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Wednesday, December 23, 1998 / Dey 2, 1377, No. 630

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Nothing like a book
Depressed? Homesick? Pick up a good Persian book

By Ali A. Parsa

Dear Mr. Masood Rad,

I was very much touched by your letter in The Iranian Times. I, too, have been in America for about a total of thirty years, both as a student and resident. I hope you are familiar with the American expression "Misery likes company."

I have personally found reading Persian literature very soothing and the best means of coping with bouts of mild depressions. Fortunately, in addition to our traditional masterpieces such as the works of Sa'adi, Hafez, Khayyam, Molavi, etc., many Persians have written great books in recent years that are both enlightening and entertaining. There are also musical tapes and CD's available, some of which might help. I love traditional music but nothing helps me more than good books.... GO TO FEATURE


Khatami Attracts Iranian Women

By Scheherezade Faramarzi
December 21, 1998

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) -- When 17-year-old Maryam Omi found President Mohammad Khatami standing next to her at a recent book fair, she broke into tears.

``I felt I was under a tremendous force ... an attraction,'' she said.

Omi is not alone in her feelings. In Iran, not only Leonardo DiCaprio and Iranian movie actors are gaining a big female following.

``I simply adore him,'' said Golnaz Sajadi, 20, a university student. ``He's so bright and clean, and attractive.''

The attraction is tempered by Khatami's role as a Shiite Muslim cleric, however. As Sarah Taqani, another student, put it: ``I just want to kiss him -- like a father.'' ... FULL TEXT


    What is Ardabil like?





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* Inaccurate heresies

Hashem Farhang writes: It is a pity that people least knowledgeable about the Iranian heritage, allow themselves to publish so many inaccurate heresies. Your piece on Yalda [by the French news agency (AFP)] is a point in mind. Please note the following:

1- Zoroastrianism is not a "sect", but the forebearer of all religions. The first to recognize the "Unity" of God, long before the Jews. Would AFP refer to the Jewish religion as a "Sect"?

2- All religions are "dualists" in the sense that there is a good and an evil. In fact the concepts of "Reward and Punishment," "Heaven and Hell," and "Ahuramazda and Ahriman" are all doctrines, first postulated by the Zoroastrians, and later adopted by Judaism, which later inspired the Christianity and Islam ... FULL TEXT

* Christmas: Party in Washington, DC

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FRIDAY Night, December 25th, 1998 9:00pm

With EURO-DJ Ali Sabaii mixing the BEST and NEWEST European, Persian, Latin, & Arabic Dance Music.

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Book of the Week

Closed Circuit History

The illustrations of Ardeshir Mohassess

Ardeshir Mohassess is recognized internationally as Iran's leading caricaturist and graphic artist (see feature in The Iranian). Yet, as the powerful images on the following pages show, neither appellation fully describes the breadth, depth, intricacy, and complexity of his art and vision. In his drawings, be they detailed tableau or simple, primitive sketches, Mohassess quite literally dissects his characters with his pen and then peels away the conventional facade to expose the underlying reality of his world... -- Ali Banuazizi

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Iran local polls to heat up factional rivalries

TEHRAN, Dec 23 (Reuters) - Iran's rival factions are gearing up for upcoming municipal polls, the next battleground over the drive for a ``civil society'' by moderate President Mohammad Khatami, who has limited power despite a huge electoral mandate. The municipal elections in February could help tip the balance of power between moderates and conservatives locked in heated rivalry after last year's landslide election of Khatami on a platform of social and political reforms ... FULL TEXT

Iran to woo foreign funds with guarantees

TEHRAN, Dec 23 (Reuters) - Iran's parliament on Wednesday passed a law that will provide foreign investment guarantees as part of an attempt to jump start the economy, which has been badly hit by the slump in oil prices. Deputies approved the cabinet bill under which Iran's government pledges to refund foreign investments in Iranian free trade zones in case of state takeovers or seizures by the courts, the official news agency IRNA reporter ... FULL TEXT

Asghar-Zadeh severely beaten

TEHRAN, Dec 23 (AFP) - A political activist who helped orchestrate an attack on the former US embassy in Tehran in 1979 was severely beaten by a group of Islamic fundamentalists while delivering a public speech, a newspaper reported Wednesday. Ebrahim Asghar-Zadeh, a former left-wing MP and now a supporter of President Mohammad Khatami, was attacked by the extremists after addressing students at the University of Hamedan, a town southwest of Tehran, on Sunday, the daily Zan (Woman) said ... FULL TEXT

Stanford surgeons return from Iran

STANFORD, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dec. 23, 1998--Two Stanford physicians have opened the door to what they hope will be the revival of the once-thriving interchange between academics in the United States and Iran. Dr. Camran Nezhat, clinical professor of surgery and gynecology / obstetrics, and Dr. Mark Vierra, assistant professor of surgery, returned in early December from a two- week visit to the University of Tehran, where they demonstrated advanced techniques in laparoscopic surgery and met with top-ranking university officials ... FULL TEXT

U.S. weighs pros and cons of Iranian grain deal

December 23, 1998, (Journal of Commerce) - Despite its budget troubles, Iran plans to find financing for a $500 million grain purchase from the United States that would be the biggest agricultural sale of the year, a principal in the proposed deal said this week. "They're coming up with the financing. From our perspective, it's a cash deal," said Richard Bliss, a Washington attorney and president of Niki Trading Co., a newly formed firm that is seeking a license to complete the transaction with the Government Trading Corp. of Iran ... FULL TEXT

Pushkin at 200

Tehran, (Hamshahri) - Feature on the 200th birthday anniversary of the great Russian writer, Alexander Pushkin... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Good but not the best

Tehran, (Hamshahri) - The Iranian national soccer team was not in the best of condition, but good enough to win the Asian Games (commentary) ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

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