authority, expands the number of slots allocated to Asia for the World Cup ... FULL TEXT

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